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Invoice Factoring is Simple Business Finance

Invoice factoring, which many refer to as accounts receivable financing or receivables financing, is a straightforward form of business funding that many companies use. The process is simple: you provide your invoices (receivables) to a factoring company, and it provides you an advance on the invoice total. When your customer pays weeks or months later, the factor provides the remainder, less a factoring discount. This alleviates your worry of cash flow, allowing you to focus on other pressing business matters.

Ontario California factoring companies

With our Ontario California accounts receivable programs, we provide a number of additional benefits to our clients that help improve the health and stability of their company overall. Give us a call or click this box if your company could benefit from any of the following, and learn why we are the top choice among California and Ontario factoring companies.

  • Simple setup process
  • Same-day funding
  • Low factoring fees
  • Competitive advance rates
  • Online reporting
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Professional collectors
  • Credit analysis and risk assessment

Who Benefits from Factoring?

Throughout our over 20 years of experience, Scale Funding has provided best-in-class business financing solutions to companies in a multitude of industries. Our Ontario invoice factoring lines are flexible; whether or not you have been in your industry for decades or are just starting out, we have a program for you. Since 1994, we have worked with businesses in the following industries:

  • Oilfield Services
  • Government Contracting
  • Heavy Construction
  • Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Trucking & Freight
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Telecom & Wireless

Why Factoring Instead of Bank Financing?

Many business owners are familiar with the amount of red tape it can take nowadays to get business financing. With a strengthening economy and stricter lending policies, some businesses are unable to meet requirements.

At Scale Funding, we make getting the financing your business needs simple. In as little as 15 minutes, we can provide a free factoring consultation and quote. After your account is set up, in some cases as little as three days, we provide you a same-day advance on your invoices. When you are ready to invoice again, we are ready to fund you again. In fact, we offer a discounted mailing program to get your invoices to us.

Whether or not you are planning for future growth, suffering from slow-paying customers, or are just starting out, Scale Funding has a solution for you. We believe in building a partnership for your long-term success.

Ontario, California

Incorporated in 1891, Ontario has progressed in many aspects becoming one of the most populous and popular cities in California. It is a city in San Bernardino County, which is situated to the east of Los Angeles County and to the west of the Inland Empire region. Ontario, which covers an area of 50,006 square miles, boasts world-class infrastructure, amenities, and attractions of all varieties. The name of the city points to its connection with Ontario in Canada; it was named after Ontario Model Colony development built in the area by an engineer, George Chaffey, and two of his brothers, who hailed from there.


Before Ontario was founded in 1881 by George Chaffey and his brothers, the semi-nomadic Native American Tongya Serrano tribe used the area as a hunting and foraging ground. However, the history of Ontario as a city began in 1881 when a Canadian engineer, George Chaffey, and his two brothers purchased 6218 acres of San Antonio lands with water rights in 1881. They established a settlement on the land, which they named Ontario Model Colony after their home province in Canada. Before leaving the settlement, they expanded it to San Antonio Canyon in the north and the Southern Pacific Railroad in the south. The Chaffey brothers not only constructed the major Euclid Avenue thoroughfare, but also a drainage system through which water is diverted to more flat land in Mount San Antonio’s foothills.

Through an act of Congress, the city was declared a Model Irrigation Colony in 1903. Chaffey planned the Model Colony very well, ensuring it included modern facilities. For example, Euclid Avenue, which is a two hundred foot wide, eight-mile-long road, had electric lights, a local educational institution, and long distance telephone lines, which are among the first. The position of the Ontario Model Colony close to the water was one of the contributing factors to the growth of the area. It served as a source of water to the rural communities for irrigation purposes.

But Chaffey did not stay long in the area. He left the settlement in the care of Charles Frankish, an entrepreneur when he left for Australia. Frankish also worked hard to improve the infrastructural development of the colony. A water fountain was constructed and commissioned under his watch on Euclid Avenue, in order to attract farmers to the abundance of water in the area. The first gravity mule car was driven in 1887 through this Avenue. In line with the California Constitution, Ontario was incorporated fully as a city on December 10, 1891.

At its onset, Ontario was an agriculture-based economy. In fact, Chaffey named the settlement Model Colony because the area was suitable for blending agriculture with urban conveniences, such as commerce, churches, and schools. It has a drier climate, which attracted many Easterners and farmers, especially citrus farmers. Citrus farming thrived in the area. This paved way for the growth of the citrus industry. It was during this period that the Sunkist plant was constructed. Apart from citrus, grapes, lemons, olives, peaches, and walnuts were farmed in the area. But now other economic activities have begun in the city. Ontario has developed significantly today to become the fourth largest city in San Bernardino County, with a population of 163,924 according to the 2010 Census.


Agriculture played an important role in the development of the local economy, starting from the early stages through the modern day. It is home to Graber Oliver House, which is a historic landmark that still produces olives till today. There are agricultural farms of different kinds, including citrus and dairy farms; however, other industries have emerged to boost the economy. Service and warehousing industries have become the chief drivers of the economy. A number of companies such as MBM, Nordstrom, Genuine Parts/NAPA, Cardinal Health, and AutoZone have their main distribution centers in the city. There are still a couple of manufacturing companies such as Maglite, even though manufacturing is not contributing as strongly to the economy as it once had. Some of the companies that have their bases in Ontario are Phoenix Motorcars, Shiekh Shoes, Famous Stars and Straps, and The Icee Company.

As a distribution center, it is normal for the transport industry to thrive in the city. Ontario International Airport is the largest employer in the city according to the 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of Ontario. Other top employers are the United Parcel Service (UPS), Target Distribution, Securitas, Sam’s Club Distribution and Safariland.

Spas and Retreats

Ontario offers vacationers and residents the opportunity to improve their well-being. Vacationers and residents that want to get relief from stress or to detoxify will have a top choice among retreats and spas. Some centers offer programs that improve not just the physical well-being but also the spiritual, through an assortment of luxurious treatments. For beginners, Massage Envy Spa is a great place to start; however, there are other similar centers in the area. Whether you are living in the city center or outside the city center, you will always find a spa that will provide you with the best treatment.


With plenty of nightclubs, bars, and nighttime entertainment venues, Ontario has edged out the competition with its wonderful nightlife scene. Whether you are interested in music, concerts, shows or you just want to sit, sip your wine and laugh as you watch entertainers perform, Ontario has a place for you. A good number of nightclubs and nighttime entertainment venues offer live music from popular U.S. bands. Thus, during a stay in this city, sunset does not limit your opportunity to have a good time. Some of the entertainment venues, pubs, and bars in the city also offer food and drinks for people that will want to dine out. Popular nighttime venues include Jazz Cafe, La Cumbia Nightclub, The Blackwatch Pub, Misty’s Lounge, Improve Comedy Club, among many others. If you have visited all the clubs in the city and you want to experience something new, you can also go to Upland, which was once a part of Ontario before it was separated from the city.

Outdoor Sports

Ontario factoring companies

Ontario offers many hiking opportunities among its outdoor activities, including its close proximity to Mt. Baldy.

Whether you engage in sports to keep fit or just for fun, Ontario has a recreational facility that will suit the type of sport you prefer. With plenty of sun, outdoor enthusiasts will want to stick around. Ontario has plenty of things to do. There are hiking trails as well as fishing spots, skiing, angling, and others. Other great locations include North Etiwanda Preserve, which is perfect for hiking, Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park, which is great for kayaking and angling, Whispering Lakes Golf Course, Bass Pros Shops Indoor Shooting Rang and many more. In case you prefer rock climbing, then you have to head for the Joshua Tree National Park. Ontario is also not far from Mt. Baldy, which offers an assortment of outdoor and winter activities.


There are plenty of shopping choices to choose from. Standard retailers like Target, Sam’s Club, Costco, Kohl’s, Babies ‘R’ Us, Bass Pro Shops and others are available. The city also has a climate-controlled mall, namely, the Ontario Mills, which has over 200 stores.