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Benefits of Mesa Invoice Factoring & Accounts Receivable Financing Programs

Invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs turn invoices into same-day cash for companies waiting for customer payment. Instead of waiting to get paid, get paid today on your invoices.

There are many benefits of choosing Scale Funding over other factoring companies in Mesa including:
Factoring Companies in Mesa

  • Free quote
  • Easy setup
  • Same-day funding
  • High advances
  • Low, competitive factoring rates
  • Online customer reporting
  • Eliminates cash-flow gap
  • No debt is created
  • No limits – our programs grow with you

20+ Years of Experience

For more than 20 years, Scale Funding has provided cash to companies in need through our Mesa accounts-receivable financing and invoice factoring programs. Our team is trained and experienced in several industries including:

  • Government Contractors
  • Technology
  • Trucking
  • Oilfield Services
  • Telecom
  • Heavy Construction
  • Utility and Pipeline
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Renewable Energy
  • Many More

Committed To Service

While there are many factoring companies in Mesa and the surrounding areas, Scale Funding is committed to serving our clients. We understand financial challenges happen to all companies including start-ups and those that are expanding. We customize our programs to work with your needs. Our goal is to bridge your cash-flow gap caused by slow-paying customers so you’re able to keep up with bills, meet payroll and grow your operations.

If you’re worried you won’t get approved for our Mesa invoice factoring programs because of your credit, business bankruptcy, tax issues or any other reason, remember that our programs aren’t dependent on your financial history and credit. We look at the creditworthiness of your customers to make sure they’ll pay you for the work you provide.

Mesa, Arizona

Although it is often grouped in as part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Mesa is a large enough city to stand on its own. In fact, it is the third largest city in Arizona and the 38th largest city in the United States. The city’s name comes from the Spanish word for tabletop or flat land. It is approximately 133 square miles and has a population of 500,000 people.


Mesa has a very diverse history. The first known inhabitants of the area were the Hohokam Indians, who can be traced back about 2,000 years. The Hohokam Indians were responsible for the creation of the original 125-mile canal system that is still used today. It is unknown what made them disappear, but one theory is that they were driven away by the Apache Indians. Eventually, Spanish explorers and conquistadors came to the area, but they too were driven away by the Apache. Some of the first official settlements to the area were Mormon groups, including the First Mesa Company and the Second Mesa Company, who came from Utah and Idaho. In 1878, Mesa was registered as Mesa City and encompassed one square mile. Shortly after, in 1883, Mesa was incorporated with a population of 300 people. During World War II, the Falcon Field Airport and the Williams Air Force Base were built to provide training to pilots for the war. This brought many new residents and created the foundation for Mesa’s economy.


Factoring Companies in MesaOne of the major industries in Mesa is the aerospace industry. This is due in part to its average of 325 days of sunshine per year, providing an ideal flying environment year-round. Mesa has two airports, Mesa Falcon Field Airport, and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The city is also very close to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which provides easy access to major markets that serve the global economy. Mesa’s aerospace industry attracts a wide range of major companies, including those for aerospace, defense, and aviation. In fact, Boeing, Cessna, and MD Helicopters are among the many prominent aerospace companies that have headquarters there. Additionally, Arizona Laboratories for Security and Defense Research is based in Mesa and is responsible for a wide variety of government and private defense projects.

In addition to, and likely because of, the thriving aerospace industry, Mesa is home to many aviation education companies. Some of the main training companies include Southwest Flight Center, ATP Flight School, and Eagle’s Roost Aviation Services, among many others. In fact, Arizona State University (ASU) has a very competitive Aeronautical Management Technology program that provides training in Professional Flight, Flight Training, Air Traffic Control, and Air Transportation Management. ASU also has airline pathway agreements with major airlines like ExpressJet Airlines and Delta Airlines, which provide their students with guaranteed interviews and preferential hiring. These aviation-training companies prepare their students to be commercial and/or private pilots, military pilots, or aircraft dispatchers.


Mesa is home to many companies in high-technology fields and was rated as one of the top ten cities for high-tech manufacturing employment. Some of the major tech companies that currently have operations in Mesa are FUJIFILM, CMC Steel, and Orbital ATK. Additional high-tech companies are in the process of building major operations in Mesa. One of these companies is Apple and they are in construction on a 1.2 million square foot manufacturing facility in Mesa that they are calling the “global command center”. When finished, this facility will provide approximately 600 jobs to the area. There are multiple incentives and programs set up to attract high-tech industries to the area, including multiple tax credit options, Foreign Trade Zone benefits, and Military Reuse Zone benefits. Additionally, Mesa does not have a primary property tax, which provides significant savings to companies who locate there.


In addition to the aerospace and technology industries, Mesa has a thriving tourism industry. The city offers a variety of activities for every age group and passion. For those interested in history, Mesa has plenty of historical landmarks, museums and old west towns to visit. If you’re more interested in sports, Mesa is one of the leading golf destinations in the southwest. In fact, it is home to multiple world-renowned golf courses, all of which are open year-round. Additionally, in the spring, thousands of baseball fans come to Mesa to watch Spring Training for the Chicago Cubs and the Oakland A’s.