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Speed Up Your Cash Flow Today with Factoring

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a common B2B financing solution used to obtain working capital. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for customer payment, factoring provides you the immediate cash you need to meet payroll, catch up on bills, and grow your business. Our Dalton invoice factoring company is your solution to steady, consistent cash flow.

While business loans and lines of credit are another ways businesses finance, there are many differences between them and our Dalton invoice factoring programs.

Invoice Factoring

Loans & Lines of Credit

 Approvals in as Little as 15 Minutes Lengthy Approval Process
 Same-Day Funding Funding Can Take 1-3 Months
 Approval Based on Your Customers’ Credit Approval Based on Your Credit
 Financing Grows As your Company Grows Financing is Capped
 No Additional Debt Created Additional Debt Created

Accounts Receivable Financing with Scale Funding

While there are many financing and factoring companies in Dalton, Scale Funding is proud to be your top choice.

Dalton invoice factoring companies turn invoices into cash

First, we customize our programs to fit the unique needs of each business. Whether you’re just starting up or growing quickly, we have a program for you. Our month-to-month financing lines range from $50,000 to $20,000,000 giving you plenty of room to grow.

Second, we can work with companies going through financial challenges. From maxed-out credit, less-than-perfect credit, bankruptcies, or even tax liens, we can create a program that works for you.

And lastly, no matter what your business size, situation, or cash need is, we’ll supply you with cash in 24 hours or less. There is no more waiting or wondering when you’ll get paid. You focus on growing your business, and we’ll handle your invoicing and collections for you.

Industries We Serve

Since 1994, we’ve provided cash-flow solutions to many companies throughout the Dalton, Georgia, and the entire United States with our accounts receivable financing programs.

Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Trucking & Freight
  • Manufacturing
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Government Contractors
  • Heavy Construction
  • Oilfield
  • Telecom
  • Renewable Energy
  • Technology

Dalton, Georgia

Dalton is located in northwest Georgia sheltered between the Blue Ridge Mountains. The beautiful ridges offer scenic views for travelers and residents. The vibrant city is 19.8 square miles with a vast population of 34,077 people according to the census of 2016.

Being the county headquarters, Dalton hosts major governmental facilities and offices including the post office, city hall, courthouse, chamber of commerce, the county public library, and others. The city is managed by the downtown Dalton development authority.

Dalton Georgia invoice factoring - carpet and textile industryEconomy

Today the city is home to more than 150 carpet mills. Catherine Evans Whitener started this ever-growing industry in the city. She applied candlewick embroidery to make bedspreads. Over time the business boomed with demand surpassing her supply. More people were incorporated into the then-luxurious industry to bridge this gap. She opened the Evans Manufacturing Company together with other family members in 1917. The presence of the railroads and cheap labor accelerated the growth of the industry. Today, Dalton produces more than half of the carpets sold worldwide.


The city’s name was coined by its founder Edward Dalton White in 1847. The city’s development history is an interesting one. It was initially inhabited by Woodland Indians and Creeks until the mid-18th century when they were pushed southwards and to the west by the Cherokee Indians. The trail of tears tragedy of 1838, saw the new inhabitants removed from the land.

The first railway line, the W&ARR, was built in 1850, joining the Tennessee River and the Georgia Railroad. Whitfield County was conceived in 1851 and Dalton became the governmental headquarters. The railroad depot that was constructed in the following year still stands at the heart of the town. It is one of the few remaining structures in northwest Georgia that was built during the antebellum era.

The Civil War

The great locomotive chase, also termed Andrews Chase, on  April 12, 1862, opened the city’s doors to the Civil War. It took more than a year for the first battle to occur in Dalton’s vicinity at Chickamauga and Chattanooga. During the spring of 1864, the war entered Whitfield County, with the first Dalton battle happening in the same year on May 7. The second of the Dalton battles began on August 14, 1864. The town served as the main hospital town that attended to the critically injured during the civil war. The city started to rebuild after the war with the additional rail connecting it to Rome proving to be pivotal. Dalton is documented as the city with the most artifacts from the American Civil War.

Art and Leisure

The city is a place for having fun due to its countless features and events.

Peacocks Parade
Peacocks Parade was started to honor the textile industry and history of “Peacock Alley,” also known as Highway 41.

Creative Arts Guild
This is the epicenter of art in the city. Established in 1963, it provides exhibitions, recitals, outreach programs, concerts, and many other events.

Dalton Little Theatre

Known as the DLT, it has been in existence since its establishment except for breaks during the World Wars.