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Invoice Factoring – The Fast Funding Solution

There are several ways to fund your business such as business loans and lines of credit, but many companies are turning to invoice factoring as a fast funding solution.

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, offers you same-day cash on your invoices. Instead of waiting to get paid, sell your receivables to Scale Funding for immediate payment.

Factoring Companies in Santa AnaScale Funding is your top choice among factoring companies in Santa Ana and California because of our low rates, high advances, same-day funding and our 25 years of helping companies with their cash-flow.

While business loans and lines of credit provide companies with cash, it can take weeks or months to get through the approval process and cash in hand. Conversely, with our Santa Ana invoice factoring programs, we’ll provide you an immediate factoring quote and same-day funding once your account is set up.

Industry Expertise

Since 1994, our Santa Ana accounts receivable financing programs have provided a fast funding solution to a variety of industries. Our team has experience in several industries including:

Trucking Telecom Utility
Pipeline Oilfield Technology
Renewable Energy Staffing Government Contractors
Welding Manufacturing Many more

Why Choose Scale Funding Over Other Factoring Companies in Santa Ana?

When choosing between factoring companies in the Santa Ana area, there are several choices. One reason companies choose to work with Scale Funding over others is that we’re able to provide funding to businesses in many unique situations.

We provide funding to companies who:

  • Are waiting to get paid
  • Need quick cash
  • Have less-than-perfect credit
  • Have maxed credit
  • Are starting-up
  • Are growing rapidly
  • Have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Were turned down by a bank
  • Have tax liens

Get started today with our Santa accounts receivable financing programs. We’ll customize the program to fit your business needs.

Santa Ana, CA—Posh Little Coastal City!

Santa Ana, California is named after a saint. It’s blown by Santa Ana winds, people cruise through the Santa Ana freeway, and not far from it are the Santa Ana mountains. The presence of divine nomenclature must have blessed this city because it is declared as the fourth safest city in the United States. Its economy is not bad either. No wonder a lot of people decide to live here for good because Santa Ana also happens to be one of the most populated cities in the US as well.


If the name of the city seems to have a Spanish ring to it, it’s because the area was first discovered by a Spanish explorer. Don Gaspar de Partola traveled to Santa Ana on July 26, 1769—when it was still inhabited by the Native Americans called the Tongva and Luiseno and the only visible sights were mustards. Partola was sent by his king, King Carlos, to find lands to colonize before other colonialists could get there. He named the area after Saint Anne or Santa Ana who was said to be the grandmother of Jesus Christ. Later, a Spanish soldier Jose Antonio Yorba was given a grant to build a ranch in what was mostly a large chunk of Orange County, including Santa Ana.

Americans went to this area after the Mexican-American War in 1848. The Yorba family later sold the land to Jose Antonio Andres Sepulveda, a descendant of a prominent Spanish-Mexican family and the early settlers of Southern California, in 1854. Sepulveda led a very extravagant lifestyle that led to his bankruptcy. The land was sold to James Irvine, Llewellyn Bixby, and Thomas Flint. William Spurgeon founded the City of Santa Ana and was its first mayor. In 1889, this land became the county seat of Orange County.

In 1901, the Old Orange County Courthouse was built. This heralded the political and economic force that was Santa Ana.

In 1905, Santa Ana was part of an extensive railway system. In 1935, Firestone Boulevard was opened for car drivers. It would later be renamed as the Santa Ana Freeway.

World War II is quite responsible for the population growth of the city. The soldiers who trained here stayed after the war. There were legions since Santa Ana Air Base was an official training center.

By the 50s, a mall already existed, along with other department stores. In the 80s, the downtown area was revitalized by the construction and the reconstruction of cultural sites including the Santa Ana Artists Village and the reopening of Yost Theatre, a historic movie house that turned into a live performance venue.

Geography and Climate

The total land area of Santa Ana is 27.3 square miles. Its highest elevation is 134.8 feet. It is the second largest city in Orange County. Its summers are hot and dry. The winters are mild.

Its climate makes it ideal for a lot of outdoor activities like biking, boating, water sports, camping, and golfing.

Corporate Headquarters

The following companies are based in Santa Ana, California: Abbott Medical Optics, Behr, Down East Yachts, First American Financial Institution, Ingram Micro, Kern’s Beverages, Nicalis, Inc., Rickenbacker, and Wahoo’s Fish Taco.

Largest Employers and Most Popular Industries

The following have the most employees in the city: County of Orange, Ingram Micro, Rancho Santiago Community College District, United States Postal Service, and Tenet Healthcare.

The following industries have the most number of workers: trade, transportation and utilities, professional and business services, manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, and government.

Public Transportation

Factoring Companies in Santa AnaAmtrak provides railroad services in the city. Greyhound USA provides a lot of the buses. Santa Ana’s airport is John Wayne Airport, which is an international airport. As of 2015, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Airlines provide flights there. A lot of Santa Ana residents either walk or bike to work.

Universities and a Community College

California Coast University offers undergraduate and graduate programs. It also offers online courses as well. Business management, psychology, and human resource development are some of their major courses.

Taft Law School is an online-based law school. Its graduates do not take the California Bar right away but must first pass the “baby bar”, a test for first-year law students.

Santa Ana College is a community college that confers associate degrees and vocational certificates to its graduates.

Places to See

The Bowers Museum features art all over the world. Its collections are large, ranging from Native American artifacts to Asian crafts. It has partnered with the Shanghai Museum and the British Museum. It is because one of its missions is to promote cultural understanding through art. Just two blocks away is the Kidseum, a children’s museum.

The Discovery Cube Orange County is also a place for children. This is a science museum that will spark their interest in science because most the exhibit is interactive, including Dino Quest with life-size dinosaurs.

The Old Orange County Courthouse is not a courthouse anymore. It is now a museum instead that focuses on the city’s interesting history. It is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Its Romanesque Revival architectural style has made it the location for several movies and television shows, including the top-rating American Horror Story series.

Santa Ana Zoo is a place where one can gape at giant anteaters, green iguanas, swans, and monkeys, among others. It has a children’s train called the Zoofari Express and a carousel. This will delight the whole family.

The Artists Village cannot just be ignored. It is an area full of shops, art galleries, and restaurants. This was built to bring back the glory of the downtown area. Based on the flurry of activities there, it is a success on that account.

Santa Ana Stadium is where major soccer and football events are played within the city. It can seat 9,000 spectators. This venue is very useful because Santa Ana high schools have very competitive sports programs.

Yost Theatre is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It was once a movie house. There was a time that it was purchased by a Mexican family and theatre ran Mexican films. At one point, it became a church. Today, it is a venue for live theatre.

Hipcooks is a place where you get to learn how to cook. You get to learn lots of recipes, provide you with ingredients, cook them, and later eat them as well. These are cooking classes for those who have not even boiled an egg once in their lives and promise to transform them into kitchen sorcerers.

Santa Ana Celebrities

Among the famous people born in Santa Ana, California are actors Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Jordan, professional golfer Rosie Jones, mixed martial artist Gilbert Melendez and Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane Hansen.