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Turn Your Receivables into Cash with Invoice Factoring

Are you tired of waiting to get paid? Could you use the cash that is stuck in your receivables today? If so, get started with our Niles invoice factoring programs.

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing, is a common B2B funding solution companies use to unlock cash that is normally tied up in their receivables. The process works by selling your invoices to a factoring company in exchange for quick cash. When you choose Scale Funding over other financing and factoring companies in Niles and Illinois, we’ll provide you with a low rate, competitive advance and same-day funding.

Niles invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing

Factoring vs. Business Loan or Line of Credit

While business loans and lines of credit might be a good financing option for some, not all companies are able to obtain any or sufficient funding. Loans and lines of credit are dependent on the creditworthiness of you and your business. With factoring, our approvals are based more on the creditworthiness of your customers. Our programs also differ in that we do not create additional debt on your balance sheet. With a loan or line of credit, it can be difficult to obtain additional financing with the added debt created.

Industry Expertise

For more than 20 years, we’ve funded a variety of industries through our Niles accounts-receivable financing programs. If your industry invoices other business, give us a call today to see how we can help. Below are just a few of the industries our funding teams have worked with.

 Trucking & Freight Staffing Agencies Government Contractors
 Oilfield Services Technology Heavy Construction
 Renewable Energy Utility & Pipeline Telecom & Wirless

A Customized Solution to Fit Your Needs

Our Niles invoice factoring programs are customized to fit the unique needs of each business. Our month-to-month financing programs are perfect for a variety of businesses, as our financing ranges from $50,000 to $20 million per month.

We can fund businesses that are:

  • Waiting to get paid from slow-paying customers.
  • Turned down by a bank because of credit issues.
  • In need of quick cash.
  • Starting up.
  • Growing quickly.
  • Looking for a DIP financing solution.

Niles, Illinois

Niles is located in Cook County, Illinois. It has a population of almost 30,000.

Brief History

John Curtis occupied the region in 1827, followed by John Dewes in 1831. Due to the German immigrants trickling in, the area got the name “Dutchman’s Point.” Some of the Germans included Julius Perren, John Plank (whiskey seller) and John Schadiger.

The name “Niles” has no clear origin, but some people believe that it came from a newspaper in 1820s, the Niles Weekly Register. On April 2, 1850, a conference called at North Branch Hotel organized its establishment.

Niles invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financingEconomy

Over the past 200 years, the area has developed from solely agricultural activities into a vibrant economy with a range of investment opportunities. The township has a growing economy, whose foundation rests on agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, processing, hospitality, tourism, health, education and transportation.

The Southwestern Michigan Economic Growth Alliance (SMEGA) partners with Niles Charter Township in steering the area’s economic growth. The partnership seeks to offer investors useful information for selecting business location sites. The core goals of SMEGA are giving support to and attracting new businesses, and expanding and retaining the existing ones.

Below are the main goals of SMEGA:

  • To aid, assist, expand and keep existing industrial businesses, to create sustainable jobs.
  • To support entrepreneurial efforts in the community through assisting business startups and expansions, creating more new jobs.
  • To create a business-friendly environment by creating engagement platforms for entrepreneurs and government agencies.
  • To promote effective communication, planning and organization for smooth business operations.

The township gives manufacturing and commerce companies the chance to grow, and is attracting many businesses from across the country. Corporate and industrial centers are emerging day in and day out. For instance, the newly developed Longmeadow Corporate Village offers 310 acres for commerce to grow as a planned corporate park and office community.


Finding affordable housing in the township is not a difficult thing. Prospect Homes offers one-bedroom apartments in 12 units, with subsidized rent. Adequate housing assistance is available in the township, with special consideration for senior citizens, the disabled and single mothers.

The Niles Housing Commission is passionately committed to ensuring that every citizen has access to quality, standard and affordable housing. This is not only about shelter, but also availability of other utilities, such as clean, safe water and electricity. The commission provides people with homes for leaseholds and apartments.

Each resident gets a basement, 24/7 emergency maintenance and washer and dryer hookup. One also is able to enjoy a refrigerator, spacious closets, electric range, emergency pull cords and alarm systems.


Niles Community Schools prepares and inspires students to enrich the future by challenging the present. On the other hand, the Board of Education encourages the public to contribute in public participation processes that help develop a sustainable education system.

Some of the best schools in the township include:

  • Howard Community School
  • Ring Lardner Middle School
  • Niles Senior High School
  • Ballard Elementary School

The township’s education system emphasizes spiritual, physical and mental health, talent, intellect, achievement and innovation. The teachers are friendly to students, and work closely with parents to make great social assets out of the kids.

Health Facilities

The township has several state-of-the-art health facilities, including:

  • Lakeland Hospital
  • Unity Medical and Hospital
  • South Haven Hospital
  • Epworth Hospital

They offer a range of health care services, such as family planning, surgical treatment, disease diagnosis and management and healthy living education.

Parks and Recreation

The township provides the residents with seven wonderful parks, which are:

  • Becky Hulett
  • South Fireman’s Park
  • Samson Park
  • Community Park
  • Fulkerson Park
  • Brandywine Creek Nature Park
  • North Fireman’s Park

Some of the fun activities carried out in these parks include: softball, youth baseball, fishing, picnics, trail hiking and grilling. Authorities make sure that the open spaces are secure and unpolluted to provide a suitable environment to rewind, be it during breaks from work, weekends or holidays.