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Google For Jobs
How Staffing Agencies Use Google Jobs to Fill Orders

What Staffing Agencies Need to Know About Google For Jobs

October 23, 2018

Google, the company that changed the way we use search engines, is now doing the same for the job market. By leveraging the same technologies that made it the most widely used search engine in the world, like machine learning and A.I., Google can aggregate job listing information from multiple sites and display it in a user’s search results in a universally accessible and usable way. This technology helps them understand how job positions and skills relate to one another. This allows Google to overcome the difficulty many search engines run into due to the infinite amount of keywords and titles used to describe a position.

Google for Jobs offers job searchers advanced filtering options for category, title, location, date posted, type, company type, and employer. This means the search results are more relevant to the user looking for them.

The Basics of Google For Jobs

Google for Jobs is a tool Staffing Agencies and Temp Agencies use to become successful.Instead of hosting its job listings, Google partnered with existing job search networks like Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn (among many others), to populate the new feature. Users search multiple job sites at once while removing duplicates and making the search results more accurate.

Google for Jobs is an excellent tool for job seekers. It’s also extremely beneficial for employers and staffing agencies because it makes it easier to find qualified applicants. Applicants find relevant postings matching their search criteria prominently displayed at the top of the search results. Since job applicants can filter for a variety of criteria, like job title or location, companies are more likely to find the perfect fit and reduce the number of irrelevant applicants.

A job featured on Google for Jobs gives staffing agencies a higher chance of discovery and increased conversion because the people directed towards their job postings are more likely to be in line with what they are seeking.

How Staffing Agencies Use Google For Jobs

Google for Jobs displays staffing agencies jobs two ways. First, with their jobs listed on one of Google’s partner job search networks, Google is set up to pull the relevant information from those sites to populate its job features. Second, is to add the job posting structured data to their job posting web pages to directly integrate with Google. Adding structured data to these pages makes it possible for Google to pick up the correct information when displaying search results to a user. When structured data is added to job postings, it can be tested using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to ensure the data is displaying correctly.

An important note: companies must ensure that all of the job listings on their site are current. Google recently announced that it would be issuing manual actions to those who fail to remove expired job listings promptly, so it’s important to stay on top of them.

Also, companies must make sure they are listing a broad description of the job they’re looking to fill to increase the likelihood of finding the best match. Responsibilities, job skills, and job requirements all help narrow down the search field and ensure they are getting the most qualified applicant.

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