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Invoice Factoring, Your Cash-Flow Solution

factoring companies in KissimmeeInvoice factoring is a common financing method many companies use to speed up their cash flow. Invoice factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing, works by selling your invoices to a third party known as a factoring company in exchange for quick cash.

When you choose to work with Scale Funding over other factoring companies in Kissimmee and Florida, we’ll provide you same-day funding on your invoices. While we wait on payment from your customers, you’ll have the cash you need to maintain and grow your operations.

While other common funding methods include business loans and lines of credit, those financing options are not always ideal or available for all businesses. With loans or lines of credit, there is an extensive approval process and it can take months to get the cash you need. With our Kissimmee invoice factoring programs, we’ll get you approved in as little as 15 minutes and funded same-day.

Industries That Benefit From Factoring

Our Kissimmee accounts-receivable financing and invoice factoring programs benefit many B2B industries that are waiting to get paid from slow-paying customers. Since 1994, we’ve funded many industries, including:

 Trucking & Freight  Government Contractors  Heavy Construction
 Telecom & Wireless  Staffing Agencies  Oilfield Services
 Utility & Pipeline  Technology  Renewable Energy
 Janitorial  Security  Many More

Customized Solutions

Scale Funding offers customized solutions to fit the unique needs of each business. Our flexible programs are another reason companies choose to work with us over other factoring companies in Kissimmee and Florida.

If one of more of the following describes your business, give us a call today.

  • You’re waiting on customer payment
  • You need quick cash for your business
  • You’re growing quickly
  • Your credit is maxed
  • You’re a start-up company
  • The bank turned you down
  • You have less-than-perfect credit
  • You have a tax lien
  • You’re in a bank workout situation
  • You’ve filed for bankruptcy

Kissimmee, Florida

factoring companies in KissimmeeLocated in Central Florida, just south of Orlando, Kissimmee is home to approximately 69,000 people. Although the city is most well known for its proximity to Walt Disney World, Kissimmee is filled with a variety of other activities that should not be missed. From historic downtown Kissimmee to its plethora of nature trails and world-renowned theme parks, Kissimmee has something for everyone.


One of the first permanent settlements in present-day Kissimmee was as a community called Allendale, which was named after Confederate Major J. H. Allen, whose steamboat, the Mary Belle, was the first cargo steamboat on the Kissimmee River. Allendale was a small community that mostly acted as a trading post, since a majority of the surrounding area was marshland. Hamilton Disston, owner of Disston Saw Company in Philadelphia, saw potential in the land surrounding Allendale, as he believed he could drain the area to make it more habitable and deepen the Kissimmee River to provide steamboat access to the Gulf of Mexico. In 1881, Disston made a deal with the State of Florida, which was in financial trouble at the time, to buy four million acres of the land with a promise that he would gain ownership of half the land he drained. When the city was incorporated in 1883, Allendale was officially named Kissimmee. At the beginning, residents of Kissimmee primarily subsisted on citrus picking, but after subsequent freezes in the 1890s made citrus growing difficult, Kissimmee residents had to diversify. With the extensive amount of open land, Kissimmee became a cattle ranching community, which is how it stayed for many decades. However, Kissimmee changed dramatically with the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971, which lead to a rapid increase in population and development.

Walt Disney World

The debut of Walt Disney World in 1971 significantly changed Kissimmee’s economy and infrastructure. What was once a quiet, modest city with approximately 7,500 residents quickly changed, as its population doubled and then doubled again within the first two decades of the park’s opening. As the population grew, the lifestyle of the city’s original residents was altered extensively. For many decades, Kissimmee’s economic mainstays had been ranching and citrus packing, as much for desire as for necessity. However, the introduction of Walt Disney World created a wealth of possible revenue sources as it turned Kissimmee into a tourist destination. Immediately after Walt Disney World opened, hotels were completely booked months in advance and land prices skyrocketed. The park averaged 30,000 visitors a day and had over 10 million visitors in its first year of operation. The economic effects of Walt Disney World weren’t just isolated to the Kissimmee/Orlando area. The park attracted tourists to all parts of the state, as many visitors drove to Florida from other parts of the country and made multiple stops while they were there. Although Walt Disney World, and the development that came with it, took over a large amount of space that was previously used for ranching and citrus growing, there are still several ranches and citrus growers in the area today. Since it’s opening, Walt Disney World has gone through many expansions. In 1971, it opened with one park, Magic Kingdom, and two hotels. Currently, the Walt Disney World Resort covers more than 27,000 acres in the region, housing four theme parks, twenty-seven themed hotels, nine non-Disney hotels, and two water parks.


Another popular theme park in Kissimmee is Gatorland. Visitors to Gatorland get the chance to learn about Florida���s native alligators, reptiles, and birds while seeing them up close through shows like Gator Jumparoo and alligator wrestling. For those that want to get even closer to the reptiles, Gatorland offers a Trainer-for-a-Day experience where participants get to hold a baby alligator, meet some of the stars of the Upclose Encounters Show and enter the Gator Wrestling Arena with a Gatorland trainer. Even those who don’t love reptiles will love Gatorland, as it also features a water park, zipline course, and petting zoo.


Kissimmee is a great golf destination, as its warm climate makes it possible to golf year-round. The city is home to a number of leading golf clubs, including Kissimmee Golf Club and Kissimmee Bay Country Club. Additionally, those looking to improve their game are in close proximity to two highly-respected golf academies, The David Leadbetter Golf Academy and The Golf Academy at Celebration.


Kissimmee is home to Old Town, a unique outdoor shopping and dining district. With more than 70 retail stores, there is something for everyone. Dining options at Old Town are abundant, with restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines and themes. In the evening, live music from the Old Town Main Stage can be heard from the patio of many of the nearby restaurants. For family fun, Old Town’s Happy Days Family Fun Center is filled with arcade and skills games as well as a go-kart track. Other entertainment options at Old Town include a haunted house tour called Legends: A Haunting at Old Town, a shooting gallery known as Rootin & Tootan’s Shootin’ Alley, and a variety of magic shows at Old Town’s Great Magic Hall. Perhaps one of Old Town’s most popular attractions is its showcase of classic cars. Although Old Town attracts classic car enthusiasts every day, its themed events four days a week bring the most visitors. Themed events at Old Town include: Little Darlin’s Street Party and Cruise-In on Wednesdays (50s and 60s theme), all-American muscle cars on Fridays, trucks, jeeps, and SUVs at the Sunday Show N’Shine, and the most popular weekly event – the Saturday Nite Cruise.


Kissimmee has a variety of options for nature lovers. Located along the 1,300-mile Florida Trail, Kissimmee is home to some of the best hiking trails in the state. The Kissimmee portion of the Florida Trail includes scenic hikes through a range of terrains, from the forests and prairies of Yates Marsh to the Kissimmee River. Bird watchers will enjoy the Great Florida Birding Trail, which gives hikers the chance to see one of the many bald eagles that call this area home. Additionally, this trail passes by many of Kissimmee’s famous attractions, including the Disney Wildlife Preserve, Forever Florida, and Gatorland.