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Invoice Factoring: A Fast, Simple Business Financing Solution

Invoice factoring, also called accounts receivable financing, is financing solution many businesses use to take control of their cash flow. Through Scale Funding’s Elk Grove accounts receivable financing lines, we are able to provide businesses with immediate cash flow on their unpaid invoices.

Part of the reason why Scale Funding is your top choice among factoring companies in Elk Grove and California is that we go the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs, including:

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  • Customizing programs for unique needs and business situations.
  • Expediting account setup to get you the funds you need.
  • Providing value-added services such as back-office support and free credit requests on new customers.
  • Assigning dedicated relationship managers and account administrators to answer your questions when you call or email us.

Your Industry, Our Expertise

Since 1994, Scale Funding has funded thousands of businesses throughout North America. Through our Elk Grove invoice factoring programs, we are able to fund:

 factoring for trucking companies and freight factoringTrucking & Freight: flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, intermodal, heavy hauling, specialty carriers and many more.invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for telecom and wireless contractors Telecom & Wireless: tower construction, tower maintenance, inspection, tower erectors, fiber optic installation and more.
 factoring for oilfield service companiesOilfield Services: site preparation, drilling, hydro-vac services, oilfield trucking, frac sand hauling and more. invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for utility contractors and pipeline contractorsUtility & Pipeline: pipeline contractors, pipeline construction, utility locators, maintenance, welding, inspection and more.
 heavy construction factoring & financeHeavy Construction: crane operators, concrete contractors, excavating contractors, welding and more.invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for solar, wind, and renewable energy contractorsRenewable Energy: water, solar, wind, site preparation, site maintenance, site development and more.
 Invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for staffing agenciesStaffing Agencies: administrative, clerical, general labor, medical, healthcare and more.invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for government contractorsGovernment Contractors: local, state and federal.
invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for technology companies Technology: consulting, data management, IT services and more.Invoice factoring for other industriesOther Industries: manufacturing, printing, maintenance, distribution, security and more.

Invoice Factoring: a Solution for Many Businesses

Big or small, new or established, Scale Funding takes pride in partnering with businesses to help them meet their goals. Although many companies come to us because they want to speed up their cash flow, there are plenty of others with different needs. Take a look at just a few of the situations we fund. Where does your business fit?

Slow-Paying Customers

Whoever said they liked to wait for cash? That’s right. Nobody ever said that. We eliminate the wait on slow-paying customers with same-day funding on your invoices.

Growth & Expansion

Growing companies need cash to accept and service new contracts. With invoice factoring, you will have the cash you need to take advantage of new opportunities.


Companies with maxed-out or less-than-perfect credit have a hard time getting bank financing. With invoice factoring, it is your customers’ credit and payment history, rather than yours, that is key.


Businesses going through bankruptcy can have difficulty finding financing. Through our DIP financing solutions, we help businesses get back on their feet.


Starting a new company takes resources you can access quickly. Accounts-receivable financing provides the funding so that you can focus on urgent needs as they arise.

Tax Liens

Tax liens can financially cripple a business. Our customized programs can provide the cash you need to pay off a lien and operate the business.

Elk Grove, California

Elk Grove is an alluring and captivating city in the heart of Sacramento County. The city is strategically situated on the southern side of the capital of Sacramento. This means access to big city amenities and other points of interest in the neighboring communities. Elk Grove is one of the cities that makes up the Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville metropolitan area.

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Elk Grove is located near Sacramento, yet it has a strong economy of its own.

It emanates an atmosphere of a rural city setting while also giving the residents the benefits of experiencing a modern lifestyle. Due to this, the number of residents moving to the area has been notable, contributing to Elk Grove’s status as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

With a diverse ethnic and racial profile, suitable age distribution and a youthful ambiance, Elk Grove is projected to grow immensely over the coming years. The population of the city is estimated to be 170,000. The communities in Elk Grove are welcoming and friendly to the thousands of tourists and new residents that come to the area. It is a picturesque city that is characterized by a breathtaking landscape and unique architecture.

Background and History

Elk Grove was a crossroads for a wide variety of people who were looking for a strategic location for business opportunities, agriculture and entertainment and a temporary home for miners from other communities. In the early 19th century, Gabriel Moraga, a Spanish explorer, came to the region and named the valley “Sacramento.” The name was inspired by the Spanish word for holy sacrament.

An expedition writer covering the journey of Gabriel Moraga characterized Elk Grove as a city full of bird chatter, exotic fish in the city’s waters and air filled with a sweet champagne scent that beckoned travelers.

The inspiration for the city’s name comes from the Elk Grove Hotel, opened by James Hall. The year of 1868, the city witnessed a part of the Central Pacific railroad traversing the eastern side of Elk Grove. Here, another hotel was constructed to cater to the increasing amount of travelers, also named Elk Grove. The following years were characterized by farming initiatives and notable urban developments and milestones.

The late twentieth century witnessed various suburban developments cropping up. The population was rising and the city had to transform in order to keep up with the resident’s needs.  This period was characterized by immense suburban growth, which attributed to the city’s reputation as a fast-growing city, especially in the early 2000s. Elk Grove was integrated as a city on July 1, 2000.


Elk Grove has a strong economy, ranking it in the top 11 fastest-rising economies in the country. The city is young and urban, with bustling activities. The population is consistently rising, which means that the city is also growing to meet the needs of its people.

With a low unemployment rate and a high job growth percentage, Elk Grove has set up a business-friendly platform. The city has an Economic Development Department that is dedicated to providing a suitable economic environment, including business retention techniques, expansion and a wide range of services that encourage a positive business environment.

The city started off as an agricultural community but has evolved to accommodate a wide range of industries. The city now has high technology, retail and commercial enterprises and a broad pool of professional services.

People, Culture, Arts and Leisure

Elk Grove is a hotbed of cultural, leisure and artistic appeal and provides recreational activities for all tastes. The city’s rich history is preserved in the American Renaissance Institute of Arts, among others. There are various points of interest in Elk Grove that keep the residents and tourists occupied throughout the course of their stay.

The city is known for the numerous festivals that are held to celebrate culture and diversity. These festivals are also designed to bring the families of the city together for family fun and bonding experiences. There are numerous golf courses and family sports complexes that house arcades and top-class sports and entertainment facilities. The Elk Grove Creek Trail and Surf Xtreme are the best ways to experience the beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer.

With over 70 dining areas serving the best of local and international cuisines, a farmers market and a selection of theaters to choose from, this family-oriented and youthful city is bound for greatness.