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Steady Cash Flow with Invoice Factoring

When companies are in need of a quicker and more reliable stream of cash, they turn to invoice factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing.

Invoice factoring works by selling your receivables (invoices) to a factoring company in exchange for quick payment. When you choose to use Scale Funding rather than other factoring companies in Henderson and Nevada, you’ll receive same-day funding, low rates and high cash advances.

While business loans and lines of credit are other common funding solutions, they don’t’ offer some of the benefits that our Henderson accounts-receivable financing programs do for companies that are waiting on slow-paying customers.

Henderson Invoice Factoring Programs

Business Loans & Lines of Credit

15 minute approval process Lengthy approval process
Minimal paperwork Extensive paperwork
Same-day funding Funding in 1-3 months
Eliminates cash-flow gap Cash-flow gap is still present
No debt created Debt added
Collections services No collection services

Factoring Companies in Henderson

Cash for Many Businesses

One of the reasons we’re your top-choice among factoring companies in Henderson and throughout the United States is because we’re able to provide funding to many companies, no matter what business stage, size or situation they’re in.

From start-ups and growing companies, to those going through financial challenges such as credit issues, tax liens or business bankruptcies, we can provide you with a steady cash flow to help you take back control of your business finances.

As long as you’re working for credit-worthy customers and are waiting to get paid from other companies, we can fund you through our Henderson invoice factoring programs.

Industries that Use Henderson Factoring Companies

Many industries benefit from our accounts-receivable financing and invoice factoring programs as it speeds up cash flow. Not only is your cash flow increased, but you’ll be able to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about when you’ll get paid.

Since 1994, we’ve funded many industries including:

Technology: IT services, web design, network administration, software services, consulting and more Telecommunication: cell tower contractors, wireless contractors, fiber optic installation and more
Heavy Construction: HDD, environmental services, heavy equipment rental, crane operators and more Government Contractors: local, state, federal, construction, services, security, defense and more
Oilfield Services: frac sand haulers and suppliers, roustabouts, gravel haulers, site preparation and more Utility & Pipeline: pipeline construction, pipeline maintenance, utility locators, gas line installation and more
Staffing Agencies: general labor, administration, clerical, medical and healthcare and more Renewable Energy: water, solar, wind, construction, maintenance, operations, site preparation and more
Trucking & Freight: flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, heavy haulers, log haulers, hot shots, van carriers and more Many More: wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, apparel, printing, welding and more

Henderson, NV

With 290,000 residents, Henderson is Nevada’s second-largest city and has been recognized as one of the safest cities in the US by Forbes magazine. Award-winning healthcare, a favorable tax structure, and accredited parks, fire departments, and police departments all help make this a unique community where people enjoy a high quality of life.

Henderson has become home to a variety of nationally recognized special events as well as a thriving metropolitan cultural arts scene, yet the city has retained an endearing small-town atmosphere. Master-planned communities and numerous housing options make Henderson a desirable place to live, and as a result of this as well as its tax structure, many business owners have been drawn to the area. Besides the thriving economic development of the area, there is also a range of recreation opportunities, indoors and out, for people of all ages.


Henderson began forming during World War II when the Basic Magnesium Plant was built. The town quickly became one of the country’s leading suppliers of magnesium, which was used for airplane engines, incendiary munition casings and more. After World War II, however, Henderson’s future was uncertain. When magnesium production was no longer needed for defense, vast numbers of Basic Magnesium’s 14,000 workers moved away. More than half of the houses in town – along with two-thirds of the seats in local schools – sat empty.

The Nevada Legislature visited Henderson to explore the possibility of saving the city. They quickly approved the purchase of the industrial plants by the Colorado River Commission of Nevada. The local industry helped and in 1953, Henderson was incorporated with a population of 7,410. The city elected Dr. Jim French as its first mayor. Between Henderson’s first days as a city and today, its size has grown from 13 square miles to over 94.

In 1988, a rocket fuel factory in what is now the Gibson Springs neighborhood caught fire. The massive explosions and blaze spewed smoke, rocket fuel, and toxic fumes throughout Henderson. The explosions even caused earthquakes, some of which measured over 3.0 on the Richter Scale. Two people died, and another 372 were injured. However, this disaster spurred rebuilding and increased development, including residential and commercial development as well as historical industrial development – and today, there are no signs of the explosion. Office buildings now sit in the place where it happened.


Henderson has been a manufacturing center for most of its relatively short history. Though its economy was initially based firmly on magnesium production, it has since diversified. The city still produces metals and industrial chemicals, but now it has added other industries such as communications technology to its repertoire. Also, the community has spent the past couple of decades working with city leaders and businesses to further add to the local economy with programs designed to attract other modern industries. As a result, education services, computer and electronic transfer, and medical and biomedical technology have all been showing growth in Henderson.

The economy here shows no signs of slowing down, either. Thousands of people move to the area each month. Levi Strauss, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Good Humor-Breyers, and Ford Credit are just a few of the major corporations located here. A few of the goods produced here in significant quantities include clothing, baked goods, and other food products. Tourism also has a natural effect on the local economy, partly because of Henderson’s proximity to Las Vegas.

Commercial shipping also plays a role, as southern Clark County is an extensive transportation network hub serviced by three highway corridors: Highway 93, Highway 95, and Interstate 15. The area is served by over 50 motor freight carriers. Also, there are numerous warehousing and support services available in the area, such as US Customs service, packaging support, and foreign trade zone accommodations. Henderson is linked to markets in most US states via the Union Pacific Railroad as well.

Art and Culture

The Water Street District is home to a wealth of art – on the street, on the walls of buildings, and throughout the city blocks. There are also many cultural events held here that make this quite a vibrant neighborhood. This area is rich in both art and history. Local artists hold premieres and private showings through the year; their artworks include everything from folk to fine art, and guests enjoy exhibits in a friendly atmosphere. The City Lights Art Gallery, Elayne LaPorta Fine Arta, and Mikel’s Fine Art Photography are a few places to see stunning art.

Art is also found in mural form throughout the Water Street District. Visitors should be sure to check out the murals at The Muffler Shop, the Sprint Building, and the Rainbow Club Casino – among many others. Also, those who enjoy museums will love the Clark County Heritage Museum, an affordable and educational venue that holds interactive exhibits with a focus on history.

Of course, with Las Vegas less than a half hour’s drive away, there are even more creative and cultural opportunities available. Vegas has more than casinos to offer; it also boasts endless cultural events, art galleries, and public artworks to enjoy. The Charleston Heights Art Gallery, for instance, feature the work of local and national artists; the City Hall Chamber Gallery holds exhibits that focus on downtown culture and diversity. There are also plenty of places to see plays, musical performances, poetry readings, dance shows, and much more.


Whether you spend the day in Henderson proper or make the short drive to nearby Vegas, there are plenty of things to see and do for residents and visitors of all ages. For starters, you can see the Grand Canyon via an exciting helicopter tour. Spend a few hours taking in the breathtaking views and even (optionally) visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Or check out the Lion Habitat Ranch and spend the day getting up close with over 40 lions and cubs on a self-guided walking tour (or choose the private guided tour and watch the trainers feeding and bathing the animals).

Many people who visit Nevada give casinos a high priority on their itineraries. Gambling is fun and a great way to beat the summer heat. Try your luck at the Emerald Island Casino, the Rainbow Club, and Casino, the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino, the Jokers Wild Casino, or any of the many others throughout Henderson and Las Vegas.

Lake Las Vegas is another way to stay cool when temperatures soar. Paddleboard, kayak, canoe, or take a gondola ride; or go all out and host a yacht cruise for a very special occasion. Visitors who enjoy relaxing with an adult beverage will also like the Las Vegas Distillery. Take a tour, attend a tasting, and learn about the process and how smaller distilleries work. Or, take the family to Cowabunga Bay Waterpark for the afternoon and enjoy some of the most thrilling waterslides and other attractions around. You can also spend days enjoying the local cuisine or shopping for gifts or souvenirs to take back home; Henderson has many different specialty shops with various offerings to appeal to all the different people who find themselves here, whether living, working, or playing. As you can see, this unique city offers a rich culture, great housing options, and tons of interesting, fun, and exciting things to do and see.