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Accounts Receivable Financing & Invoice Factoring

A common funding method businesses use is accounts receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring. The process works by selling your invoices to a factoring company in exchange for same-day cash.

There are many factoring companies in Tampa, but Scale Funding is your number-one choice.

Factoring companies in TampaBenefits of our Tampa invoice factoring programs:

  • Free instant quote
  • Quick, 15 minute approvals
  • Easy setup
  • Low factoring rates
  • Competitive advance rates
  • 24/7 online customer reporting
  • Custom factoring programs since 1994

Providing Cash to Many Industries

For more than 20 years, our Tampa accounts-receivable financing programs have provided cash to a variety of Florida industries. Our staff is knowledgeable in the invoicing process and ready to get you funded with no problems.

  • Trucking
  • Telecom & Wireless
  • Heavy Construction
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Technology
  • Government Contractors
  • Oilfield Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Distribution
  • Many More

Why Choose Scale Funding Over Other Factoring Companies in Tampa?

Aside from our vast experience, low rates and high advances, Scale Funding offers flexible and custom programs so that we’re able to work with many business stages and situations. If you need access to cash because of slow-paying customers, we can help.

Both start-ups and expanding companies utilize our Tampa invoice factoring programs to obtain steady cash flow to grow their companies.

Companies that were turned down by a bank because of bankruptcy or credit issues turn to Scale Funding. No matter if your credit is maxed or less-than-perfect, we can help. Our accounts-receivable financing programs look at the credit of your customers rather than yours. Remember, when the bank says “no,” we say “yes.”

Factoring companies in TampaTampa

Welcome to Tampa, Florida. Many people know it as the “Tampa Bay Area.” Tampa is near the Gulf of Mexico and is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is the second largest such area in the state with a population residence of around 4.3 million residents with 2,969.6 people per square mile. It’s the fourth largest city in the Southeastern United States, just behind Miami.

Just like cross-state Miami, Tampa is another incredibly clean city. Forbes has ranked Tampa as number five on the best outdoor cities. Also, Tampa is ranked fifth as one of America’s most popular cities as well as being a top city for the demographic of people in their 20s! To make things even more interesting, Loughborough University ranked Tampa as a “Gamma+” city alongside Phoenix, Rotterdam, Charlotte, Santo Domingo and other world cities.

Miami may be rumored to have great beaches, but Tampa definitely reigns supreme. One of the most interesting historic facts about Tampa was that it used to be a port of call for Caribbean pirates before it became a great city. Because of this, Tampa has an annual Gasparilla celebration to celebrate the city’s legendary pirate heritage.

Tampa has a healthy business climate as well. In 2015, Tampa was ranked the best place to retire by the WalletHub. It has the second best airport in the United States, according to Conde Nast Traveler. Tampa also capitalizes on the industries of engineering, information technology, law firms, and numerous high-tech companies. Tampa is also ranked by Biz2Credit number 19 as one of the best places to start a business.

Tampa History

The city of Tampa started out as an area inhabited by the indigenous peoples, the Tocobaga and the Pohoy, who were of the Safety Harbor culture. Unfortunately, there is little information known about the Tocobaga and the Pohoy. When the Europeans arrived in the 16h century, they brought diseases and conflict which would ultimately wipe out these original natives. In the 1520s, Spanish explorers would be the ones to claim Florida as part of New Spain, even though they never founded a colony in the Tampa area.

The expeditions were led by Spanish explorers Pánfilo de Narváez and Hernando de Soto. However, since the natives rejected any Spanish attempt to convert them to Catholicism while establishing a permanent settlement, they ended up leaving shortly after they arrived. After the native cultures of Tampa fell victim to the infectious diseases and killings of the Spanish, Tampa became depopulated. As a result, the area was ignored for over 200 years. It wasn’t until after the United States claimed Florida that there would be an actual, permanent settlement in 1819.

In 1824, the United States Army built an outpost called Fort Brooke by the Hillsborough River. This is where civilians and pioneers ran to for protection during the Seminole Wars. In 1849, the fort turned in to a small village that had finally been incorporated as “Tampa.” The town began to slowly develop until the 1880s where it experienced rapid growth, thanks to the discovery of phosphate, the railroad industry and the fledgling cigar industry. The village would grow from 800 residence in the 1880s to 30,000 residents in the early 1900s.

Tampa Education

There are nine colleges in Tampa, including International Academy of Design and Technology, University Of South Florida, South University Tampa and the University Of Tampa.

Tampa Culture & Recreational Activities

The Florida Aquarium – This nonprofit organization can be found in Tampa. The 250,000 square-foot aquarium is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge – The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans across Tampa Bay at a total length of 21,877 feet long. The bridge was built from 1982 to 1987. The bridge is part of the Interstate 275 and US 19, which connects St. Petersburg in Pinellas County and Terra Ceia in Manatee County. The bridge passes through the waters of Hillsborough County.

Adventure Island – Adventure Island is the water park that needs to be one everyone’s to-do list! It is located in northeast Tampa, and is right across the street from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The park is 30 acres of water rides, restaurants and other fun activities and attractions. Adventure Island branches off of the famous SeaWorld water park.

Factoring companies in TampaBusch Gardens Tampa – Busch Gardens was originally referred to as Busch Gardens Africa. The African-themed animal theme park is 335 acres and is located in the city of Tampa. The park opened on March 31, 1959 and started off as an admission-free hospitality facility for Tampa Anheuser-Busch. The park featured various beer tastings, a bird garden and had an escalator to the roof of the brewery called “Stairway to the Stars.”

Ybor City – The world famous and historic neighborhood of Tampa, located in the northeast downtown. Ybor City became a prominent neighborhood thanks to the booming cigar industry. Cigar manufacturers and thousands of thousands of Cuban, Spanish and Italian immigrants became the demand for millions of cigars every year. The neighborhood eventually redeveloped into a district filled with nightclubs and entertainment.

Wat Mongkolrata Temple – Wat Mongkolratanaram is located on the bank of Palm River in Tampa. This Buddhist Thai temple is known for its Sunday food market, where you can experience various foods of different cultures.