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Invoice Factoring Companies in Chicago

While there are many Chicago factoring companies, Scale Funding prides itself on the number one choice for your business.

chicago factoring companiesSince 1994, we have provided top-rated invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs to Chicago companies. Instead of waiting to get paid on your invoices, our invoice factoring programs pay you same day. We offer competitive rates, high advances, and 24/7 online reporting.

Take control of your business cash and speed up your cash flow with Scale Funding. Approvals are done in as little as 15 minutes and setup is quick and easy.

Why Use Invoice Factoring

Companies in a variety of situations utilize invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs. But simply put, they all need cash to fund their dreams.

Expansion & Growth Companies growing quicker than their cash flow utilize our programs so they can take advantage of new opportunities.
Credit Challenges Whether your credit is maxed or less-than-perfect, invoice factoring provides the capital you need to operate.
Slow-Paying Customers Companies with slow-paying customers use accounts receivable financing to get paid same-day rather than waiting 30 days or more.
Start-Ups It can be difficult for a start-up company to obtain substantial financing through banks. Our Chicago factoring company programs provide startups with a steady cash flow to get off the ground running.
Bank Turn-Downs If a business does not qualify for traditional bank financing, invoice factoring is an excellent alternative.
Tax Problems It’s near impossible to get funding from a bank with tax liens or other issues. Our flexible finance solutions give us the ability to fund even with tax problems.
Bank Workouts If the risk is getting too high for a bank, they may take away the funding you relied on. If this happens, invoice factoring can fill the gap.
Bankruptcy Scale Funding is a DIP financing solution for many companies after a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Factoring offers the funds needed to get back on their feet.


Scale Funding has provided financing solutions to companies in a variety of industries. Our team is well trained and experts in the following industries.

  • Technology
  • Telecom & Wireless
  • Government Contractors
  • Trucking & Freight
  • Renewable Energy
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Many More

Factoring Lines From $50,000 – $20,000,000 Per Month

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Chicago factoring companies, Navy PierThe “Windy City” of Chicago is home to 2.7 million people, enough to make it the third largest city in America. This bustling metropolis has virtually everything one would expect from one of the most famous cities in the word. Museums, aquariums, zoos, parks, sports, and the shopping mecca known as the “Miracle Mile” all combine to make Chicago one of the premier tourist destinations for travelers the world over. In fact, 52 million people go to Chicago annually for both business and pleasure making it the third most visited city in America, beating out both Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837. Its first permanent setter was an African-American businessman named Jean Baptiste Point du Sable from modern-day Haiti. It was in du Sable’s modest home that he shared with his Indian wife that the first official trial, election, and marriage ceremony of Chicago all occurred. With its prime location on the mouth of Lake Michigan, Chicago was destined to become a major trade hub. In 1848, the opening of the Illinois and Michigan Canal as well as the completion of the first railroad into the city made Chicago the bona fide transportation hub of the United States with its water, rail, and road connections. A population explosion was inevitable and by the time of the historic Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Chicago was home to over a million residents a mere 56 years after its inception.


Chicago factoring companies, Chicago BeanJust by taking a look at a map of the city, it is easy to see why so many people continue to flock to Chicago year after year. In addition to having the world’s largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton, Sue, the Field Museum is one of the largest and most active natural history museums in the world. The Shedd Aquarium has over 1,500 species of fish and is adding new exhibits every year. The iconic Navy Pier was home to the first-ever Ferris wheel, with an updated model standing in its place today that guests can ride for a breathtaking view of the city skyline. Adler Planetarium lays claim to being the first ever planetarium in the United States. The Second City improv group that is essentially a feeder program for Saturday Night Live hosts multiple shows a week. The Art Institute of Chicago has literally a million square feet, filled with over 300,000 permanent art pieces. The Museum of Science and Industry houses a German submarine captured during World War II, among many other exhibits. The list goes on and on, and that’s to say nothing of the over 5,195 restaurants that are scattered across Chicago, 22 of which have earned at least one Michelin star.


The term “foodie” has come to be popularized in recent years, denoting someone who has a strong passion for food. Usually, this is the kind of person who actively seeks out both top-tier fine dining and also thrives on finding the best hole-in-the-wall dives around. This is an entire subculture that Chicago thrives on. Chicago’s great claim to culinary fame is the deep dish pizza. More of a pie than a traditional Italian pizza, a true deep dish pizza is about two inches deep, loaded with fillings like sausage and pepperoni, and most importantly, topped with marinara. The deep dish pizza was invented by Pizzaria Uno in 1943, a claim which they steadfastly defend to this day. The other food item born in Chicago that diners are most likely to find on menus throughout America is the Chicago-style hot dog. There is only one proper way to make a Chicago hot dog, and any street vendor worth his salt will tell you the exact ingredients: A Vienna beef hot dog, white onions, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices, pickled sport peppers, a dash of celery salt, and finally yellow mustard. Never, ever put ketchup on a hotdog within Chicago city limits. This is a cardinal sin within the Windy City, tantamount to rooting for the Packers.


Speaking of football, Chicago is a sports town if ever there was one. The Chicago Bears are in fact one of the original founding teams of today’s NFL. In 1919, then known as the Decatur Staleys, they joined the newly formed American Professional Football Conference that would eventually become today’s National Football League, making the Chicago Bears the oldest team in the league to remain in continues operation in the same location. It is rumored that the Green Bay Packers were created to give the Bears a nearby opponent to play, and the rivalry has been going ever since, making it one of the oldest in contemporary sports. Today, folks can go and watch games in a newly renovated Soldier Field from any of its 61,500 seats, all with fantastic views of the gridiron.

Chicago is not just a football town, they are home to not one but two Major League Baseball teams. The Cubs and White Sox both play within the city limits and have a deep and lasting rivalry that goes all the way back to 1900 when the Saint Paul Saints of the upstart American League moved to town and changed their name to the Chicago White Sox, the previous name of the Cubs. If you want to rate the Chicago teams by success, however, look no further than the Blackhawks. This NHL team has won the Stanley Cup three times in the past decade: 2010, 2013, and 2015. During the season, they play at the United Center and getting to see a game there is an absolute experience in itself. The arena is nearly sold out at every game, and the raucous crowd has a multitude of chants and songs that every fan knows by heart and yells out at the top of their lungs. Even if you’re not a hockey fan, this is a one-of-a-kind sports experience.

Chicago factoring companies, Chicago invoice factoringEconomy

It’s not all about food and fun in Chicago though, it is also a booming industrial and technological center. Its major industries include auto manufacturing, biotechnology, business services, fabricated metals, financial technology, food manufacturing, health services, medical technology, plastic and chemical development, water treatment and utilization, and e-commerce. Major employers in every single one of these sectors have headquarters in Chicago including Ford, Abbot, J.P. Morgan, Advocate, Baxter, Motorola, as well as Kraft, Pepsi, and Nestlé.

All of these companies, and the 31 other Fortune 500 companies that call Chicago home, obviously have employees, which means the city’s businesses have created over 4 million jobs. Chicago has a gross regional product (GRP) in excess of $561 billion, making it one of the largest city economies in the world. In fact, that $561 billion number is higher than the GDPs of both Poland and Argentina. It is also the single most diversified city economy in America. In today’s ever-shifting financial landscape, diversification is as important for a city as it is for a stock portfolio. In Chicago, no single industry employs more than 14 percent of the workforce, helping insulate against the ups and downs in any one given field.

One of the Greatest American Cities

Overall, Chicago has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the greatest American cities. It’s been immortalized in the blues standard “Sweet Home Chicago”; it served as inspiration for Gotham for the world-famous superhero Batman; and has gone down in history as the birthplace of the mafia, the most infamous group of organized criminals in American history. Chicago is absolutely brimming with history, great food, and an incredible amount of attractions to experience and will likely only continue to grow and prosper well into the future.