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Invoice Factoring Speeds up Your Cash Flow in 3 Simple Steps

Invoice factoring, also referred to as receivable factoring or accounts receivable financing, is a common business funding solution companies use to speed up their cash flow. When you choose Scale Funding over other financing and factoring companies in Fort Collins and Colorado, you’ll get the cash your business needs in just three simple steps.

factoring companies in Fort CollinsStep 1:

Contact us today and ask about our Fort Collins invoice factoring programs. In as little as 15 minutes, you’ll have a free consultation, quote, and your questions answered.

Step 2:

Once you’re ready to move forward and set up an account, send your invoices directly to Scale Funding.

Step 3:

When we receive your invoices, we’ll initiate a competitive advance into your bank account the very same day. Instead of waiting for 30 to 90 days or more for customer payment, you’ll have the cash you need to catch up on bills, meet payroll, hire more employees, and invest in new resources.

Once your customer pays the invoice at a later date, we’ll remit the remaining invoice balance to you, less or low factoring fee.

Your Customized Financing Solution

Our Fort Collins accounts receivable financing programs are custom and flexible to fit the unique needs of each business. We’ve funded thousands of North American companies that were in a variety of situations.

 Slow-Paying Customers If you’re tired of waiting on customer payment, wait no more. Our same-day funding allows you to have access to the cash that is normally tied up in your receivables.
 Credit Issues If your credit is maxed or less-than-perfect, our Fort Collins invoice factoring programs can be an option for you. Our approvals are based more on the creditworthiness of your customers rather than yours.
 Growing Quickly Companies that are growing quickly use accounts-receivable financing to keep up with the demands of their growing business.
 Bankruptcy Get back on your feet after a business bankruptcy with our invoice factoring and DIP financing programs
 Bank Turn-Downs &  Workouts Since we’re not a bank, we can finance companies even when a bank deems them unbankable.


Since 1994, we’ve provided financing to a variety of industries. Some of these include:

  • Oilfield Services
  • Trucking & Freight
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Government Contractors
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Heavy Construction
  • Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Telecom & Wireless

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins is in Larimer County. It sits alongside the Cache La Poudre River and is just 65 miles away from Denver. There are many reasons to visit and regardless of your tastes and interests, there will be something for you to enjoy.

Population and Economy

Everywhere you go there will be friendly residents willing and able to help you. Service will be impeccable, and at every location, as you will be greeted with a smile and a kind word. As well as being a hub of tourism, there are many major employers to provide an income for the residents. Colorado State University is the largest, employing a little under 7,000 people, closely followed by Hewlett Packard with over 3,000, the Poudre Valley Health System and the Poudre School District, both with just over 3,000 as well.


Fort Collins is very family oriented and there are family-friendly events hosted weekly. For adults, there is also a wide variety of events, including the choice of fine dining or fast food, museums, and outdoor art. They cover folk art to science, the history of the area to the hands-on Museum of Discovery. Music events are everywhere, including stations where visitors can make their own music, as well as learning about the history of local musicians. On top of this, the nightlife is vibrant.

factoring companies in Fort CollinsDrinking and Dining

Many cuisines are covered, including Mexican, vegetarian and seafood. Breakfast venues open early and in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, there are coffee shops offering snacks and drinks. If you want to know where your alcohol comes from as well as drink it, there are brewery tours. With Fort Collins producing 70 percent of craft beers from 20 breweries, there are plenty to visit and the tours are free. If you are there the last weekend in June, you can drink at the Colorado Brewers Festival, but there are other events if you can’t make this one.

Culture in Fort Collins

Old Town is the location for most of the attractions. It is due to the hard work of residents that this part of the town, hearkening back to the olden days, and has been classified as a Preserve America City since 2005. Visitors can choose to view either on foot or by car.

Go Outdoors

With a climate that is conducive to outdoor pursuits, there are plenty of choices for adventure in the countryside. There are 50 parks for those wanting a relaxing stroll. As for the more adventurous, trails for walking and biking that cover more than 280 miles are available. Golf lovers have the choice of three public courses, whereas if you like your sports a little rougher, you can play organized hockey games. Skating is available – when the games are not in progress – and if you don’t want to go on the ice, you can practice tricks at the skateboard park. Dog lovers have not been forgotten: there are a few parks where they can roam freely.


There are so many things to see that it would take an extended stay to be satisfied that you have seen everything. The mountains tower above the lakes, streams, and trails and it is against this background that many adventures can take place. The snow will be removed so the trails will always be safe and clear. Visitors will trek alongside residents on their commute, and often it is hard to believe that the urban areas of Fort Collins are nearby. Hikes can take just a few hours, or span a few days. Many choose to take advantage of camping opportunities, as well as fishing. Surrounded by stunning rock formations, trout and an abundance of native fish can be caught in the river.

If fishing is not normally your thing, equipment can be rented- so no need to buy any for the day. Since 1933, Horsetooth Reservoir has been open to the public. It took its name from the surrounding rock formation, that according to Native American legend, formed from the body of a giant slain by Chief Maunamoku. The six-and-a-half-mile reservoir offers fishing, swimming, paddling, sailing and water skiing. Plenty of space is provided for those wishing to have a picnic, and if you don’t want to camp, there are bed and breakfasts close to the marina. If you are prepared to travel a little further afield, there is the Rocky Mountain National Park.