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Fort Wayne
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Factoring Companies in Fort Wayne

Get the Cash You Need with Accounts-Receivable Financing

When companies need access to fast working capital, many turn to accounts receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring. This funding solution is a quick way to speed up your cash flow and take back control of your business financials.

Unlike business loans and lines of credit, our Fort Wayne invoice factoring programs offer a 15 minute approval process, streamlined setup and same-day funding on your invoices.
Factoring Companies in Fort Wayne
The process works by selling your receivables to us, at a discount, in exchange for same-day cash. We offer some of the lowest rates and highest advances in comparison to other factoring companies in Fort Wayne and across the United States.

Industries That Use Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a good cash-flow solution for many industries. Since 1994, we’ve funded many businesses and industries including but not limited to:

Manufacturing Government Contractors Staffing Agencies
Telecommunications Technology Transportation
Utility & Pipeline Renewable Energy Oilfield Services
Heavy Construction Welding Many More

If you invoice other businesses on net terms and are waiting to get paid, we can speed up your cash flow through our Fort Wayne accounts-receivable financing programs. Get started today and get the cash you need tomorrow.

Personalized Service & Customized Programs

One of the reason so many companies choose Scale Funding over other factoring companies in Fort Wayne is because of our personalized service and customized programs.

We understand that every business needs steady cash flow no matter what their situation is. We’re able to fund companies who:

  • Are waiting to get paid
  • Have less-than-perfect or maxed-out credit
  • Are expanding
  • Need access to quick cash
  • Are starting-up
  • Have been turned down by the bank
  • Have tax liens
  • Have filed for bankruptcy

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Located in northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne is situated at the intersection of the St. Joseph and St. Mary rivers, at the place where they merge to become the Maumee River. Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana, next to the capital, Indianapolis.


The area of present day Fort Wayne was originally home to the Miami tribe and acted as the capital of Miami Nation for many years. The first Europeans to settle in the area were French fur traders who set up a trading fort in the 1680s. After the French and Indian War, the British took control over the area, but it was short lived as the Miami tribe regained control during Pontiac’s Rebellion. In 1794, General Anthony Wayne led an expedition that resulted in the defeat of the Miami. After the victory, Fort Wayne was built in honor of Gen. Wayne. During the 1830s, the Wabash and Erie Canals were built and Fort Wayne gained the nickname “Summit City,” because it had the highest elevation of any city along the canal’s route. The population of Fort Wayne quickly increased with its incorporation as a city in 1840 and the addition of the railroad shortly after. In the beginning of the 20th century, Fort Wayne’s economy became primarily based on manufacturing, which is a trend that is still true today.


Manufacturing represents one of the largest portions of the economy of Fort Wayne. In fact, manufacturing accounts for 32 percent of the GDP of Metro Fort Wayne. The city is home to a number of advanced manufacturing factories. One of the largest employers in advanced manufacturing is General Motors, who has a large truck assembly plant there. The company recently began construction on a $1.2 billion dollar expansion to the factory, which will increase the size of the complex by more than 50 percent. This large investment is evidence of the company’s commitment to the future of manufacturing in Fort Wayne. Other companies that specialize in advanced manufacturing that have facilities in Fort Wayne are BF Goodrich, Steel Dynamics, and Fort Wayne Metals Research, among many others.

Health Care

Fort Wayne has one of the best medical communities in the state. The two major health systems in the area, Park View Health System and Lutheran Health Network, have recently made significant upgrades to their hospitals. Park View Health System is also in the process of building a state-of-the-art cancer center. Park View and Lutheran Health are two of the largest employers in the city. Located just east of Warsaw, Indiana – which is known as the Orthopedic Capital of the World – Fort Wayne also has a number of medical device manufacturers. In fact, if you were to combine all of the medical device companies in the Fort Wayne area, they would control 60 percent of the $6.6 billion hip-replacement market and 64 percent of the $6.7 billion knee-replacement market.


Indiana is home to a significant defense industry and, as a result, has heavily invested in the infrastructure to support it. As such, the state of Indiana has one of the best fiber optic networks in the country. Although the entire state is a draw to defense companies, recently the Fort Wayne area has seen the fastest amount of growth. This has been aided by the development of the Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association (NIDIA), which helps to develop and support the defense industry in the region and attract new talent. This field directly provides approximately 4,300 jobs to the labor market and supports an additional 2,000 jobs indirectly. Some of the major defense companies in Fort Wayne are also its largest employers, including BAE Systems and Raytheon. Both companies specialize in many different areas of defense, including air and missile defense and cybersecurity, and have a number of government and commercial customers. Additionally, Fort Wayne is home to the Fort Wayne Air National Guard Station, which is located at the Fort Wayne International Airport.

Financial Services

Fort Wayne also has a major presence in the financial services industry. This industry supplies over 10,000 jobs to the workforce of the region. Many successful financial services companies were founded in Fort Wayne, including Lincoln Financial Group and Ash Brokerage. In fact, Ash Brokerage recently started construction on their new Fort Wayne headquarters, for which they plan to invest $71 million.