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Invoice Factoring – The Business Cash-Flow Solution

Accounts receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring, is a cash-flow solution businesses use to gain access to cash that is stuck in their receivables.

Instead of waiting on customer payment, get paid same-day with our Riverside factoring company programs.

While business loans and lines of credit are common funding solutions, many are turning to invoice factoring as it offers many benefits.

Riverside Invoice Factoring Solutions

Business Loans & Lines of Credit

Get a quote in as little as 15 minutes Lengthy approval process
Fast setup and same-day funding Weeks or months for funding
Eliminates cash-flow gap from slow-paying customers The cash-flow gap is still present
Financing grows as your business grows Financing is capped
No debt created Debt created
Free credit check on your customers No credit services
Not dependent on your credit Dependent on your credit

Why Use Our Riverside Factoring Company Programs?

Riverside Factoring CompanyMany companies choose to use our Riverside accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring programs because our programs are flexible and custom to fit your needs.

If you need quick cash, invoice other businesses and are waiting to get paid, we can help you.

Our programs work for start-ups, growing companies, business bankruptcies, tax liens, and bank turndowns. No matter what business stage of financial situation you’re in, we can help you take back control of your finances with invoice factoring.

Knowledgeable Team

Scale Funding has more than 25 years of experience in funding companies. Our team is knowledgeable in several industries making us your top-choice among factoring companies in Riverside and the surrounding areas.

Trucking: flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, vans, heavy hauling, intermodal, hot shots and more Telecom: fiber optic installation, cell tower construction and maintenance and more
Utility & Pipeline: pipeline construction and maintenance, utility locators, sewer construction and maintenance and more Oilfield Services: drilling, frac sand hauling, roustabouts, gravel haulers, water haulers and more
Technology: security, IT services, network administration, consulting services and more Staffing Agencies: general labor, healthcare and medical, administrative, clerical and more
Heavy Construction: environmental services, HDD, excavating, grading, crane operating and more Government Contractors: local, state, federal, construction, defense, security and more
Renewable Energy: site operations, site maintenance, site preparation, wind, solar and water Many More: janitorial, manufacturing, whole sale, distribution, printing, apparel and more

Riverside, California

Located in the Inland Empire of Southern California, which is directly east of Los Angeles, Riverside was named for its location next to the Santa Ana River. With its proximity to Hollywood, Riverside has served as the backdrop for various movies and television shows.


Once a part of Rancho Rubidoux, the area of present-day Riverside was founded in 1870 by John North and other Easterners who were looking for a place to grow grapes. In 1873, the U.S. Department of Agriculture sent one of the residents, Eliza Tibbets, a few Brazilian navel orange trees to test and see how they would do in Riverside’s climate. The orange trees thrived and the orange industry rapidly took off in the area. This led to what is known as “California’s second Gold Rush,” only this time the rush was for the newly established citrus industry. Although it was not the only city growing citrus trees in California, Riverside contained more than half of state’s 500,000 citrus trees by 1882. The city was officially incorporated in 1883 and by 1895 the citrus industry was so lucrative that Riverside was the wealthiest city per capita in the country. The citrus industry that began in Riverside set off multiple economic ripple effects as entire industries were created to support and improve the industry and it led to the creation of new towns that were completely dependent on the citrus market. It was also during this time of great wealth that the historically famous Mission Inn was established, which is still standing today.

Advanced Manufacturing

With its proximity to two major shipping ports, Los Angeles and Long Beach, Riverside is a strategic location for the manufacturing industry. Riverside is home to more than 250 manufacturing companies, which employ over 6,000 people. Although the manufacturing industry has seen a decline in many parts of the country, it has experienced steady growth in Riverside. One of the reasons the manufacturing industry is attracted to Riverside is that it is located near the major Los Angeles market, lowering transportation costs, but also far enough inland that there is a much lower cost of land than other cities in Southern California. Manufacturing companies in Riverside produce a variety of different products, including injection molding, medical devices, aircraft equipment and more. In fact, one of the largest advanced manufacturing employers in Riverside is UTC Aerospace Systems, the world’s largest supplier of aerospace and defense products, which employs over 1,000 people at their Riverside location.

Agriculture/Food Processing

Although the economic impact of the citrus industry is not what it used to be, Riverside still has a significant number of operating farms, including citrus farms, and agriculture is an important part of the city’s economy. In fact, in Riverside County, of which Riverside is the largest city, agriculture was responsible for $2.77 billion in 2013. In addition, there is a strong local farming committee called GrowRIVERSIDE.com, which helps to promote local farming as well as supply news and information on initiatives and funding opportunities in the region. The wealth of surrounding agriculture provides a strategic location for food processing companies. As such, the food processing industry is also a large contributor to Riverside’s economy. Riverside is home to the processing facilities of many well-known food and beverage companies. One such company is Pepsi Bottling Group, which is the largest food-processing employer in the city. Another large food manufacturing company is OSI Group, which was founded in Chicago in 1909 and recently built a manufacturing plant in Riverside to expand to the West Coast.


Historically, the Inland Empire has been underserved when it comes to access to medical care and doctor to patient ratios. However, the healthcare industry in Riverside has seen a large increase in the past few years. Part of this is due to the opening of the UC Riverside School of Medicine, which has seen a significant increase in enrollment each year. Also, many of the hospitals in the region are increasing the number of residencies they have. The top two healthcare employers in Riverside are Kaiser Permanente Riverside MD Hospital and Riverside Community Hospital. Other hospitals in the area include Parkview Community Hospital, Riverside Medical Clinic, and Loma Linda Medical Center. Riverside’s growing population will continue to result in an increased need for healthcare facilities, meaning that it is unlikely that the industry will slow down anytime soon.