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Invoice Factoring: Your Simple Financing Solution

Invoice factoring, which is also referred to as accounts-receivable financing, is a form of business funding that many companies use to get the financing that they need. Why? It’s because through the Newnan invoice factoring programs with Scale Funding, your top choice among factoring companies in Newnan and Georgia, we get you funded fast, in as little as three business days. Here’s how invoice factoring works.

newnan invoice factoring

Not only are they simple, but our invoice factoring solutions provide you with the support your business needs, whether you are a start-up or have been around for decades. We offer accounts-receivable management services to assist you in getting your billing to your customers, as well as full back-office support such as credit checks on your customers and collections services.

When you partner with Scale Funding, we assist you in meeting your business goals through our simple cash flow solutions and we support your entire operations through value-added services. Let us handle your cash flow. You handle growing your company.

Serving Many Industries Since 1994

With our over two decades’ experience providing best-in-class financing solutions, we have worked with customers in many industries. We know the major players and invoicing requirements. Take a look at the industries we commonly work with through our Newnan accounts-receivable financing programs:

factoring for trucking companies and freight factoringTrucking & Freight: flatbeds, reefers, vans, heavy haulers, specialty carriers and more invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for utility contractors and pipeline contractorsUtility & Pipeline: pipeline and utility contractors, HDD, welding, inspection and more
Invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for staffing agenciesStaffing Agencies: administrative, clerical, general labor, medical and more invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for technology companiesTechnology:  IT consultants, network administration, data management and migration and more
invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for solar, wind, and renewable energy contractorsRenewable Energy: wind, solar, water, site preparation, site maintenance and more invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for government contractorsGovernment Contractors: security, service providers, manufacturing, construction and more
invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for telecom and wireless contractorsTelecom & Wireless: cell tower construction, inspection, maintenance, tower erectors and more factoring for oilfield service companiesOilfield Services: frac sand haulers, water haulers, roustabouts, vacuum trucks, trenching services and more
heavy construction factoring & financeHeavy Construction: welding, HDD, crane companies, specialty carriers, intermodal and more Many More:  janitorialInvoice factoring for other industries services, manufacturing, printing, maintenance, distribution and more

Our Financing Works for You. That’s How It Should Be.

Through invoice factoring, Scale Funding is able to provide financing to companies that have unique backgrounds and needs. Some companies come to Scale Funding because they are unable to get financing from a bank. Others come to us because we are able to provide a flexible financing solution that a bank cannot, such as month-to-month programs that vary anywhere from $50K to $20MM. Take a look at some of the situations we work with regularly:

  • Cannot get funding from the bank.
  • Looking to fix the roof before it rains and build up savings.
  • Bank line of credit or loan is capped.
  • Company sales are seasonal or unpredictable in the long term.
  • Start-ups with new customers.

Newnan, Georgia

Located approximately 35 miles sSouthwest of Atlanta on Interstate 85, Newnan is a city in Metro Atlanta. It has a total area of 19.5 square miles. Also referred to as “the city of homes,” Newnan has a population of 33,039.

newnan invoice factoring


The western part of Georgia was a part of the Indian territory in the early 1800s. The Creek Indians inhabited the area. They came from the Ocmulgee River and then to the Chattahoochee River. They were headed by General William McIntosh, their chief.

In the 1820s, five counties, including Coweta, were formed after the Creeks ceded their land to the State of Georgia. Coweta County, named after the Cowetas who are Lower Creek Indians, was officially established in 1825.

Bullsboro was the first county seat of Coweta. The town was then incorporated to be a city in 1828. The city got its name from Daniel Newnan, who was a North Carolinian General. Newnan later became Georgia Secretary of State and a United States Congressman.

After developing into a city, Newnan quickly became an attractive place for professionals such as lawyers, doctors and merchants. The prosperity of Newnan was grounded in its cotton industry.

One of the remarkable events in the area was the Battle of Brown’s Mill. The battle happened three miles south of town where the Confederate Cavalry commanded by General Joseph Wheeler defeated the Union forces.

During the Civil War, the College Temple, courthouses and local churches were used as hospitals for wounded Confederate and Union troops. For this reason, most historic homes and structures feature notable antebellum architecture and still line the streets of Newnan.

Newnan was also known for hosting the trial of a wealthy landowner named John Wallace in 1948. He was the first white man to be condemned to death in the South because of the murder of Wilson Turner, a white sharecropper. The story became the subject of the novel called Murder in Coweta County, which was later adapted into a movie starring Johnny Cash, Andy Griffith and June Carter.

The city is now home to one of the few Georgia museums that focus on African American history. In July 2003, the Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center, or the Caswell House as many call it, was opened in a mill village house. Ruby Caswell owned this house before it was donated. The museum stands in an old, unmarked slave cemetery on Farmer Street. It has collected hundreds of family genealogical records that were obtained by going through several census records, as well as interviewing residents. The Caswell House keeps the Coweta Census Indexes from 1870 to 1920.

The Farmer Street Cemetery is currently the largest slave cemetery in the South and is located within the city limits of Newnan. It is presumably the largest preserved slave cemetery in the United States.

Historic Districts and Tourist Attractions

Newnan has six historic districts listed on the national register that include some of Georgia’s most beautiful houses and commercial buildings. The buildings in the Central Business District have several architectural styles, such as Classical Revival, Neoclassical, Romanesque, Italianate and Victorian.

Newnan’s Six Historic Districts:

Cole Town

Named after R.D. Cole Company, this historic district is an example of a residential neighborhood that developed around a major industry. The R.D. Cole Company was founded in 1854 and produced a wide selection of architectural woodwork, industrial machinery, trusses and water towers that are still known up to this day. The company’s woodwork contributed to the district’s unique residential architecture. A representation of the experimental approach to concrete and reinforced concrete bridges in the early twentieth century is also in the district.


Despite being developed in 1828, College-Temple remains to be a good example of a well-planned neighborhood. Designated as the “academy” lot, land lot number 58 on the corner of College and Temple was the site for seven schools from 1829-1975.

The male academy that used to prepare the young men of Newnan for college now serves as a museum. The museum is recognized for its extensive collection of antique clothing and Civil War artifacts.


This historic district is an example of a Washington-type plan that includes wide avenues and a public square. Among the popular attractions in the district are: the Square, the Dome, and the former Carnegie Library. The historic black commercial section along East Broad Street in the district is one of the remaining areas that depict the common segregation between the black and white races. Overall, the district tells the story of Newnan’s rich history.


Many of the larger, grander houses in this district were home to numerous prominent citizens of Newnan. The district’s ties to the Civil War are portrayed in the antebellum house that is popularly known as Buena Vista. It served as Confederate headquarters in the Battle of Brown’s Mill.

Newnan Cotton Mill and Mill Village

The Newnan Cotton Mill was established in 1888. The area has always been a fine example of the early Georgia mill villages. The mill is now developed as an upScale loft apartment complex.

Platinum Point

A historic district developed by the wealthy Newnan citizens, Platinum Point has a collection of fine houses, and the automobile influence is evident in the district with the many outbuildings used as car garages. Built in a park-like atmosphere, the district displays a sophisticated and diverse variety of revival-style architecture, which was popular in the early 20th century.

Given the rich history of the city, Newnan has several museums, namely: McRitchie Hollis, Coweta County, African American Heritage Museum, Children Connect and the Coweta County Genealogical Society.