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Invoice Factoring – Your Key To Cash-Flow Control

Accounts-receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring, is a simple form of financing that many businesses use in order to have steady cash flow, meet business obligations and achieve goals. Businesses in the area choose our Hialeah invoice factoring programs due to the simple process. Once you have created your invoice, you send it directly to Scale Funding, and we provide a competitive advance on the gross amount of the invoice. We then forward your invoice to your customer to await payment. When your customer pays 30 to 90 days later, we provide the remaining amount, less our low factoring fee. At Scale Funding, we pride ourselves on our superior level of service, our ability to meet your needs quickly and exceed your expectations. Here are some of the ways that we achieve this:

  • 22-plus years of experience
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Low factoring rates
  • Competitive advance rates
  • Same-day funding
  • Added back-office support
    • Credit Department
    • Accounts-receivable management
    • Account manager
    • Dedicated collector
  • Quick approval process, in as little as 15 minutes

Industries Served

factoring companies in hialeah

Our Hialeah accounts-receivable financing programs benefit companies that work in a number of industries. With over 20 years of experience serving companies in North America, we know the ins and outs of what your customers require for payment. If you work in the following industries, give us a call today:

  • Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Government Contractors
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Heavy Construction
  • Oilfield Services
  • Trucking & Freight
  • Telecom & Wireless
  • Many More

Scale Funding – An Industry Leader

When you choose to work with Scale Funding, you are partnering with the top choice among factoring companies in Hialeah and Florida. Businesses choose factoring over other forms of finance, such as business loans and business lines of credit, because factoring gives you the flexibility you need to grow your business. Where a line of credit can be maxed out, our Hialeah accounts-receivable financing programs grow with you as your business grows, ensuring that you can meet your needs for payroll, hiring employees, renting equipment and much more. Give Scale Funding a call today if you are ready to learn more about how factoring is the key to cash flow for your business, and much more.

Hialeah, FL

factoring companies in hialeah

Hialeah is the 6th most populous city in Florida following Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and St. Petersburg. According to the latest estimate by the U.S. Census bureau in 2015, Hialeah’s city population was around 237,069, which is up approximately 12,402 from the 2010 census. Hialeah is a distinct suburb of Miami, located about 10 miles northwest of downtown Miami, and is part of the larger Miami metro area which is home to over 6 million people.

Hialeah has a very diverse, multi-lingual workforce featuring the largest concentration of Cuban-American residents in the United States. Due to its relation to Miami, main industries in Hialeah reflect those of Miami and include trade, education, healthcare, business services and small business retail. Spanish TV network Telemundo and Concurrent Manufacturing Solutions are two of the biggest names headquartered in Hialeah, although the surrounding area of Miami has many more corporate headquarter offices.

International trade is a trending and growing industry in Hialeah as the city strengthens its ties with Central-American countries. Many companies choose the southern Florida area as a place for their Central and South-American headquarter offices, creating the nickname “Gateway to the Americas.” The Miami International Airport and Port of Miami, located about 15 miles from Hialeah, contribute to this increase in trade activity, creating transport opportunities for the over 3,000 trade businesses in the area.

Education is an enourmous sector in Hialeah due to one school district serving both Hialeah and Miami: the Miami-Dade School District. This district employs over 54,000 teachers and administrators. There are over 58 school campuses, ranging from preschool up to high school in Hialeah city.

With a combined 15,000 plus employees in the city, healthcare is another large job market and industry sector. The three main employers are Palmetto General Hospital, Hialeah Hospital and Larkin Community Hospital. Palmetto General has a staff of 1,702 medical professionals and support positions and specializes in cardiac, maternity, pediatrics and wound care. Hialeah Hospital’s 900 plus employees focus on specialized senior services including a Senior ER and an Acute Care for the Elderly Unit.

One unique market in Hialeah is the establishment of successful, local small business retailers. While there are still national retailers and restaurants present, such as Macy’s, J.C. Penney, IHOP, and Chili’s, the mom and pop stores and restaurants create the most buzz with tourists. Navarro Discount Pharmacies and Sedano’s Supermarket are two prominent local retailers that have expanded into their own local chains.


Hialeah is a young city, discovered in 1921 by aviator Glenn Curtiss and Missouri cattleman James H. Bright. The pair wanted to create an entertainment outlet with the main attraction of horse racing. The city was named Hialeah by combining two Muskogee Indian words “haiyakpo” (prairie) and “hili” (pretty) that translate to “pretty prairie.”

Initially, a few structures were built to house the Spanish sport of jai alai (basque), greyhound races, and silent films. The Miami-Hialeah Florida East Coast Railway line was built in 1924, which allowed transport of materials, goods and people from not only Miami but other East Coast cities. Other ancillary businesses as well as homes were built for the new settlers to the area. The city continued to be developed to house the Hialeah Park Race Track. The track was completed in 1925 and was the most anticipated and publicized event during the time.

A hurricane ripped through the city the following year, creating a short restoration process, while the  Hialeah Seaboard Air Line Railway Station was also built. Over time the race track brought thousands to visit the little town, many of them choosing to stay, amounting to a population of 1500 by 1926. The town would eventually begin to take shape with new residents opening storefronts and a news publication, while the city installed a public library and several schools and churches.

In the last several decades of the 20th century and into the 21st, newly-built major highways attracted more businesses to the area for trade and transportation efforts. The first mall and TK Records opened to produce KC and the Sunshine Band. The first health network, Citrus Health Network, was created. Hispanic population and culture flourished, while local government rose in popularity. Over time Hialeah has become one of the prime contributions to the Miami metro area.


The Hialeah-Miami area is home to more than 53 colleges, universities and higher education institutions. The most prominent located within 9 miles of Hialeah city center include Florida International University, College of Business and Technology Hialeah, Everest Institute Hialeah, Florida National College Main Campus and Florida Memorial University.

Culture and Recreational Activities

Parks and Recreation

Amelia Earhart Park is a sprawling, 515 acre park that boasts a five-acre dog park, outdoor programs and activities such as soccer, mountain biking, Bill Graham Farm Village (agricultural exhibits) and Tom Sawyer’s Play Island (children’s play area). Miami Watersports Complex is also located in the park and offers water skiing, knee boarding, cable and boat wake boarding, paddle boarding and swimming.


With 94 percent of the population being Hispanic or Latino, their culture is weaved into every part of the city. Hialeah is one of the top cities in the United States where Spanish is the most spoken language. The Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center is home to many performing arts and art venues such as the Miami Hispanic Ballet, Creation Art Center (Hispanic theater productions) and the MHCAC Visual Arts.


Because of their close proximity to Miami, Hialeah sports fans root for the four professional teams in Miami, including: the Miami Marlins (MLB), the Miami Heat (NBA), the Florida Panthers (NHL) and the Miami Dolphins (NFL). The race tracks are still alive today, as well as golfing and NASCAR.

Many notable people have called Hialeah home, including lead singer of KC and the Sunshine Band Harry Wayne Casey, actor/producer Vincent D’Onofrio, actress Catherine Keener, and former CNN correspondent Rick Sanchez.