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Fast Cash with Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also referred to as accounts receivable financing, is a common funding solution companies use to obtain quick cash to run their business. It eliminates the cash-flow gap caused by slow-paying customers by giving you access to the capital that is tied up in your receivables.

Get started with our Lincoln factoring company programs today. You’re just three quick steps away from the cash you need.

Lincoln Factoring CompanyStep 1: Contact Scale Funding and inquire about our Lincoln invoice factoring programs. Within 15 minutes one of our team members will provide you with an approval and a free no-obligation quote for our services.

Step 2: Once you’re quickly setup, send your invoices directly to Scale Funding.

Step 3: The same day that we receive your invoices, we’ll deposit a competitive advance on the invoice amount directly into your bank account. Instead of waiting 30 days or more for customer payment, you’ll have instant cash to meet payroll, catch up on bills and invest in new resources.

Once your customer pays the invoice at a later date, we’ll deposit the remaining amount into your bank account, minus our low factoring fee.

Customized Programs

One of the reasons businesses choose our programs over other factoring companies in Lincoln is because we’re able to provide funding to many business sizes, stages and financial situations.

Are you waiting to get paid? If you’re waiting on customer payment, turn to our Lincoln accounts-receivable financing programs to get paid same-day.
Do you need quick cash? If you need access to quick cash to meet payroll, catch-up on bills and more, invoice factoring can help.
Do you have credit issues? Whether your credit is maxed or less than perfect, our invoice factoring programs can help as they’re not dependent on your credit.
Are you growing? If you’re turning down contracts because you don’t have enough working capital to complete the job, turn to our Lincoln factoring company programs. We’ll pay you the day you’re ready to invoice.
Are you start-up? Our accounts-receivable financing programs help start-ups grow by providing them with cash to accept more contracts.
Did you file for bankruptcy? Get back on your feet with invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing.
Did the bank turn you down? Even when the bank says “no,” we’ll say “yes.”


Since 1994, our Lincoln invoice factoring programs have provided a cash-flow solution to thousands of companies in several different industries.

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oilfield Services
  • Heavy Construction
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Technology
  • Government Contractors
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Many More

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln factoring companyLocated in the central part of the United States, Lincoln is the state capital of Nebraska and the county seat of Lancaster County. With over 275,000 residents, Lincoln is the second most populated city in the state.


Some of the earliest known inhabitants of present day Lincoln were the Pawnee and Oto tribes. An abundance of salt flats in the area (then known as the village of Lancaster) drew the first settlers in the 1800s, with the hope of it turning into a profitable living. Unfortunately for the settlers, J. Sterling Morton developed his own salt flats in nearby Kansas, overshadowing their operation. When Nebraska became a state in 1867, the village of Lancaster was chosen as the capital over the current territorial capital, Omaha, because Omaha proved difficult to reach for those who lived below the Platte River. There was some uproar over the relocation of the capital and a government official renamed the city Lincoln, after Abraham Lincoln, in an attempt to get the (mostly Confederate) residents living south of the Platte River to change their minds about the relocation. His plan failed, but the name of the city was officially changed to Lincoln. Although the area had been sparsely populated, the relocation of the state capital and the establishment of Lincoln as a major railroad junction led to a significant increase in the population.

Since Lincoln is the capital of the state, the government accounts for a large amount of the economic activity. However, Lincoln also has a very diverse economy with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States. One of the reasons for this is Lincoln’s highly educated workforce. Lincoln is home to a large number of four-year institutions, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a variety of community colleges and technical schools. Additionally, Lincoln has a relatively low cost of living and low cost of industrial space, making it an advantageous location for any business.


Agriculture is the backbone of Nebraska’s economy, as it accounts for over 40% of the economic output for the state. In addition to being a leading corn producer, the state has a significant amount of wheat and soy production. Nebraska is also known for its livestock and produces a large portion of the country’s beef. In fact, ranches and farms cover 92% of the state’s total land area. As such, agriculture and food processing also represent a large part of the economy of Lincoln. With its close proximity to a wide variety of crops, Lincoln has an advantage for food manufacturing companies. Two of the largest employers in food manufacturing are Cooks Foods, which produces ham and pork products, and MBA Poultry, which produces air-chilled poultry products. Additionally, Lincoln is home to a number of grain milling companies, snack food companies and pet food companies.


Manufacturing, and primarily advanced manufacturing, is an important part of Lincoln’s economy. Lincoln is home to more than 40 advanced manufacturing companies that make a wide variety of products. One of the top employers in manufacturing is Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. Kawasaki has two large production facilities in Lincoln; one is Lincoln Consumer Products facility, which makes All Terrain Vehicles, Personal Watercraft, Utility Vehicles and Recreational Utility Vehicles; and the other is Lincoln Rail Car facility, which makes passenger rail cars. Other leading advanced manufacturers in Lincoln are Goodyear/Veyance Technologies, Lincoln Industries and Energy Recovery International, among many others.


Lincoln’s position in the center of the country gives it an advantage in the transportation industry. One of the largest transportation employers in the region is Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF), a class I rail system, which has a major rail hub in Lincoln. In addition, many companies are drawn to Lincoln for their warehouse and distribution needs, as Nebraska does not have an inventory tax. Therefore, there are also a significant amount of transportation and logistics firms located in Lincoln to transport products to and from these operations.

High Tech

One of the newest industries gaining traction in Lincoln is the high technology industry. Since it is significantly less expensive to establish a tech company in the Midwest than it is in Silicon Valley, startup companies are able to experience faster growth. In fact, so many startup tech companies have moved to the Midwest that it has become known as Silicon Prairie. Lincoln is one of the main cities in this movement. Currently, there are over 100 software startup companies in Lincoln, with no signs of slowing down. Two startup companies that have seen major growth since moving to Lincoln are Hudl, which provides performance analysis tools for sports teams, and Bulu Box, a monthly subscription health and supplement company.