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Business Financing through Your Receivables

You read that correctly. You have heaps of untapped cash available in your unpaid invoices. When you partner with Scale Funding, your top choice among factoring companies in Fullerton and California, we unlock that cash by providing you a same-day advance on your unpaid invoices. It’s called invoice factoring, which some refer to as accounts receivable financing. Here are some of the additional benefits of our Fullerton invoice factoring programs:

factoring companies in Fullerton

  • Free, no-obligation consultation and quote
  • Free Credit Checks on New Customers
  • 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers
  • Collections Services
  • Accounts-Receivable Management

Serving Industries Far and Wide Since 1994

Through our Fullerton accounts receivable financing programs, we are able to fund businesses in a number of industries across North America. We know the major players and the invoicing requirements of many industries, supporting your company’s operations.

 Staffing Agencies Transportation Renewable Energy
 Technology Government Contractors Oilfield Services
 Utility & Pipeline Heavy Construction Telecom & Wireless

We Specialize in Unique Business Situations

Because we are a non-bank financial services firm, we have the ability to serve companies with unique and diverse financial needs. Does your business fall into one of the below categories?

Credit Issues

If your credit is maxed or less-than-perfect, invoice factoring can still work for you. We approve you based on your customers’ credit, rather than yours.

Slow-Paying Customers

If you’re waiting for 15, 30 or even 90 days for customer payment, stop waiting and start factoring. We’ll eliminate the cash-flow gap by providing same-day funding on your invoices.


If your business is expanding quicker than your cash flow, our Fullerton business financing can help. Our monthly programs range from $50,000 to $20 million, giving you plenty of room to grow.

Bank Turn-Downs and Workouts

Because we’re not a bank, we can work with companies when a bank cannot.


We help companies get back on their feet after bankruptcy with our DIP financing solutions.

Fullerton, California

factoring companies in Fullerton

Fullerton is a suburban city situated in the northern part of Orange County. The city initially started out as a rural city, but developed rapidly in the 20th century and now boasts a fast-paced environment with vibrant residents. The city is a land of diversity, owing to the varied population that makes the city warm and welcoming. Considered to be the place where the electric guitar was created, Fullerton residents enjoy the perks of living in a musical community through the centers and facilities in the city.

Today, Fullerton is home to over 130,000 residents. Modern infrastructure, quality health, and education systems and a thriving economy are the hallmarks of this suburban city. The city started off as an agricultural center but has grown in leaps and bounds over the years into a flourishing array of industries.

The city residents mostly comprise Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, African Americans, American Indians, Latinos, and Asians, among others. Fullerton has a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by warm and sunny skies throughout the year.


The late 18th century witnessed the first set of Europeans who traversed through Fullerton. The local people were named “Gabrieliños” by the Spanish after the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel was founded in 1771. In 1837, Fullerton became a part of Rancho San Juan Cajón de Santa Ana and allowed a Spanish soldier named Juan Pacifico to start selling off parcels of the land. Juan Pacifico sold the land to American migrants who were looking for a place to settle right after the Gold Rush.

In the late 19th century, the Malden Brothers got wind of the fact that the California Central Railroad, which was a subsidiary of Santa Fe Railway, was in search of land. They moved fast and arranged to purchase a parcel of land which led to the beginning of negotiations with George Fullerton, the president of yet another Santa Fe Railway subsidiary, the Pacific Land and Improvement Company.

In their offer, they stated that they would offer half the interest and free right of way to the land to the railroad company only if Fullerton revised his survey and added the proposed town area. By 1904, Fullerton had incorporated as a city.


Fullerton has a thriving economy. This is attributed to the brilliant strategies that the city has adopted in terms of economic development and sustainable measures. In the late 19th century, the city started drilling oil, after which a surge in real estate occurred. The city has since experienced steady population expansion due to the development of real estate.

With the constant growth in housing, the manufacturing industry flourished. To date, the city is sustained by a large number of industries that employ a majority of the residents in the area. The top employer in Fullerton is California State University, followed by St. Jude Medical Center and Raytheon.

Arts, Culture, and Leisure

Fullerton residents and tourists have the pleasure of experiencing the city’s vibrant music scene. It is home to iconic music legends like Gwen Stefani and other significant people in the global music scene. The Fender Musical Instrument Company has contributed greatly to the musical heritage of the city. Fullerton celebrates the contributions of its legends to the music scene by holding numerous events and festivals throughout the year. These kinds of festivals and events bring in thousands of residents and tourists to experience the culture of the city through music.

Aside from music, Fullerton has a small but active arts and theater scene as well. The city boasts an immense theater presence through the Maverick Theater. It has also been able to feature in notable local and international film screenings that have placed Fullerton on the global film industry scene. Art lovers and enthusiasts can indulge in timeless pieces at the Fullerton Museum Center and the Fullerton Public library, which is a hub for the city’s rich history.

Fullerton is also a haven for active individuals. The city has over fifty parks and recreational locations. Craig Regional Park and the Hillcrest Park are among the community public facilities. They are laden with cozy picnic spots and places to sit and unwind with family and friends. The parks also have nature trails and biking facilities that are fully accessible to the general public.

The Fullerton Arboretum has sculpture gardens and a wide array of exotic plants that serve as a popular tourist attraction. Brea Dam Recreational Area has trails, tennis courts and swimming pools that are accessible to members of the Fullerton community.