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Delaware invoice factoring companyMany companies turn to invoice factoring because it speeds up cash flow and allows them to take control of their financials.

Invoice factoring (also referred to as accounts receivable financing) works by selling your invoices to a Delaware factoring company at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. Scale Funding provides a competitive advance, same day. Once your customer pays, the remaining balance is remitted back to you minus a small fee for our services.

Scale Funding is your number one choice among Delaware factoring companies because of our low rates, high advances, and top-rated customer service.

An Alternative to a Business Loan or Line of Credit

If you’re considering a business loan or line of credit instead of an invoice factoring program, there are several things to consider.

A business loan or line of credit will not eliminate your cash-flow gap as you’ll still be waiting for customer payment. Getting approved for the amount of capital you need can be a lengthy process. If you need more cash in the future, it becomes even harder as loans and lines of credit create debt.

On the other hand, Delaware accounts receivable financing programs eliminate your cash-flow gap, approvals are quick and easy and our programs give you the ability to grow.

Industry Experts

Our Delaware invoice factoring programs have helped a variety of industries with their cash flow. Below are just a few of the industries we’ve worked with.

Telecom Heavy Construction
Technology Utility & Pipeline
Oilfield Services Trucking & Freight
Renewable Energy Government Contractors
Staffing Agencies Many More

If your company is business to business and you’re waiting to get paid, we can work with you.

Get the Cash You Need with Factoring

Businesses choose Scale Funding because we’re able to employ creativity and flexibility to provide funding solutions to businesses in a variety of situations.

If you need access to working capital and one or more of the situations below describes your Delaware company, contact us today for a free, no-obligation factoring consultation and quote.

  • You need quick cash
  • You’re waiting to get paid from slow-paying customers
  • You’re expanding
  • You’re a start-up
  • You were turned down by a bank
  • Your credit is less-than-perfect
  • Your credit is maxed
  • You’re in a bank workout situation
  • You’ve filed for bankruptcy
  • You have tax problems

Scale Funding helps Delaware Companies in Areas like Middletown, Dover, and Georgetown. Call (800) 707-4845 To Learn More.

Latest Delaware Updates

  • Wilmington, Delaware Telecom Company Approved for $1.4 Million Factoring Line
  • Dover, Delaware Staffing Agency Approved for $800,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • New Castle, Delaware Trucking Company Approved for $60,000 with Accounts Receivable Financing


Delaware invoice factoring companyWith a population of around 900,000 and a size of only just over 2,000 square miles, Delaware is a small state – but it’s not one to miss. “The First State” is situated on a peninsula that borders the Delaware Bay, the Delaware River, and the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is moderate year-round, with mild summers and cold winters. The area is known for its agriculture, including soybeans, corn, and milk, its fishing industry, and its manufactured goods such as chemicals, rubber and plastic products, paper products and more. Modern attractions, a rich history, and friendly, welcoming people make Delaware an intriguing place to live or visit for many different types of people.


Delaware is the oldest state in the US, and its historical and cultural highlights mean that it has plenty to offer visitors. The Dutch first settled here in 1631 and their culture still lingers today in the coastal towns of New Castle and Lewes. In 1664, England assumed authority over the original Dutch settlement and renamed it New Castle, forming the first capital of Delaware and making it an important seaport for years. Delaware was part of Pennsylvania during the late 1600s until William Penn gave the colonists their own assembly. Dover and Wilmington were both developed shortly after that, and this tiny state played a number of major roles in shaping America.

Industrialist El du Pont established his first black powder (a type of gunpowder) mill in 1802 by the Brandywine River. DuPont’s company would eventually dominate America’s chemical industry, and his extreme wealth would give rise to the famous chateaus, such as Winterthur and Longwood, in Brandywine Valley.

More recently, Delaware’s focus has shifted from industrial activity to tourism. Thanks to the revitalization of areas such as Wilmington and the elimination of sales tax, the state has managed to become a magnet for shoppers as well as events like Dover’s NASCAR races. Dewey and Rehoboth Beaches are now popular summer vacation destinations, and Brandywine Valley draws visitors with its beautiful mansions and gardens.


Delaware has an incredibly interesting history, having been at the forefront of American civilization since the 1600s. The state’s residents remember and take pride in their role in shaping the nation’s future. Even more than 300 years later, seaside towns such as New Castle and Lewes treat visitors to a taste of Delaware’s colonial influence.

The Brandywine Valley showcases Delaware’s influence as well. The DuPont mansions and gardens are some of America’s most impressive. These stunning historic homes are open to visitors and offer a peek into a long-lost world of beauty and splendor.

The oldest Protestant church in the country is also found here. Built in 1698, Old Swedes Holy Trinity Church now hosts visitors who enjoy exploring the church, the burial grounds, and the historic museum while learning what life was like in the years leading up to the American Revolution in the Delaware colony.

Delaware has been home to several recognizable people, including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Shue, Aubrey Plaza, Valeria Bertinelli, and Sean Patrick Thomas.


Like many states, Delaware generates most of its revenue through service industries. Business, personal and community services such as law firms, hotels, and private health care are booming industries, along with the wholesale and retail trade industries including food products, automobiles, grocery stores, and restaurants. The real estate, insurance, and finance industries contribute significantly to the gross state product. In fact, growth in real estate is fueled by growth in the insurance and finance sectors.

Delaware’s livestock and livestock products include milk, hogs, and broilers (young chickens). Broilers are responsible for the largest portion of the state’s farm income. A minor portion of the economy comes from crops – mostly soybeans and corn. Farmers also grow barley and wheat. The largest vegetable crops are peas and potatoes, while apples are the largest fruit crop. Nursery and greenhouse products also provide some income. Pharmaceuticals, plastic products, food products and mineral products such as magnesium, sand, and gravel all account for a portion of the state’s economy as well.


Delaware is home to eight colleges and universities. Among these are a master’s university, a baccalaureate college, two special-focus institutions, two associate’s colleges, and two research universities. The University of Delaware is the oldest post-secondary institution in the state. The institution of higher learning with the highest enrollment in the state, it was chartered in 1833 as a degree-granting college by the Delaware General Assembly. The smallest institution of higher learning in the state is the Delaware College of Art and Design. There is no medical school here, but residents of the state can attend medical school in Philadelphia at Thomas Jefferson University. Delaware does have one law school that is accredited by the American Bar Association: Widener University School of Law.


Delaware is home to beautiful beaches where vacationers and locals go to enjoy life’s simple pleasures – along with an edge of sophisticated fun. Relaxing on the sand with a good book is only one of many outdoor activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. Beachgoers stroll past cottages and galleries on quiet mornings or bicycle on serene seaside paths. Numerous entertainment options are also found near the Delaware beaches, from top musical acts at the Freeman Stage at Bayside to Dewey’s rock and roll clubs – even live music inside cozy bars.

Delaware invoice factoring companyVisitors to the area will find no shortage of tempting dining options. From Rehoboth Beach’s top-rated restaurant fare to local favorites such as Thrasher’s French fries, there is a huge variety of intriguing cuisine to suit any age or taste. These and more creatively inspired eateries sit alongside artsy shops and outlet stores, making it easy to spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening shopping and dining.

Tax-free shopping, water parks, miniature golf and more can all be found here, as can plenty of other outdoor attractions for when the weather is nice. The diverse geography means that Delaware offers something for everyone, from watersports such as surfing, jet-skiing, and boating to more land-oriented activities including bird-watching, hiking, and bicycling. Try kayaking at Trap Pond State Park, exploring the flora and fauna of Ashland Nature Center, or fishing at Delaware Seashore State Park, to name just a few. The more daring can even take a swing through the trees on Lums Pond State Park’s treetop adventure course.

Delaware also boasts a thriving arts scene. Many art galleries display a wealth of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other artworks. Throughout Delaware, there are always interesting cultural events at local galleries such as the Hagley Museum and Library, Marshall Steam Museum at Auburn Heights, and the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library.

Depending on the time of their visits, travelers can often find local festivals and other events to enjoy. From dog shows to car shows, from music festivals to wine and beer festivals, and from fundraising walks to bike tours, there is always something interesting to watch or take part in. The variety of activities and events provides something for everyone, regardless of age or interests.

Delaware may be small, but it packs a big cultural and historical punch.