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We hear this from our clients all the time. The fact is when your business is in need of a quick and simple financing solution, a bank loan or bank line of credit can take too long. At Scale Funding, our San Bernardino invoice factoring alternative is the business financing solution you need to get the cash to fund your company.

The concept is simple: with accounts receivable financing, your invoices are all you need. When you are ready to submit your invoices to your customer, Scale Funding provides you a competitive advance on the invoice total and deposits it into your bank account. When your customer pays 30 to 90 days later, we provide the remaining amount, less our low factoring rate.

What’s more: we make our setup process simple- which is why Scale Funding is your top choice in factoring companies in San Bernardino and California.

Step One: Contact Us

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When you call Scale Funding, one of our representatives will provide a free, no-obligation factoring consultation and quote.

Step Two: Submit Invoices

The second your invoices are ready to be submitted, send them to us. We take care of expediting it to your customer.

Step Three: Get Cash

Once we have our initial setup complete, we provide same-day funding on the invoices you send, letting you focus on growing your business. We focus on getting you the cash flow you need.

Sales Go Up & Down? We can handle it.

You know your business best. That’s why Scale Funding partners with you for a financial solution that is tailored to your specific business needs. We know that many businesses cannot always predict sales for the next year, which is one of the reasons why we have the industry’s only month-to-month program, designed specifically for business changes. We work with companies that are in a number of unique situations. Take a look at who we help:

Start-Ups Since 1994, we’ve helped start-ups grow with our factoring programs.
Bank Turn-Downs & Workouts We offer more flexibility than banks do; even when they say “no,” we can help.
Tax Issues Even if you have a tax lien, our San Bernardino factoring company programs provide you with the cash you need.
Bankruptcy Get back to financial freedom after a business bankruptcy with the help of our DIP financing solutions.
Slow-Paying Customers If you’re waiting to get paid from your customers and could use the cash now, we will fund you the day you’re ready to invoice.
Expansion Companies that are growing quicker than cash is coming in use factoring to speed up their cash flow.
Maxed-Out Credit & Less-than-Perfect Credit Unlike bank loans and lines of credit, our programs can provide you with the ongoing cash you need as your business expands and grows.

A Business Solution Perfected over the Last Three Decades

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided best-in-class financial solutions for our clients. In addition to the immediate cash flow that we provide your company, we offer a number of value-added services that support the operations of your entire business. From our free credit check services on your customers to our professional and timely collectors, our San Bernardino accounts receivable financing programs can give your company the competitive edge it needs in order to grow and solidify the future. And in our years of experience, we have worked with companies in all industries, including:

  • Utility
  • Pipeline
  • Heavy Construction
  • Oilfield
  • Welding
  • Telecom
  • Wireless
  • Technology
  • Government Contractors
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Professional Services
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Telecom

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San Bernardino, CA

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San Bernardino is a hub for intermodal logistics, thanks to its location at the junctions of the I-10, 1-215 and SR-210 freeways and its proximity to Cajon and San Gorgonio.

Rich in history and cultural diversity, the city of San Bernardino is home to people from many ethnic backgrounds. San Bernardino has a fun collection of nicknames, including The Heartbeat of US Route 66, City on the Move, The Friendly City and the Gate. San Bernardino is the seat of the County of San Bernardino. It has an area of 59 square miles, and a population of 209,924, as of April 2010. The city is ranked the 100th largest city in the US and the 17th largest city in the state of California.

History of San Bernardino

San Bernardino has a rich history, dating back to 1810 when Spanish missionaries established a settlement called Politana at the valley of a mountain range. They carried out missionaries activities throughout California, with Politana serving as their base. However, before the coming of the Spanish missionaries led by Padre Francisco Dumetz, the area was originally occupied by Tongva Indians, who called the area Wa’aach. But it was renamed San Bernardino by Padre Dumetz after Saint Bernardino of Siena.

Though the missionaries came to evangelize, it could be said that they began the development of the area by teaching the locals the best farming practices, such as how to obtain water from Mill Creek. But in 1812, the local tribesmen destroyed Politana, due to their belief that its establishment brought about the powerful earthquakes that occurred in the region. The missionaries returned in 1819 with the invitation of the Serrano and Mountain Cahuilla, after rebuilding the Politana.

Following a decree issued by Figeroa, the Governor of California in 1834, the missionaries left Politana and the Spanish rancheros took over the area. The mission became a post on the Spanish Trail, a trading route. The Spanish landowners and rancheros built haciendas to suit their indulgent lifestyle. Rancheros ultimately left the area as a result of frequent attacks by tribes of desert Indians. The next group of people to settle in the area were a group of 500 Mormons. In 1851, they acquired 35,000 acres of the San Bernardino Rancho and built a fence to protect it against attacks. The Mormon settlers engaged in large-Scale agriculture.

Though a good number of the Mormons left when they were recalled in 1857 by Brigham Young, those who remained made a significant contribution to the development of the area. They established a strong government and constructed a network of roads and schools in the area.

The area witnessed a population explosion in the 1860s following the discovery of gold in Holcomb Valley. San Bernardino became the gateway to Holcomb Valley and gradually became Southern California’s important trading hub. Both Mojave Road and Bradshaw Trail started in this city, spanning all the way to the Colorado River.

San Bernardino is a resilient community. It overcame difficulty and loss, such as the 1980 Panorama Fire, the 1980s economic recession and the Old Fire that occurred in October 2003 during which 1,000 homes were destroyed. But it survived them all to become a modern urban community.


San Bernardino has developed a strong economy, dominated by the retail and service industries. The city is home to many businesses, especially in the transportation sector. It is a hub for intermodal logistics thanks to its location at the junctions of the I-10, 1-215 and SR-210 freeways and its proximity to Cajon and San Gorgonio. The Gate City is home to Pacific Motor Trucking, the Yellow Freight System’s cross-docking trucking center, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway’s intermodal freight transport yard, and others. San Bernardino International Airport is also located in the city.

Education also contributes to the local economy. Besides the schools in the city, there are institutions of higher learning, including San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) and California State University San Bernardino. Loma Linda University San Bernardino Campus is located in San Manuel Gateway. The largest employers in the city are BNSF Railway Company, the California Department of Transportation, the San Bernardino County Sheriff and the Community Hospital.

Recreation, Relaxation and Sports Attractions

The Friendly City is home to different kinds of recreational and entertainment attractions. With 11 community centers, 35 parks and events, and festivals of different kinds going on at different times of the year, there are plenty of activities for all walks of life. The city’s playgrounds offer special interest classes; there are also facilities for senior activities, adult sports, youth sports, skiing, and swimming sprinkled throughout the area. The City on the Move has mountains with stunning trails for hikers. It also offers unique desert experiences. Water sports and beach lovers have a place in this city, as the beaches are just a stone’s throw away from it. There are plenty of golf courses, public and private, for your enjoyment. Regardless of your age and interest, there is always something for you to do in San Bernardino.


The Gate City has a number of sports venues, sports teams and also hosts a number of sporting events. The San Bernardino Soccer Complex spans over 50 acres- the Southern California Sports Club uses this facility for their home games. The Little League Western Region Headquarters is here, where teams from 14 western states compete to get promoted to the Little League World Series. Sports lovers and fans have the opportunity of watching live sports tournaments and events in any of the facilities in the city. The Inland Empire 66ers minor league baseball team plays their homes games at San Manuel Stadium, which seats 5,000.

Arts and Entertainment

San Bernardino has a number of arts and entertainment venues with relaxing environments, and a number of performances staged throughout the year. The California Theater District hosts musical performances and Broadway plays on a yearly basis, starting in 1928. San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra, which is one of the most renowned orchestras in the region, is located in this theater. San Bernardino provides concert enthusiasts with plenty of choices of venues, such as the Garcia Center for the Arts, San Manuel Amphitheater, National Orange Show Events Center, Roosevelt Bowl and Sturges Center for the Arts.

San Bernardino hosts a number of events and festivals of different kinds, including the Return to the Route 66 Rendezvous, the Berdoo Bikes and Blues Rendezvous, America’s Mother Road- a four-day celebration- and the National Orange Show Festival.

San Bernardino also boasts museums of different kinds, including the WBC Legends of Boxing Museum, Inland Empire Military Museum, Route 66 Museum, San Bernardino County Museum, Heritage House, The Robert V. Fullerton Museum of Art, American Sports Museum and the San Bernardino Railroad and History Museum.