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Industry Expertise

Our Little Rock accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring programs have helped a variety of industries with their cash-flow needs.

Some of the industries our team of financial experts have experience in are:

  • Telecom and Wireless
  • Freight and Trucking
  • Oilfield Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Heavy Construction
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Utility and Pipeline
  • Technology
  • Many More

Why Do Companies Use Invoice Factoring?

Companies use our factoring programs because it provides them with the quick cash they need by eliminating the cash-flow gap caused by slow-paying customers.

We’re able to fund a variety of business and financial situations making us your top choice among factoring companies in Little Rock and the surrounding areas.

  • Start-up companies
  • Expanding companies
  • Companies with maxed-out credit
  • Companies with less-than-perfect credit
  • Bank turn-downs and workouts
  • Companies with tax liens
  • Companies who’ve filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Ain’t so Little, Little Rock!

little-rockThe name is misleading. Little Rock, Arkansas isn’t really small. In fact, this city is the most populated in Arkansas. It is also the state’s capital. This city has drawn so many people including those with big business in their heads as a lot of major companies have their headquarters there. If we mention that the Clintons once lived here and that General Douglas McArthur of World War II fame was born here, we might as well change its name to Big Boulder.


A French explorer and trader, Jean-Baptiste Benard de la Harpe, was responsible for the city’s name. He called it La Petite Roche (little rock in French) when he saw the stone outcropping in the south bank of the Arkansas River which has been a landmark ever since. This was in 1722.

Before European exploration and settlement, much of the Arkansas area was inhabited by Native Americans. The Cherokees were among those who lived in this area. They were said to be religious people who hugely respected their priests. If provoked, they were also not hesitant to engage in war.

There were the Quapaw Indians, who also just happened to live near the rock formation which the city got its name from. Today, they are now headquartered in Oklahoma where they have their own tribal jurisdiction area.

By the early 19th century, William Lewis built a home near the little rock. He was soon followed by Colonel Edmund Hogan who just didn’t build a home but a ferry as well. Settlement by white Americans must have grown rapidly in number because, by 1821, Little Rock became the capital of the Arkansas territory and the seat of Pulaski County. By 1831, it became a city.

During the Civil War, the city joined the Confederates who were opposed to the abolition of slavery. The reason for this was plantation owners needed the slaves for labor.

Years before the 19th century ended, Little Rock already had telephone operations, waterworks system, a newspaper circulation, electrical street lighting, electric streetcars, and a fire department.

In 1850, the population was 2,167. By 1900, it mushroomed to 38,307 individuals.

The house of the state government, the State Capitol building, was completed in 1911. Five years after, Pulaski Heights, which is a suburban area, was added to the city.

Other memorable establishments that were built prior to World War II were Little Rock Zoo (1921), Little Rock Junior College and Little Rock Senior High School (1927), Travelers Field (1932), and Museum of Fine Arts (1937).

By 1950, the population was more than 100,000 people.

The popular food, cheese dog, was developed in 1956 by Finkbeiner Meat Packing Co. It is a company located in Little Rock.

In 1957, a controversial and historic moment happened. Nine African-American students enrolled in Little Rock Central High School. This event brought a lot of ruckuses because, at this period in American history, segregation was still very prevalent.

Dillard’s, a prominent chain of department stores, relocated its headquarters in Little Rock in 1964.

There was a construction boom in 1968. Among the towering buildings built were the Worthen Bank Building and the Union National Bank. It was in 1974 that the tallest building in the city, the First National Bank, was constructed.

In 1992, Bill Clinton was elected president of the country, the first one that came from the State of Arkansas.

Geography and Climate

There are 75 counties in Arkansas. Little Rock is the county seat of Pulaski. Its land area is 116.2 square miles. Lake Maumelle gives the city its drinking water. Across the Arkansas River is North Little Rock. It is a different city from Little Rock. The city has humid summers and mild winters, with very little snow.

Top Employers

The state government, the federal government, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Pulaski County Public School Districts, and Baptist Health are the top employers of the city. The government, education, medical services, utility, data processing, and telecommunications are the industries with the most number of employees.

Places to See

Factoring Companies in Little RockArkansas Art Center is known for its permanent collection of drawings by art masters including Rembrandt, Degas, and Picasso. It also holds art classes for different ages. Visitors usually buy glass objects from the gift shop. The restaurant, Best Intentions, always gets a thumbs-up from its diners.

Arkansas Museum of Discovery was built to answer a pundit who accused the people of Arkansas of being culturally ignorant. This museum focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math. The interactive exhibits should be a cure for ignorance.

Big Dam Bridge, at 4,266 feet, is the longest bridge that is exclusively for pedestrians and bikers. Races have been held on it. Competitive or not, biking and walking on this bridge must be good for your cardiovascular system.

Esse Purse Museum is quite unique because it is the only museum in the United States that strictly focuses on women’s purses, including their history.

The Historic Arkansas Museum features memorabilia from the frontier past of the State of Arkansas. The visitor gets to gape at historical reenactments and artifacts from the 19th century. The museum store sells jewelry, ceramic, and textiles by Arkansas artists.

Robinson Center looks imposing with the large columns on its facade, an obvious homage to Greek architecture. It is a performance venue. The much-lauded Arkansas Symphony Orchestra regularly plays there.

Wildwood Park for the Arts promises what its name suggests. It is a lovely park with gardens well taken care of and it is also a venue for performing arts. Festivals are often staged there.

William J. Clinton Presidential Center houses a presidential library of the 42nd president and the offices for the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit that creates humanitarian programs. There is also a museum that features a replica of Clinton’s Oval Office.

Universities and Schools

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has six colleges: medicine, pharmacy, nursing, public health, health professions, and graduate studies.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a research school. This state university has six colleges, including a school of law. It has traditional and online classes.

Philander Smith College is populated by African American students. It has a place in civil rights history because, in the period of intense civil rights movement, its students staged non-violent protests on racism in the country.

Arkansas Baptist College is another liberal arts college that is also populated by African Americans. It is known for its famed baseball program.

Little Rock has several public high schools but it also has Arkansas School for the Blind and Arkansas School for the Deaf. Both are funded by the state.