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Receivables for Immediate Cash

Hartford Factoring Company Programs

Unlock Trapped Cash in 3 Simple Steps

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a way to unlock your cash that is trapped in your accounts receivable. Scale Funding offers easy to setup Hartford factoring company programs that allow you to access this cash in three easy steps.

Hartford Factoring CompanyStep 1: Contact us and inquire about our Hartford invoice factoring programs. We’ll provide you a free, no-obligation quote and an approval in as little as 15 minutes.

Step 2: Once you’re setup, send your invoices to Scale Funding.

Step 3: The same-day that we receive your invoices, we’ll quickly approve and fund you a competitive advance on the amount.

When your customer pays the invoice at a later date, we’ll remit you the remaining amount, minus our guaranteed, low factoring fee.

We Can Fund Your Business

One of the reasons companies choose Scale Funding over other factoring companies in Hartford or Connecticut is because we’re able to provide funding to companies in many unique situations.

Need quick cash? If you don’t have time to wait months to get funded from a bank, our Hartford accounts-receivable financing programs can get you funded same-day.
Slow-paying customers? Slow-paying customers make it hard to manage cash flow. We’ll eliminate this issue by getting you paid the day you’re ready to invoice.
Credit issues? Our programs are not dependent on your credit, so even if the bank turns you down, we can still help.
Bankruptcy? If you’ve filed for bankruptcy and need funding to get back to financial freedom, our Hartford invoice factoring programs can help.
Tax problems? Our customize Hartford factoring company programs can fund those even with tax problems such as liens.
Growing? If you’re growing quickly and need cash to invest in new resources such as equipment and employees, we can help.
Start-up? If you’re a start-up company who is waiting to accept more contracts due to lack of cash-flow, invoice factoring is your solution.

Industry Expertise

Since 1994, we’ve provided accounts-receivable financing and invoice factoring to a variety of business. Our team members have worked with many industries including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Heavy Construction
  • Government Contractors
  • Trucking & Freight
  • Oilfield Services
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Technology
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Distribution
  • Many More


Hartford Factoring CompanyHartford is the Connecticut state capital and third largest city behind New Haven and Bridgeport. The city currently has all sorts of great attractions for visitors. These include art galleries, music venues, museums and more. Hartford also has a big culinary and nightlife scene full of exciting restaurants and hip nightlife spots. There are also several outdoor parks to visit that are perfect for taking walks or enjoying a picnic underneath the sun. One of the most significant things about Hartford, though, is its history.


Hartford is one of the oldest cities in the United States, having been founded in 1635. It’s home to the oldest publicly funded park, the oldest art museum, and the second oldest secondary school. Interestingly, the town was originally named Newtown, but the name was later changed to Hartford in 1637 to honor the English town of Hertford which many settlers came from. The early beginnings of Connecticut had far reaching ramifications for America’s history. The small colony was located outside the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s charter, which lead them to write the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, a document that gave the people the authority to govern instead of a higher or foreign power. This idea of self-rule went on to inspire the Connecticut Constitution, which itself was one of the inspirations for the U.S. Constitution. Because of this domino effect leading to one of the most important documents in American history, Connecticut is sometimes called the “Constitution State.” During the Industrial Revolution, Hartford became one of the wealthiest cities in the United States thanks in large part due to Samuel Colt, who opened the world’s largest private armament factory, the Colt Armory, which churned out the famous Colt .45 pistols among other firearms. Today, the Colt’s famous mansion, Armsmear, acts as a public park that houses several athletic fields, a pool, playground and skating rink.


Hartford actually has quite a few public parks available for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. The largest is Bushnell Park, which is the oldest publicly funded park in the United Sates. One of the premier features of the park is the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, which was dedicated in 1886 to honor the 4,000 Hartford citizens who fought in the Civil War, and the 400 who lost their lives in service. The park also features a carousel that both children and adults can ride, as well as hosts several events throughout the year. These include a Painting in the Park day, where people are invited to take an art class in Bushnell Park to learn to paint some of the beautiful foliage, landscapes and architecture.


Speaking of art, the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art is the oldest continuously operated museum in the country. Its known specifically for its collection of French and American impressionist paintings, European Baroque art, modernist masterpieces, contemporary art, and of course Hudson River School landscapes. The museum also features exhibits with early American furniture and decorative arts from the before even the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In all, the works span over 5,000 years of human history. The museum is a work of art in itself, having been constructed with a very unique castle-like design that sticks out amongst the city’s other architecture and buildings.

American Literature

Hartford Factoring CompanyHartford also has a significant place in the history of American literature. None other than literary icon Mark Twain lived in and loved the city of Hartford. The Mark Twain House was designed by Edward Tuckerman Potter and has been described as “part steamboat, part medieval fortress, part cuckoo clock.” It was while living here that Twain wrote some of his most famous works including The Prince and the Pauper, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi, A Tramp Abroad, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Twain’s family sold the house in 1903 and since then it has served as a school, apartment building and even a branch of the public library. It was set for demolition in 1929, but was rescued by the Mark Twain Memorial Group, which was created expressly to save the old home. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and received an extensive restoration effort in 1974 to make it suitable for visitors. The final piece of the piece of the puzzle came in 2003, when a LEED-certified certified museum was built to showcase Twain’s life and novels.


On the science side of things, Hartford has The Connecticut Science Center. This nine-story museum is a grand total of 154,000-square feet and features over 40,000-square feet of exhibits. The museum has seven distinct galleries. The first is the Invention Dimension, where kids can explore how things get invented and see items that were invented in Connecticut. The second is KidSpace, an area specifically designed for younger guests aged three to six. The third is the Picture of Health, an exhibit that educates on modern medicine and the latest technological breakthroughs in the world of heath care. The River of Life is an exhibit all about the nearby Connecticut River and the flora and fauna that inhabit it. Finally, there is the Sight and Sound Experience, which mixes science, music, and art allowing visitors to experience synesthesia by feeling light or feeling sounds.


The Hartford economy has centered for a long time on the insurance industry. Sometimes known as the “insurance capital of the world,” Hartford is home to the headquarters of Aetna, The Hartford, Conning & Company, The Phoenix Companies and Hartford Steam Boiler. Other insurance companies with major offices within the city include Cigna, Travelers Insurance and the Lincoln National Corporation. Outside of insurance, Hartford is also hub for research, education, and medical care. Medical research and education centers in the area include Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, St. Francis Hospital and The Institute of Living. Media is another major contributor to the Hartford economy, with the city not only boasting the oldest continuously published newspaper, The Hartford Courant, but also being home to several other magazines and multiple television stations. This makes sense as Hartford is the 29th largest media market in the nation.

Growing City

Hartford is a growing and vibrant city. It is a home to several education centers, art museums and scientific galleries. It boasts a robust support of the arts, from opera to plays to jam bands on Friday nights. Most importantly it is one of the most historic cities in America, being home to several of the nation’s firsts. This town may be unassuming, but it is definitely the kind of place worth stopping in and seeing the sights, especially to learn more about the rich history of the United States early beginnings as a nation.