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Cash-Flow Solutions

While there are several ways to fund your business, many choose to use our Omaha factoring company programs.

Scale Funding offers invoice factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing, to companies to help speed up their cash flow. Instead of waiting to get paid, our Omaha invoice factoring programs pay you the day you’re ready to invoice.

Here is a quick comparison of our accounts receivable financing programs and business loans a lines of credit.

Omaha Accounts-Receivable Financing Programs

Omaha Loans & Lines of Credit

Quick approval process not dependent on your credit, but rather on your sales Long approval process dependent on your credit
Same-day funding Funding typically takes 1-3 months
No monthly interest paid Monthly interest paid
We grow your factoring line as your sales increase The amount of cash is capped
Eliminates cash-flow gap from slow-paying customers Still waiting on slow-paying customers

Not only do our programs eliminate your cash-flow gap by paying you same-day, but Scale Funding offers some of the highest advances and lowest rates in the industry. Contact one of our financial representatives today to see how our Omaha factoring company programs can work for you.

Why Scale Funding?

Omaha Factoring CompanyScale Funding offers flexible and custom invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing programs. No matter what your financial situation is, we’re able to work with you.

From start-ups and expanding companies to those with less-than-perfect credit and tax liens, we can work with you. Since 1994, we’ve been committed to providing businesses with the best Omaha accounts-receivable financing programs.

Industry Expertise of 20+ Years

Given our flexible and custom programs, we’re able to provide a cash-flow solution to many industries. If you invoice other businesses on net terms and are waiting to get paid, our Omaha invoice factoring programs can work for you.

Telecom: fiber optic installation, cell tower maintenance, cell tower construction and more Government Contractors: federal, state, local, defense, security, technology and more
Staffing Agencies: healthcare, medial, administrative, general labor, clerical work and more Trucking & Freight: flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, hotshots, intermodal and more
Oilfield Services: frac sand hauling, gravel hauling, site preparation, roustabouts and more Utility & Pipeline: utility locators, pipeline construction, pipeline maintenance and more
Technology: data management and migration, IT solutions, network administration and more Renewable Energy: solar, wind, water site maintenance, site preparation and more
Heavy Construction: HDD, excavation, environmental services, boring, crane operators and more Many More: janitorial services, manufacturing, distribution, apparel, printing and more

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska and the 42nd largest city in the United States. Omaha’s metropolitan area is home to over 900,000 people and has a total area of about 131 square miles, much of which is located in the Missouri River Valley.


The area of present day Omaha was a part of the land that was purchased from the French during the Louisiana Purchase. However, Omaha remained a part of “Indian Country” and many residents from Council Bluffs, Iowa (just across the state line from Omaha) had been illegally staking the land for years before it was surveyed and officially settled. Eventually a treaty was made with the Omaha tribe that inhabited the land and the city of Omaha was founded in 1854. Omaha became a significant point for western expansion when it was chosen as the location for the start of the new transcontinental railroad through the Pacific Railway Act. This caused the city to become an industrial center and gave it the nickname, “Gateway to the West.” Omaha continues to be a commercial hub today, resulting in a highly diversified economy that it is not concentrated in any one industry. In fact, Omaha is home to five Fortune 500 companies, all from different industries – Berkshire Hathaway, ConAgra Foods, Peter Kiewit Sons’, Union Pacific and Mutual of Omaha.


Omaha is known as the telecommunication capital of the United States, because of the abundance of telecommunications companies located there. The industry received its beginnings as a result of the relocation of the Strategic Air Center (SAC) of the United States to Offutt Air Force base near Omaha after World War II. As a result, a significant amount of resources were put into creating an advanced and secure infrastructure to handle the additional telecommunication needs. This infrastructure, as well as Omaha’s geographic location in the middle of the country, led to many companies relocating to Omaha to take advantage of these resources. Today, many leading companies have telecommunication outposts here, including Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, First Data Resources, CenturyLink and PayPal. Additionally, West Corporation, a worldwide telecommunication company is headquartered in Omaha.

Agriculture/Food Processing

Omaha Factoring CompanyAgriculture is very important to the economy of Nebraska. As such, agriculture and food processing are leading industries in Omaha. ConAgra, a leading packaged food company in the U.S., recently had their headquarters in Omaha. ConAgra produces many of the most recognizable food brands in the U.S., including Marie Callender’s, Slim Jim, Hebrew National, and Chef Boyardee, among many others. Ag Processing, a leading supplier of oilseeds, grains, and many other agricultural products, is also headquartered in Omaha. Additionally, Omaha has one of the biggest agricultural lenders in the United States, First National Bank of Omaha.

Finance and Insurance

The low cost of office space and low cost of living draw many financial and insurance companies to Omaha. Omaha also has one of the lowest tax rates on insurance premiums in the U.S. and is home to the headquarters of over 30 different insurance companies. In the financial sector, First National of Nebraska started in Omaha in 1857 as a local bank and is now the largest privately held banking company in the United States. In addition, Berkshire Hathaway, Mutual of Omaha and TD Ameritrade are all based in Omaha.

Military and Defense

The military and defense industry also has a significant presence in Omaha. In fact, Omaha is home to over 65 defense related companies, many of which help to support the Offutt Air Force Base, USSTRATCOM and the Air Force Weather Agency. These companies focus on nuclear deterrence, cyberspace and space. One of the attractions for the military and defense industry is the advanced training offered in the information technology field in Omaha, resulting in a highly educated workforce. The Peter Kiewit Institute in the Information Science and Technology department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha is a leading educator in the field. It houses an advanced supercomputer known as the Firefly, which draws a number of defense projects.


In addition to these industries, transportation is a vital economic sector for Omaha. Since the creation of the transcontinental railroad in 1862, Omaha was solidified as a major transportation center. In fact, Union Pacific, one of the leading railroad franchises in the United States, is located there. In addition to the railroad, Omaha’s geographic location in the center of the country and its access to the Missouri River has made it a strategic location to accommodate shipping needs for a variety of industries.