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Invoice Factoring for B2B Financing

Invoice factoring, which many refer to as accounts-receivable financing, is a form of business funding that many companies use when they are in need of cash flow.

How it works is simple. Through our Calhoun invoice factoring programs, you sell your receivables to Scale Funding for a same-day advance on a percentage of the invoice total. When your customer pays you 30 to 60 plus days later, we provide the remainder, less our low factoring fee.

calhoun invoice factoring

Invoice factoring differs from a bank in a number of ways. Here are some of the top differences between factoring and bank loans or lines of credit:

  • Qualification: Based on Your Customers’ Credit, Not Yours
  • Fast Funding: as Little as Three Business Days
  • Growth: Funding Amount Increases with Your Sales

Serving Many Industries for over Two Decades

Part of the reason why Scale Funding is your top choice among factoring companies in Calhoun and Georgia is because we have over two decades of experience providing fast, flexible and simple funding solutions to businesses in many industries.

Take a look at some of the industries that have benefited from our Calhoun accounts-receivable financing programs:

 Oilfield Services Trucking & Freight Technology
 Staffing Utility & Pipeline Renewable Energy
 Government Contracts Telecom Heavy Construction

Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

At Scale Funding, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions for each of our clients. We offer perks such as month-to-month adjustable contracts that change based on the volume of your business, so that you have the perfect amount of funding at the lowest rate possible. Because of this and our flexibility, we work with companies that:

  • Have maxed-out credit.
  • Have less-than-perfect credit.
  • Were turned down by a bank.
  • Have filed for bankruptcy.
  • Are just starting up.
  • Are waiting to get paid.
  • Are expanding quickly.
  • Need quick cash.

Calhoun, Georgia

The City of Calhoun, Land of the Cherokee, is located just off of Interstate 75 at the junction of the Oostanaula River and Oothcalooga Creek in Gordon County, Georgia. Calhoun has a rich past that dates back to the renowned Cherokee Nation. With a population of about 16,000, this city prides itself on a friendly atmosphere that encourages security and tight-knit communal living.

Calhoun is not your typical small city. Unlike other historically significant places, it still retains much of its past architectural charm. Furthermore, as part of the Alabama River-Coosa River watershed, it showcases impressive landscapes and scenery that will take your breath away. It is also a diverse city, home to people from the African American, Asian, Native American and Hispanic communities.

It also enjoys a strategic location, linked to larger areas like Atlanta, Chattanooga, LaFayette and Fairmount by an extensive intermodal transport network.  Residents and visitors alike can also enjoy the city’s warm, subtropical climate that makes Calhoun the perfect place to live, work and play in.


Until 1835, Calhoun was a part of the famous Cherokee Nation. Prominent leaders of the Cherokee Tribe like William Hicks and The Ridge had already been running productive farms on the fertile soils of Oothcalooga Valley. However, the 1830 Indian Removal Act caused major disruptions in the region. The Cherokee, who had so far successfully held on to their land, were pushed out by American troops sent by President Andrew Jackson. Many Native American tribes of the region were then forcefully relocated to territories west of the Mississippi.

calhoun invoice factoring

Calhoun is located between Atlanta and Chattanooga. Pictured: Chattanooga.

By 1827, land formerly settled by the Cherokee had already been claimed by the state of Georgia. This region has grown into Gordon County as we know it today. Within the county, a small settler town known as Dawsonville was soon formed. Its name can be attributed to an early general store in the region. In 1850, the town was then renamed for Senator John Calhoun after his death.

The results of a general election in 1851 saw Calhoun named as the seat of Gordon County, a designation it still holds today. It was chosen mainly because Calhoun enjoyed a strategic location along the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Calhoun was officially incorporated as a city in 1852.

Georgia seceded in 1861, a move that was a precursor to the American Civil War. Calhoun fought on the side of the Confederacy. The Atlantic Railroad played another valuable role here because it served as a vital artery for the Union General William T. Sherman’s troops. The General set up his headquarters at the Brown House in Calhoun. This landmark now serves as the home of the Gordon County Historical Society. This was the cause of a lot of strife in this region at the time.

As a result, Calhoun played a critical role in the Atlanta Campaign of 1864, a Union advancement into the South. Today, it sits near the site of the Battle of Adairsville, where General Sherman and Confederate General Joseph Johnston and their troops clashed in 1864.


Because of its proximity to the Western and Atlantic Railroad, Calhoun grew as a wholesale and retail depot for agricultural, processed and manufactured products. Construction of the Dixie Highway, or Highway 41, in 1917 further established Calhoun as a regional commerce powerhouse. However, the establishment of Echota Cotton Mills in 1907 transformed this area’s economy into one based on the textile industry. Echota was only the first of many such mills opened in this region.

The city’s economy started booming, and the Dixie Highway was fondly crowned Peacock Alley by area locals. Now, Calhoun is the epicenter of the mammoth textile industry in the northwestern part of Georgia. Apart from manufacturing, the other major economic activities here are construction, wholesale trade, professional services, hospitality and food service and retail.

These industries have made Calhoun a very prosperous place to live and work in, with average household incomes coming in at just over $42,000. The largest employers based here are Mohawk Industries, Shaw Industries Inc., Engineered Floors, Phoenix Chemical, KAS Oriental Rugs, Faus Group and Dinamic Corporation.

Recreation and Culture

Calhoun enjoys a very convenient location right off of Interstate 75. It is also just one hour away from Atlanta and Chattanooga, making this city the perfect destination for day trips or weekend getaways. History and culture are very defining aspects of Calhoun, and visitors can see well-documented exhibits from the Civil War and private collections at the Gordon County Historical Society, Resaca Battlefield and the New Echota Historic Site. This latter landmark was the heart of the Cherokee Nation and today features a museum that shows the historical events leading to the Trail of Tears.

You can also visit the Roland Hayes Museum, which is housed at the Harris Arts Center. Learn all about Hayes, who was a prolific African American tenor from Gordon County who became famous around the world at the start of the 20th Century. Make sure that you also visit the gorgeous Fields Ferry Golf Club. Savor nature with a trip to Calhoun’s wildlife management areas, or its expansive system of green spaces, bike trails and jogging paths.

The city also hosts numerous activities for residents and tourists alike. You can take part in exciting events like the Cherokee Capital Fair, Fourth of July Fireworks, Christmas Parade, Summer Concert Series and other street festivals.