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Invoice Factoring: Access to Quick Cash

Through our Mandeville invoice factoring programs, Scale Funding provides businesses with instant cash flow by advancing funds based on open receivables. What does this mean? Your unpaid invoices are untapped cash for your business that we can unlock.

mandeville invoice factoring

Through invoice factoring, also called accounts-receivable financing, companies receive an advance on the total of their unpaid invoices. When customers pay later, the factoring company provides the remainder, less a factoring fee. As long as you are still working, you will have the financing and cash flow that your business needs.

This is different from a bank loan or a bank line of credit. With a loan or line of credit, not only are the amounts available capped based on your limit, but working with a bank could mean that you aren’t approved for several months. When you need cash flow, you need it now. Your top choice among factoring companies in Mandeville and Louisiana is Scale Funding, because we eliminate the long wait.

Serving North American Industries Since 1994

Scale Funding has partnered with companies in industries far and wide in our over 20 years of providing flexible funding solutions. Take a look at some of the industries we have worked in throughout the years:

  • Staffing
  • Government Contractors
  • Trucking & Freight
  • Oilfield Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Construction
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Technology

Your Business is Unique. But Your Cash Need Is Not.

We have worked with so many companies throughout the years that we have a multitude of unique programs that we customize to the unique needs of each customer, ensuring that they have the cash they need, and fast. When you choose our Mandeville accounts-receivable financing programs, your business could be in any of the following situations:

  • Trying to set aside a cash cushion.
  • Working on paying off tax liens.
  • Needing to meet payroll.
  • Purchasing much-needed equipment.
  • Emerging from a business bankruptcy.
  • Wanting to take control of your cash flow.

Mandeville, Louisiana

mandeville invoice factoring

Mandeville has quick access to New Orleans via that Lake Ponchartrain Causeway.

Mandeville, a name which translates to “big farm” in Norman French, is a small city in Louisiana. In 1956, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway was completed, which connected Mandeville to the city of New Orleans. It is 24 miles long and is considered the longest bridge over water that connects a highway system. It changed the face of the city, which has a long history.


In 1834, the area of Mandeville was founded by Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville, who came from a prominent family in Louisiana. The town was known to be agricultural then. However, in 1840 when the agricultural region of Mandeville was incorporated as a town, it became a summer destination. The opulent people of New Orleans were the main tourists who visited the town, as they wanted to escape the heat of the city.

Daily steamboat traffic was common by the mid-19th century. This was used to cross from New Orleans to Mandeville and vice versa. Boats played host to musicians, as well, and as a result, Mandeville was the first town where jazz music was heard outside of New Orleans. When the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway was completed in 1956, the automobile traffic between New Orleans and Mandeville drastically increased. This helped increase tourism in the town, and it became a popular destination for the working community of New Orleans.


As of July 2016, the population of Mandeville was around 13,000. It has a population density of 1,543.1 citizens per square mile. It also received an “A” as a functional status code, which means that it has an active government that provides general-purpose functions.

Famous People from Mandeville

The city of Mandeville is also known as the home of several notable people. The following is a list of most notable people in Mandeville:

  • Authors: Cajun Fiddler, Julie Jarnagin and bandleader Amanda Shaw are best-selling authors who have Mandeville as their hometown.
  • Musicians: 12 Stones and As Cities Burn, as well as Lucinda Williams (singer-songwriter) are from here.
  • Thespians: the famous actor from Vampire Diaries- Ian Somerhalder, actress Allison Scagliotti and actress Rachel Reynolds are from the city.


Mandeville has an unemployment rate of 5.90 percent, with a recent job growth rate of 1.13 percent; income per capita is at $41,428. Most of its population is composed of working-class individuals in business, management and finance. Computer, science, engineering, education, health care practitioners and transportation and production make up the majority of the other industries in the city.

Culture and Tradition

Mandeville is one of the cities that was greatly influenced by the Spaniards and French, as well as Africans. These influences are evident up to this day. They are very evident in almost all the things that you will see when you visit Mandeville: architecture, food, music, lifestyle, culture and traditions.

Most of the residents in town hold onto the saying “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” which means “let the good times roll.” It is a saying that has endured since the city’s founding over 150 years ago. Nowadays, if you go to this city, you will witness the living evidence of the Spanish, French and African influences because they are reflected in the everyday lives of the people here.


Mardi Gras Parade

The people here are known to be fun-loving people. They love to have parties and celebrations. A strong sign of this is their Mardi Gras festival. During Mardi Gras, people fill the streets as they join the festival’s parade, dancing and moving along with the floats that play music. Most of them are wearing head dresses and colorful masks. This is usually celebrated in either January or February. Mardi Gras is one of the highlights of the city.

Marigny Octoberfest

While other parts of the world celebrate a variation on Octoberfest, Mandeville has its own unique version. Come to Mandeville and join their celebration of the Marigny Octoberfest. The celebration features wines and famous foods of Mandeville. This includes a variety of seafood like crabs and lobsters. This is usually celebrated during the first week of October to commemorate the birthday of the founder of Mandeville, Bernard de Marigny.