Top Canadian Oilfield Websites

In Canada, the oil and gas industry is a crucial part of the nation’s economy. Oilfield service and supply companies use many online resources to prospect work, gather information, and manage their business. Here are some of the top Canadian oilfield websites which many companies use.

top Canadian oilfield websites


Top Canadian Oilfield Websites for News

1. Calgary Herald

The energy section of the Calgary Herald is the daily go-to source for news and information from the heart of the Canadian energy sector. The Calgary Herald covers all major markets and offers keen insight on energy issues.

2. EnergyNow

EnergyNow is an online source of energy news and provides up-to-date information on the oil and gas industry in Canada. From featured news articles to press releases and drilling information, EnergyNow has Canada covered.

Top Canadian Oilfield Websites for Resources

3. BOE Report

The BOE Report is both a source of news and a resource for information. The BOE Report publishes the latest energy news for both Canada and the United States. In addition, it has information on drilling activity in Canada, including drilling contractors.


The Comprehensive Oilfield Service & Supply Database; COSSD, is a directory oilfield service and supply companies throughout Canada. The directory has over 13,000 listings across 1,200 oil related categories.

5. Rig Locator

Rig Locator is a membership accessible website which offers a wide range of useful information including top active operators, current drilling activity, and planned projects. Rig Locator offers both monthly and annual subscriptions, as well as corporate deals.

6. RiggerTalk

Another helpful oilfield services and supplier directory is RiggerTalk. In addition to the directory of oilfield companies, RiggerTalk also provides equipment listings, job openings, and much more. Riggertalk is located in Calgary, however, they cover the entire world with their offerings.

7. RigHands

RigHands.com is a website focused on the oilfield jobs market. Both Operators and job seekers use RigHands as a resource for hiring and new opportunities. Currently, there are over 12,000 listings for Alberta alone.top Canadian oilfield websites

Top Canadian Oilfield Websites for Associations and Government

8. Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors

The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors or CAODC, is a trade association for the Canadian drilling and well-servicing sector. The CAODC site supplies a variety of information and industry resources.

9. Petroleum Services Association of Canada

PSAC – The Petroleum Services Association of Canada, is a national trade association representing service, supply, and manufacturing companies in the upstream sector. The site contains vast information related to rig activity, prices, production, and more.

10. Alberta – Energy

The Province of Alberta offers a number of resources oilfield companies can use. Information on the site is not only for oil, but all energy production sectors.

11. Saskatchewan – Oil and Gas

Saskatchewan also has a web resource for oil and gas. The webpage is a portal for information and services oilfield service companies and oilfield suppliers will find useful.

Top Canadian Oilfield Website for Factoring

12. Scale Funding

Scale Funding is a leading provider of invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing to oilfield service and supply companies across Canada and the United States. Companies use factoring to improve cash flow and build a financially stronger business. To learn more about factoring for oilfield services, complete the web form or call 800-707-4845


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