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The Benefits of Invoice Factoring & Accounts Receivable Financing

Invoice factoring is also known as accounts receivable financing. It’s a common cash-flow solution many businesses use to speed up their cash flow caused by slow-paying customers. Instead of waiting to get paid, get paid immediately on your invoices by choosing Scale Funding and our Connecticut invoice factoring programs.

While there are many factoring companies in Connecticut, our invoice factoring programs offer many benefits compared to others.

  • factoring companies in ConnecticutFree quote with no application fees
  • Quick account setup
  • Same-day funding on your invoices
  • Competitive advance rates
  • Low rates
  • Online real-time reporting
  • Back office support
    • Dedicated relationship manager
    • Account collector
    • Credit department
    • Full treasury department

Who Benefits?

Over the past 20-plus years, many industries have benefited from our Connecticut invoice factoring programs. While we’ve helped thousands of North American businesses, here are a few of the major industries we provide a cash-flow solution to.

Telecom & Wireless Trucking & Freight
Heavy Construction Oilfield Services
Government Contractors Staffing Agencies
Technology Utility & Pipeline
Distribution Manufacturing
Printing Janitorial Services

Get Approved for Our Connecticut Accounts-Receivable Financing Programs

Our Connecticut accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring programs offer quick approvals for businesses in a wide variety of situations. We’re able to customize our programs to fit your needs, making us your number one choice among other factoring companies in Connecticut.

Slow-Paying Customers

Are you waiting 30 days or more for customer payment? Our invoice factoring programs eliminate this gap by paying you same-day.

Bank Turn-Downs & Workouts

Are you unable to get sufficient or any funding from a bank due to maxed credit, less-than-perfect credit, tax liens or bankruptcy? If so, our Connecticut invoice factoring programs can work for you. We look at the financial stability of your customers rather than yours.


Start-up companies often invest all of their funds into resources and materials to open the doors. If you need working capital to get the job done, we can help.

Expanding Companies

If you’re turning down work because you don’t have enough cash to complete the job our programs can help. We’ll get you paid the day you’re ready to invoice providing you with a steady stream of cash.


factoring companies in ConnecticutConnecticut is a rather small state, but its geological history has produced one of the most varied topographies in the US. Glacial and tectonic activity have resulted in distinctive features such as the basalt ridges of the Central Valley and Long Island Sound’s glacial moraines. Long Island Sound is one of the largest estuaries in the region; it is unique in that it empties into the Atlantic Ocean through two different waterways: the East River and New York Harbor to the west and Rhode Island’s Block Island Sound to the east.

Human settlement has also helped sculpt the landscape here. European settlers cleared a large portion of the state’s forests for agriculture, which caused significant declines in forest-dependent species including furbearers. Connecticut’s forest cover has re-expanded since the 1800s, but population growth and development in recent years has caused a fragmentation of forest habitats.

Connecticut also has rare, specialized habitats, such as tidal wetlands and sand plains, upland forests and large rivers. These habitats support healthy populations of common wildlife species such as moose bobcats, and bears. Connecticut is an unusual and interesting area for biologists because it is as far north as you can see certain species such as king rail, green milkweed, and least shrew, and as far south as you can see others such as the three-toothed cinquefoil, yellow-rumped warbler, and northern saw-whet owl.

The basalt cliffs are also home to a wide range of habitats, including dense forests, cliffs, and open rocky summits. Varying micro-climates provide excellent living conditions for several rare species such as the timber rattlesnake, Jefferson salamanders, northern metalmark and the narrow-leaved glade fern.


Connecticut was one of the 13 original colonies and is part of the New England states (which also include Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont). Located in the northeastern corner of the US, Connecticut was initially an agricultural community, but textile and machine manufacturing became dominant industries here by the mid-19th century. Connecticut was home to Samuel Colt and Eli Whitney and was a leading gun manufacturer. Today, the state sits in the midst of the Atlantic coast’s great urban-industrial complex, bordering Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, New York to the west, and Long Island to the south.

factoring companies in ConnecticutConnecticut’s capital is Hartford, located in the north-central area of the state. Connecticut itself is roughly rectangular in shape, although it does have a panhandle on the New York border that extends to the southwest. It is the third smallest US state in area but is also one of the most densely populated. The name “Connecticut” comes from the Algonquian word that means “land on the long tidal river.” The state’s nicknames include “Constitution State,” “Nutmeg State,” and “Land of Steady Habits.”


Many famous people have called Connecticut their home or even birthplace. Katharine Hepburn, 1930s actress, is among them. Born in Connecticut, she also settled there after stardom and spent the rest of her life in Old Saybrook. Singer Michael Bolton is from New Haven, and Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins is from Hartford. Famous businessman J.P. Morgan, who founded one of the country’s leading financial firms, also hails from Hartford. Annie Leibovitz, known as one of the best portrait photographers around, was born in Waterbury and lived there before going on to work at Rolling Stone. And, although he spent time as the governor of Texas, George W. Bush was also born in New Haven. William Hooker Gillette, the actor who played the original Sherlock Holmes, lived in East Haddam and his 1919 home, the Gillette Castle, remains here and has the exterior appearance of a medieval fortress.


Even though Connecticut is known for its rural beauty, it derives most of its wealth from industry. The state’s manufactured products include clocks, watches, sewing machines, silverware, and textiles. Today, Connecticut’s principal industries produce electronics, electrical machinery, computer equipment, jet engines, and parts and helicopters. A large portion of manufacturing here is done for the military. Firearms and ammunition are still made here after first being produced during the American Revolution; Groton remains a center for submarine building. However, federal spending cuts have taken a toll on the state’s economy.

Only a small share of the state’s income comes from agriculture. The leading farm products are eggs and dairy products, tobacco, mushrooms, apples, and some vegetables. High-grade broadleaf tobacco has been a Connecticut agriculture specialty since the 1830s and is used in making cigar wrappers. The fishing industry is small and has been adversely affected by pollution, but there are several varieties of fish caught in Long Island South such as lobsters, oysters, and shellfish. Stone, gravel, and sand account for the majority of the limited mining income.

Insurance is an important field in Connecticut. In fact, the Hartford metropolitan area is a world center with many insurance companies keeping their home offices here. Real estate, financial and service industries are also key. In addition, the Mashantucket Pequot reservation is home to the Foxwoods gambling casino and resort, and along with the nearby Mohegan Sun casino, these attractions bring many visitors to Connecticut.

Culture and Sightseeing

There are many things to see and do in Connecticut. One of the neatest attractions is Mystic Seaport, a major nautical museum that is a recreation of a historic seaport village. There are several prominent ships on display including the Bark Charles W. Morgan (1841) and the last remaining antique whaling ship. Visitors can also see the Schooner L.A. Dunton, the Joseph Conrad, and various steam vessels. The grounds contain the houses, stores, sailmakers and shipbuilders of a small village, along with several museums exhibiting ship figureheads, ship models and the history of shipping.

The Mystic Aquarium is a great place to encounter ocean animals and other wildlife, including the interactive Birds of the Outback exhibit. Penguins, beluga whales, sea lions and more are popular animals housed here. For those interested in history, the Peabody Museum of Natural History is the main highlight for Yale University visitors. Explore a range of exhibits from dinosaurs to Native American Indian artifacts to Egyptian mummies. The Aldrich Museum of Art does not hold a permanent collection but rather features changing exhibits of contemporary art.

Families and those looking for a little excitement can enjoy Lake Compounce Theme Park in Bristol featuring a wide variety of games and rides. Lake Compounce is thought to be the oldest operating theme park in the US and boasts a 1911 carousel and a 1927 wooden roller coaster.

Travelers interested in aviation will enjoy the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks. The museum spans two large hangars and houses more than 70 aircraft. Jets, helicopters, amphibious aircraft, WWII aircraft and more round out the display. Guests can try the flight simulator and view various demonstrations.

Connecticut has beautiful seasons with warm summers and cold winters with plenty of snow (particularly in the northeast), and as such, there are countless ways to spend time outdoors. Boating, kayaking, and canoeing are easy activities to find in locations such as the Long Island Sound and the Farmington River. Travelers and residents also enjoy swimming, bike tours, hunting, fishing, camping, skiing and snowboarding, and much more. No matter what your interests are or how you enjoy spending your time, Connecticut has something for everyone.

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