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Immediate Cash for Your Business with Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, eliminates the cash-flow gap from slow-paying customers and provides you with the immediate cash you need to maintain and grow your operations.

When deciding between factoring companies in Des Moines and the surrounding areas, choose Scale Funding. We can get you the cash your business needs in just three easy and quick steps.

Factoring Companies in Des MoinesStep 1: Contact a financial representative today at Scale Funding and ask about our Des Moines invoice factoring rates. We’ll provide you with a quote and an approval in as little as 15 minutes.

Step 2: Once you’re quickly setup, send your receivables (invoices) to Scale Funding.

Step 3: Receive same-day cash on your invoices. That’s right, our team will confirm the invoice and fund you a competitive advance on the gross amount the very same day.

Once your customer pays the invoice at a later date, we’ll give you the remaining amount, minus a small factoring fee for our services.

Custom Factoring Programs

We customize our Des Moines factoring company programs to fit the unique needs and situations of each business.

Slow-Paying Customers One of the most common reasons companies turn to our Des Moines accounts-receivable financing programs is to eliminate the wait on slow-paying customers.
Quick Cash Invoice factoring provides the quick cash your business needs, same-day.
Financial Challenges If you’re unable to obtain traditional funding from a bank because of credit or you’re going through a business bankruptcy, turn to our invoice factoring programs. We approve companies based on the creditworthiness and financial history of their customers rather than yours.
Tax Liens We’re able to provide funding to companies, even with tax liens.
Start-Ups Start-ups invest most of their capital to open the doors. If you need the cash to complete the work and accept more contracts, our Des Moines invoice factoring programs can help.
Growing Don’t turn down jobs because you’re still waiting to get paid on work you’ve already completed. Use our factoring programs to get paid the day you’re ready to invoice.

Industry Experience Since 1994

Since 1994, Scale Funding has funded a variety of industries through accounts-receivable financing and invoice factoring.

  • Technology
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oilfield Services
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Many More

If you’re business is waiting to get paid from other businesses, we can help. Contact us today.

Des Moines, Iowa

Factoring Companies in Des MoinesLocated in the center of Iowa, Des Moines is the capital of the state and with a city population of over 200,000 people, it is also the most populous. Every four years Des Moines is in the spotlight, as it is the site of the first caucuses of the presidential primary cycle.


The city of Des Moines began as Fort Des Moines in 1843, which was established to protect the rights of the Native Americans who inhabited the area. The military chose this location to build the fort, because it is where the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers meet. When the Iowa River Valley opened to settlers in 1845, the population grew quickly and Fort Des Moines was incorporated as a town in 1851. The name of the town was shortened to Des Moines in 1857 when it became the state capital of Iowa. Throughout its history, Des Moines set itself apart. Although it originated in Galveston, TX, Des Moines was the first city outside of Texas to adopt a city commission form of government. However, the city’s version of this form of government was unique, which led it to be known as the “Des Moines Plan.” Additionally, Fort Des Moines was the site of the first training camp for the Women’s Army Corps in 1943.


The insurance industry is responsible for over eight percent of the economic activity of the state of Iowa and employs more than 24,000 people in the Des Moines region. Historically, Des Moines has had one of the lowest tax rates on insurance premium income in the country. This is one of the factors that led it to become one of the nation’s insurance capitals and has attracted many insurance companies to move to the city. Des Moines is home to 81 insurance company headquarters, including large firms like The Principal Financial Group and Employers Mutual Company, both of which have been headquartered there for 100 years. Although they aren’t headquartered in Des Moines, national insurance companies like Nationwide and ING also operate large offices in the city in order to keep a presence in the area. The strength of the insurance industry in Des Moines also attracts a number of more specialized insurance firms that cannot be found anywhere else.

Financial Services

In addition to insurance, Des Moines is also a major financial center and has the fifth highest concentration of financial services in the country. One of the largest employers in the financial services industry is Wells Fargo & Co., which employs more than 14,000 people in the city. The Principal Financial Group, which employs over 6,000 people in Des Moines, is currently in the process of a $400 million renovation to their downtown office. Additionally, Des Moines has a highly educated work force, which gives financial companies a plethora of talent to choose from.

Cultivation Corridor

The Cultivation Corridor is a new partnership program in the Des Moines region that was established to encourage collaboration between the leading researchers in agribusiness. It provides an ecosystem for the various fields, including agbioscience, biorenewables, biotech, advanced manufacturing and more, to work together to make Des Moines one of the top innovators in the agribusiness industry. Although the Cultivation Corridor was only created recently, it has already attracted a significant number of research and development companies and shows a lot of promise for the start-up market.

Data Centers

The low cost of doing business in Des Moines has attracted many well-known companies to establish their data centers in the region, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Data centers require a considerable amount of resources to run, including a large amount of water to keep the equipment cool and a significant source of power. Des Moines has both a significant water capacity, with 110 million gallons and 5 billion gallons of reservoir storage, and a low industrial electricity cost with increasing access to renewable energy. Des Moines also provides exemptions on sales and use tax for computers used in the processing of data, as well as sales tax rebates for investments over $1 million. Although Des Moines already has access to high-speed fiber optics, some of the larger companies have added to this infrastructure, making the area more attractive for future companies. All of these factors have drawn companies with large data center needs to the area. Microsoft currently has two data centers, with an investment of over $2 billion, and is the development stage of building a third. Similarly, Facebook is in the process of expanding their third data center in Des Moines, making their total investment to date close to $1 billion. In addition, Google has invested $2.5 billion on their data center in the area, as well as a wind farm to create their own renewable energy.