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Fast & Simple Business Financing

Factoring Companies in Sunnyvale

Factoring Your Receivables for Simple Financing

Invoice factoring, which is also called accounts receivable financing, is when businesses sell their open invoices (receivables) to a factoring company in exchange for an advance on the total amount. The factoring company sends the invoice to the businesses’ customers and does the waiting for payment. Once payment is received, the factoring company provides the remainder, less a factoring fee or discount.

factoring companies in Sunnyvale

When you partner with Scale Funding, the top choice among factoring companies in Sunnyvale and California, we go beyond simply providing cash flow. Our custom financing programs include the following:

  • Fast Setup, in As Little As Three Days
  • Free Credit Checks on New Customers
  • Free Collections Services
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers
  • Online Reporting, Accessible Anytime & Anywhere

What’s Your Industry? We Serve Many.

With our over 20 years of experience, we’ve had the pleasure of working with companies from all kinds of industries. Because of that, we’ve come to know the invoicing requirements of just about every industry. We apply our knowledge in our Sunnyvale accounts receivable financing lines to help ensure your business is invoicing correctly, and helping to strengthen the relationship with your customers. Take a look at a few of the industries we’ve worked in over the years:

 factoring for trucking companies and freight factoringTrucking & Freight: flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, intermodal, heavy hauling, specialty carriers and many more invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for telecom and wireless contractors Telecom & Wireless: tower construction, tower maintenance, inspection, tower erectors, fiber-optic installation and more
 factoring for oilfield service companiesOilfield Services: site preparation, drilling, hydro-vac services, oilfield trucking, frac sand hauling and more  invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for utility contractors and pipeline contractorsUtility & Pipeline: pipeline contractors, pipeline construction, utility locators, maintenance, welding, inspection and more
 heavy construction factoring & financeHeavy Construction: crane operators, concrete contractors, excavating contractors, welding and more invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for solar, wind, and renewable energy contractorsRenewable Energy: water, solar, wind, site preparation, site maintenance, site development and more
 Invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for staffing agenciesStaffing Agencies: administrative, clerical, general labor, medical, healthcare and more invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for government contractorsGovernment Contractors: local, state and federal
invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for technology companies Technology: consulting, data management, IT services and more Invoice factoring for other industriesOther Industries: manufacturing, printing, maintenance, distribution, security and more

Invoice Factoring – More Than Just Cash Flow

Many people don’t realize that our Sunnyvale invoice factoring programs do more than just eliminate the cash-flow gap from slow-paying customers. Through our factoring lines, we help companies in a number of situations with unique needs, ensuring that whatever their business goals are, we help to achieve them. Take a look at some of the common situations we see:

Slow-Paying Customers

Invoice factoring provides same-day cash for your invoices, eliminating the waiting on slow-paying customers.

Growth & Expansion

Growing companies need cash to accept and service new contracts. With invoice factoring, you will have the cash you need to take advantage of new opportunities.


Companies with maxed-out or less-than-perfect credit can have a challenging time getting bank financing. It is your customers’ credit and payment history, rather than yours, that is key with invoice factoring.


Companies going through a bankruptcy can have trouble with financing. We help companies get back to financial freedom after a business bankruptcy through our DIP financing solutions.


Starting a new company takes time and money. Invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing provide cash for your business, so you can spend your time on the important things.

Tax Liens

Tax liens can financially cripple a business. Our customized programs can provide the cash you need to pay off a lien and operate the business.

Sunnyvale, California

Sunnyvale is a charter city located within Santa Clara County on the eastern edge of California. It is one of the most populous urban regions in the San Francisco Bay area, housing just over 140,000 people. It is also a significant part of the prolific area known as Silicon Valley, which is renowned as a major hub for technology and innovation. Sunnyvale enjoys a strategic location in the region, bordering important areas like San Jose, Los Altos, Santa Clara and the Moffett Federal Airfield.

This high-tech city is nestled along major transportation thoroughfares like Highway 101 and the historic El Camino Real. Its location within Silicon Valley has attracted many large tech companies like Yahoo!, Juniper Networks, Advanced Micro Devices, and Ariba, among many others. Sunnyvale is also known as a hub for aerospace and defense companies like Lockheed Martin and Honeywell. The presence of such large and diverse industries has made this city one of the most prosperous in the region.

factoring companies in sunnyvale

Sunnyvale enjoys a long and storied past that stretches back more than 200 years. Today, it is a predominantly residential area with a registry of over 20 neighborhoods. However, most of the land to the north is zoned for industrial use. The eastern edge of the city contains most of its small- and medium-Scale businesses. Sunnyvale has been able to build a booming economy mainly because of a low crime rate. It has been ranked consistently as one of the safest cities in America. Coupled with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, diverse population and stunning geography, Sunnyvale has become the perfect place to live, work in and visit.


The Santa Clara Valley region was first occupied by the Native American tribe of the Ohlone. However, the arrival of the Spanish to this area in the 1770s brought massive changes to the region, including converting the Ohlone to Christianity and building the Mission Santa Clara by 1777.

Francis Estrada received Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas as a land grant in 1842. Parts of this land later developed into the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountain View. In 1844, Lupe Yñigo also received Rancho Posolmi and became one of the first Native Americans to hold a land grant.

In the same year, Martin Murphy Jr. arrived in California as part of the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party. He went on to buy a piece of Estrada’s land in 1850. Murphy then established a ranch and wheat farm on the property, which he called Bay View. The San Francisco and San Jose Railroad was finally able to lay down tracks on Bay View in 1860, which led to the establishment of Murphy Station.

After a period of prosperity, wheat farming became uneconomic in Santa Clara in the latter part of the 1870s. This decline was mainly caused by the increasing popularity of imports, soil degradation, and unfavorable property tax laws in the county. As a result, small-Scale fruit orchards replaced the larger wheat farms.

James and Eloise Dawson went on to establish the first fruit cannery in Santa Clara in 1871. This sparked the start of a thriving fruit industry in the area. Technological innovations like refrigerated rail cars increased the viability of this industry. In fact, fruit farming became so significant here that Santa Clara soon became knows as the “Garden of the World.” This industry also precipitated increased immigration to the area during the 1890s as people moved from countries like China, Italy, Japan, and Portugal to work in the orchards.

Walter E. Crossman bought over 200 acres for real estate development in the area in 1897. Initially advertised as “Beautiful Murphy” and the “City of Destiny,” this new town was renamed to Sunnyvale in 1901. It continued to grow exponentially and began attracting new businesses to the area. These included the development of dried fruit production and meat packing facilities throughout the 1900s.

The economy later expanded to include iron works, as well as the production of marine steam engines and mining equipment. Sunnyvale became an incorporated city in 1912.


The Second World War marked a shift in Sunnyvale’s economy. This fruit capital evolved to become the center of an expanding high technology industry in the region. It was also heavily involved in the production of naval guns, marine steam engines, and rocket launchers. This cemented the city as a significant player in the defense industry. After the war ended, fruit orchards were cleared to make way for residential areas, offices, and factories.

Today, Sunnyvale is home to numerous global companies. Aircraft manufacturing giant Lockheed started this trend by being first to establish headquarters here in 1956. Since then, many high tech companies have set up their headquarters and offices in Sunnyvale. These include Yahoo!, Advanced Micro Devices and Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, among many others. The city is also home to many defense companies and installations such as the Moffett Federal Airfield.

Leisure and Culture

Sunnyvale offers an extensive system of parks and urban greenery. This network covers more than 470 acres of parks and urban squares scattered across the city. The most popular parks here include the Seven Seas Park, Ortega Park, Las Palmas Park, Baylands Park, and Washington Park. These spaces offer a wide range of activities, including hiking trails, picnic areas, and even golf courses.

The city is also home to many urban farms. The most notable example is the 11-acre Full Circle Farm, which is the largest of its kind in Silicon Valley. The historic Charles Street Gardens is another popular spot for rest and relaxation within this fast-paced city.

Furthermore, Sunnyvale still owns a number of its original fruit farms, like Heritage Orchard. These have also become quite popular with residents and tourists alike. The City of Sunnyvale celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012.