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Speed Up Your Cash Flow Today With Invoice Factoring

Turn the cash that is normally tied up in your receivables into working capital today with our Sherwood invoice factoring programs.

Invoice factoring, which is also referred to as accounts receivable financing, works by selling your open invoices to a factoring company in exchange for quick cash. The factoring company will provide you an advance on the total amount. Once your customer pays the invoice weeks or even months later, you’ll receive the remaining balance, less a factoring fee.

Sherwood invoice factoringWhen you choose to factor your receivables with Scale Funding over other financing and factoring companies in Sherwood, you’ll receive same-day funding, low rates, top-rated customer service, and free back-office support.

While some companies may choose to look to a bank for a loan or line of credit, it might not always be an available or quick enough option. Invoice factoring works with many companies and sizes and provides you with the quick cash your business needs.

Industries We Serve

For more than 23 years, Scale Funding has provided financing to many B2B industries. Our team knows the invoicing process and the major players in several industries, including:

Staffing Agencies Government Contractors
Oilfield Services Trucking & Transportation
Heavy Construction Renewable Energy
Telecom & Wireless Utility Services
Pipeline Technology
Manufacturing Distribution

Customized Factoring Solutions

One of the reasons companies choose our Sherwood accounts receivable financing programs is because they are customized to work with the unique needs of each business. We offer month-to-month contracts with financing from $50,000 to $20 million, giving both small and large companies the ability to grow.

If one or more of the following describes your business situation, contact Scale Funding today to learn how invoice factoring can help you take back control of your business financing.

  • You’re waiting to get paid.
  • You need quick cash.
  • Your credit is maxed or less than perfect.
  • The bank turned you down.
  • You’re growing rapidly.
  • You’re a start-up company.
  • You’ve filed for bankruptcy.
  • You have a tax lien.

Sherwood invoice factoringSherwood, Arkansas

A vibrant and welcoming population, picturesque terrain and an alluring history: these are the trademarks of Sherwood. This quaint, little city is located in Pulaski County, Arkansas. It is situated roughly 15 miles from Little Rock. In the early 20th century, Sherwood was named as one of the fastest-growing cities in Arkansas. The growth was visible through the growing population as well as the physical area, as some parts of the city were annexed.

Sherwood is not your typical small city; it is strategically placed in proximity to highways that allow the residents to experience the feel of big-city infrastructure and amenities. According to the 2010 census, Sherwood houses more than 700,000 people from a large selection of racial and ethnic groups. This number has increased significantly over the years.

The city is a hotbed for economic activities, tourist events, and attractions, as well as diverse cultures. Despite being a small town, it has a welcoming and fast-paced vibe that appeals to the masses. A humid subtropical climate makes Sherwood a wonderful place to live and work in.


Families began settling in Sherwood in the early 20th century. They created a tightly-knit farming community that had little to no utilities, including water. In 1923, water was carried through three pipes from a farm that belonged to the Koehler Farm. The Koehlers were known as one of the oldest families to settle in the city. Electricity became available in 1925.

The town grew rapidly up to the point of its incorporation. Sherwood was officially incorporated on April 22, 1948, which makes it one of Arkansas’ newer towns. The first election was witnessed on July 10, 1948, which resulted in a new mayor, county council and recorder. On this day, $525 was raised. An extra $75 was also generated from beverage sales and a bingo game. The $600 raised marked the first Sherwood Improvement Fund.

From this point, the city continued to meet significant milestones, and the result was an increase in population over the years.


The city of Sherwood boasts a healthy and diversified economy. The industries running the city’s economy have been able to bring a great amount of wealth and sustenance to the locals. Sherwood has a considerably low unemployment rate and a high job growth margin as well. The economy has been set up in a suitable environment.

The Office of Economic Development works hand in hand with the chamber of commerce, the mayor, and other instrumental figures to encourage new commercial ventures and to also cultivate leads for a wide array of potential businesses.

The city began as a small farming community; however, it has been able to evolve to a diverse economic scene. Some of the major corporations that have their headquarters in Sherwood include Hank’s Fine Furniture, ABC Financial, and the Heritage Company, among others. The largest employers are a variety of reputable public and private customer contact agencies.

Arts, Leisure, and Culture

A walk through Sherwood will show you how the city is a hub for numerous recreational and cultural activities. Sherwood is home to 17 fully-equipped parks and four swimming pools that are accessible to the public. Henson Park has a selection of tennis courts, while Bill Harmon Recreation Center is outfitted with a game room, an indoor pool, meeting rooms, and an indoor basketball court. The facilities are designed with an active and healthy community in mind. There is a broad selection of communal facilities that give the residents access to top-of-the-line sporting and entertainment equipment.

Sherwood holds a number of events throughout the year. The aim is to bring the community together in celebration of diversity and foster a communal and patriotic spirit in general. These festivals are also designed to bring the families together for some family fun and bonding experiences. The Sherwood Fest that is held every fall provides the residents and tourists in the area with an opportunity to share a pancake breakfast, participate in crafts and indulge in the wide selection of local and international cuisine that has been sampled.

The city’s rich history is also preserved in monuments and museums around Sherwood. One notable structure is the Roundtop Filling Station that was built in 1936. For a long time, this was the only modern restroom between Searcy, White County, and Little Rock. The dining opportunities in the city are limitless and quite unique.

The culture of the city can be experienced in many ways. With a plethora of city attractions and recreational opportunities, Sherwood is a city that is constantly bustling with activity.