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Business Financing in Three Simple Steps

Did you know that your unpaid invoices are a source of immediate cash? Accounts receivable financing, which many refer to invoice factoring, is a simple financing solution that gives your company the financial freedom it needs. Scale Funding is your top choice among factoring companies in Tempe and Arizona because we make getting the financing you need simple.

With our Tempe accounts receivable financing programs, we get you the cash-flow that your company needs, and fast. How do we do it? There are three simple steps:factoring companies in Tempe

Step 1: Call Scale Funding to speak directly with one of our representatives. We can get you a quote for our factoring program in as little as 15 minutes.

Step 2: After your expedited setup, send your invoices directly to us.

Step 3: Your competitive advance is seamlessly deposited into your bank account.

But Does My Business Need the Financing Now?

Perhaps you are thinking that right now, you have the cash flow that you need. Consider that in today’s economy, how your customers are paying you could change in a heartbeat- creating a potential cash-flow crunch for your company. This is why many companies choose our Tempe invoice factoring programs: they want to fix their roof before it rains, securing a cash-flow plan that can carry them through a number of unique situations.

In fact, at Scale Funding, we work with companies that are dealing with a number of unique circumstances. Our programs are flexible and tailored to your needs. We have helped companies in a number of situations, including:

Slow-Paying Customers One of the most common reasons companies take advantage of factoring is to eliminate the cash-flow gap caused by slow-paying customers. Instead of waiting 30-90 days for customer payment, our programs pay you the same day.
Start-Ups Did you just set up shop? Start-ups are challenged with finding enough capital from a bank to hit the ground running, but not with Scale Funding.
Expanding If you’re growing quicker than what you can afford, our Tempe accounts-receivable financing programs can help. We grow as you grow, giving you huge potential.
Credit Issues We consider the credit of your customers for our factoring programs; if you’re working for creditworthy customers, we can help.
Bankruptcy After a business bankruptcy, companies use invoice factoring to get back to financial freedom through DIP financing.
Bank Workouts & Turn-Downs Even when the bank says “no,” Scale Funding can help.

With over Two Decades of Experience, We Know Your Industry

Scale Funding started over 20 years ago with freight factoring. Since then, we have enjoyed working with thousands of companies, expanding to just about every industry- making our Tempe accounts receivable financing programs a top choice. Not only do we know your industry, but we know what your customers typically require for payment, ensuring that when you partner with Scale Funding, your company benefits from the value-added experience we bring to the table. Take a look at which industries we work with:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Pipeline Contractors
  • Utility Locators
  • Government Contractors
  • Trucking
  • Telecom
  • Oilfield Services
  • Heavy Construction
  • Technology

Tempe, AZ

Tempe is a city located in Maricopa County and is named mainly after the Vale of Tempe in Greece, but it is also referred to as the Hayden’s Ferry. Tempe is well-known because it has ten sister cities that belong to Sister Cities International, providing opportunities to travel to one of the cities completely free of cost. It was voted the Best Overall Sister City Program in 2008.


Historically the city of Tempe was occupied by Hohokam Native Americans; in order to support their agriculture, they built canals so that the water could be more easily stored. However, in the late 15th century, they abandoned their settlement and moved far away from the city. Later, the U.S. military occupied the area and started to cultivate the area for food production. The next settlement was at Hayden Ferry, named after the ferry service. Tempe is also called Hayden Ferry since ferries became a symbol of their necessity to cross the Salt River. In time, more people started moving to the area. A school was built in Tempe that was later transformed into Arizona State University.

Arizona State University

factoring companies in Tempe

Arizona State University is located within the city of Tempe and regarded as one of the largest public universities in the United States. Arizona State University had approximately 82,090 students enrolled in 2014. Moreover, Arizona State University is regarded as a research hub and is ranked as one of the best universities in the US based on its research output, innovation, and development.  During the economic downturn of 2008, Arizona State University made cuts in its budget, which resulted in ending multiple academic programs, faculty, and staff. However, over the years Arizona State University has managed to expand its campuses, and it now spreads across the United States. The latest addition to the Arizona State University is the Arizona Center for Law and Society, which opened in fall 2016.


The unemployment rate in Tempe is 5 percent, and the city has a healthy housing market, continually expanding over recent years. The entrepreneurs, business owners and developers of Tempe are engaged in the economy, seeking expansion and growth. Previously, the economy of Tempe was driven mainly by agriculture, but over the years, the industries have become more diverse.

Culture and Arts

Media plays a significant role in defining the culture that exists within Tempe. The Public Art Program in Tempe coordinates with artists and building designers to construct temporary, yet unique art projects. Performing arts is another central element that is quite common in Tempe. Throughout the 1990s, Tempe was known mainly for its thriving music industry, which included the acts by Maine and The Refreshments.

Tourism is important to Tempe. Tempe has been transforming over the years, and various events like the famous P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon have taken place in Tempe. The tourists that visit Tempe are often more interested in exploring the Mill Avenue and Tempe Town Lake. Downtown Tempe offers more than 175 restaurants, along with different kinds of retail shopping outlets that are designed to cater to the needs of the tourists. The city has a lot of bars that cater to the growing Arizona State University crowd.


Sports do not play a significant role in the culture; the city has no major professional sports team to represent their city in various competitions that are held in the United States. However, locals have taken the initiative to introduce games. The Sun Devil Stadium from 1988 to 2006 hosted the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. Besides, Arizona State University and the Sun Devil team compete in different games like basketball, football, baseball, etc.

The most interesting part about the city is that it is home to Arizona Combat Sports that includes a martial arts training organization. Over the years the people who play Rugby has increased in Tempe so it could be said that Rugby is a developing sport in the city and it will become a part of the most played sport within the area.