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Get Cash In Three Easy Steps With Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing, is a debt-free financing option companies turn to in order to get the quick cash they need.

factoring companies in CamdenScale Funding is your top choice among other factoring companies in Camden and New Jersey, because we make the process simple and quick. Get the cash your business needs in just three simple steps.

  1. Contact one of our financial representatives and inquire about our special Camden invoice factoring programs. In as little as 15 minutes, we’ll get you approved and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Once you’re quickly setup, send your invoices directly to Scale Funding.
  3. The same-day that we receive your invoices, we’ll advance you a high percentage of the invoice total. While we wait for your customer to pay the invoice, you’ll have working capital for bills, payroll and more. When your customer pays the invoice 30, 60 or 90 days later, we’ll remit the remaining balance to you, minus a small fee for our services.

Customized Programs

There are many reasons companies choose our Camden accounts-receivable financing programs over others.

Slow-Paying Customers If you’re waiting to get paid and could use the cash now, our factoring programs are your solution. We’ll get you paid same-day for the work you do.
Need Quick Cash Factoring provides you with the quick cash your business needs to thrive.
Start-Ups As a start-up, it can be challenging getting a loan or line of credit with little or no financial history. However, our Camden invoice factoring programs can help you.
Expanding If you need cash to meet the growing demands of your business, we can help. We offer same-day funding solutions.
Bad Credit or No Credit Our Camden accounts-receivable financing programs aren’t dependent on your credit, rather the credit worthiness of your customers.
Bank Workouts and Turn-Downs Even if the bank turns you away, we can still help.

Industry Expertise

For more than 22 years, Scale Funding has provided a cash-flow solution to thousands of companies throughout Camden, New Jersey and North America. Some of the industries that have benefited from our invoice factoring services include:

  • Trucking & Freight
  • Telecom and Wireless
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Technology Companies
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Government Contractors
  • Oilfield Services
  • Heavy Construction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Many More

factoring companies in CamdenCamden, New Jersey

Camden is located in southern New Jersey, across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Made up of more than twenty different neighborhoods, the city got its name from one of the original settlements in the region, which was named after Charles Pratt, 1st Earl of Camden.


The fur trade in the early 1600s brought the first European settlers to present-day Camden. The first long-term European settlement was Fort Nassau, which was built by the Dutch West India Company in 1626, but was abandoned by 1651. Seeking religious freedom, Quakers began to settle the area in the late 1600s after establishing a successful colony across the Delaware River called Philadelphia. A ferry system was built to facilitate trade between the new Quaker colony and the various settlements that had developed along the river, attracting more settlers to the region. Villages began to spring up at the ferry sites, primarily built by the families of William Cooper, John Kaighn and Archibald Mickle. The descendants of these three families laid the foundation for the future city of Camden, as their lands were combined to create the city. In the late 1800s, Camden saw an early rise in industry, which was elevated after the introduction of the railroad.

Fueled by industry, Camden was very successful in the early 1900s; however, the city struggled in the late 20th century and was named one of the nation’s poorest and most dangerous cities. Recently, Camden has made a major turn around. Through new tax incentives for development and an increased focus on safety and education, the city is experiencing revitalization. Currently, there are more than $2 billion in active projects in the city, either in the planning stages or already under construction. Additionally, the city’s new police force, run by Camden County, has drastically reduced crime. Today, Camden’s future looks bright.


Over the past decade, the New Jersey Department of Transportation has made significant improvements to its infrastructure to create a stronger freight and logistics industry in the southern region of the state. These improvements have led to double-digit percentage increases in cargo growth over the past four years. The South Jersey Port Corporation, a state-created corporation, operates the marine shipping terminals in seven counties in the South Jersey area and Camden is home to two of them, Balzano and Broadway. The Balzano and Broadway Marine Terminals are full-service cargo terminals, with heavy lift crane capability, storage and on-dock rail service. In fact, of all the South Jersey ports, the Balzano and Broadway terminals in Camden are the only ones to have a four-rail line system to provide its freight customers with efficient surface transportation in the most cost effective way possible. These terminals are serviced by three class A rail services, Conrail, CSX and Norfolk Southern. In addition, they provide easy access to a major highway network, including multiple U.S. and state routes. Camden’s close proximity to many major markets, including New York City, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, make it a strategic location for intermodal services.

Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company, founded in Camden in 1869, has played an important role in the city’s history. In fact, when Campbell’s Soup was incorporated in 1891 it was one of the driving forces behind Camden’s rapid industrialization. Today, Campbell’s is a global food company, with annual sales of close to $8 billion, and it continues to be an important part of the economy of Camden. In addition to providing jobs to the city’s labor force, Campbell’s gives back to the community through food donations and grants to nonprofit community service associations. The company is committed to staying in the city and recently made a $132 million investment into its facilities. In addition, Campbell’s has made a significant investment in Camden’s future by developing the vacant land surrounding its headquarters and revitalizing the Gateway District to attract new companies to bring their businesses there. Campbell’s new development, called Knights Crossing, has already attracted a major company to Camden, Subaru, which began construction on its new corporate headquarters in early 2015. Expected to open in 2017, the new $118 million headquarters will combine the company’s four facilities in the region into one main facility, bringing new jobs and economic opportunities to Camden.

Education and Healthcare

Education and healthcare, commonly known as the “Eds and Meds” in Camden, have become two of the largest sectors of the city’s economy. Camden’s nine “Eds and Meds” anchor institutions have an economic impact of more than $2 billion per year. Camden’s anchor institutions include CAMcare, Camden Community College, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, Cooper University Health Care, Lourdes Health System, Rowan University/Rutgers-Camden Board of Governors, Rowan University, Rutgers-Camden, and Virtua Camden. The “Eds and Meds” are the city’s largest employers, employing more than 40 percent of Camden’s workforce. In addition to providing jobs, these two industries have been an important part of the city’s revitalization, as they have not only invested in their own facilities, but they have attracted new businesses to the area.