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Turn Your Invoices Into Cash

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing, is a quick cash-flow solution that many Paterson, New Jersey companies use when dealing with slow-paying customers. Invoice factoring provides your business with the instant cash you need for bills, payroll and more. Factoring ccompanies in Paterson

While there are many factoring companies in Paterson and New Jersey, Scale Funding makes the process quick and easy. There are just three simple steps to get the financing you need.

Step 1:

Contact us today and inquire about our Paterson invoice factoring programs. In just 15 minutes, one of our team members will approve you for one of our custom programs and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2:

Once you’re approved, send your invoices to us.

Step 3:

Once your account is set up and we receive your invoices, we’ll advance you a percentage of your invoice amount directly into your bank account. While we wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for your customers to submit payment, you’ll have access to the cash that would normally be tied up in your receivables. Once your customer pays the invoice, we’ll deposit the remaining amount into your bank account, less our guaranteed low factoring fee.

Flexible Programs, Customized Solutions

Many companies rely on Scale Funding over other financial institutions and factoring companies in Paterson because our programs are flexible and custom to work with your business needs. Below are a few examples of different business situations we can help with.

 Slow-Paying Customers Instead of waiting weeks or months for customer payment, get paid same-day with invoice factoring.
 Growing Rapidly If you’re growing quicker than cash is coming in, our Patterson accounts-receivable financing programs can speed up your cash flow.
 Less-than-Perfect or Maxed-Out Credit Our approvals rely on the credit of your customers rather than yours.
 Bank Turn-Downs or Workouts Even if the bank can’t help, we can.
 Bankruptcy If you’ve filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and are in need of DIP financing, we can work with you.
 Cash to Operate If you need working capital to operate your business, our factoring programs will provide you with a consistent cash-flow solution.

Financing B2B Industries Since 1994

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided a cash-flow solution to many B2B industries through our customized factoring programs. Some of the industries include:

  • Trucking & Freight
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Government Contractors
  • Pipeline & Utility
  • Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Heavy Construction
  • Telecom & Wireless

Paterson, New Jersey

Located in Passaic County, within the state of New Jersey, Paterson is one of its largest and most influential urban regions. Recent census results estimate this city’s population to be at around 147,000 people. This makes it one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, after New York.

Paterson city is known for its hot and humid summers and cold winters. It also has quite a diverse demographic, holding a large population of immigrants from all over the world. All this serves to make Paterson one of the most friendly, vibrant and eclectic communities in the United States.Factoring companies in Paterson

Paterson is more commonly known by its nickname, the Silk City. This is because, in the latter part of the 19th Century, it played a prominent role in the production of silk. Since then, this city has evolved into a powerhouse for economic development, art, culture and entertainment. It has become one of the best urban arrears to live and work in.


Paterson has a long, winding history. The area was initially inhabited by the Delaware Indians, a Native American tribe. During this time, their settlement was referred to as Lenapehoking. Then, this land was claimed as New Netherlands by the Dutch, and finally as New Jersey province by the British.

The city’s story begins, however, with Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was the first Secretary of Treasury for the U.S. He established the Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufacturers (SUM) in 1791. This organization worked towards harnessing Passaic River’s kinetic energy in order to gain financial independence from British manufacturers.

In pursuit of this goal, SUM went on to establish the town of Paterson in 1792. It went on to become the epicenter of America’s industrial revolution. It was named after the Governor of New Jersey at the time, William Paterson. When Passaic County was created in 1837, Paterson became a part of it. Paterson officially became a city in 1851.

Paterson initially housed numerous industries and mills, all powered by Passaic River’s Great Falls. The area specialized in manufacturing textiles, firearms, rail locomotives and silk. This industrialization also provided the initial push of development and urbanization for the city. Silk production became Paterson’s most important industry in the latter part of the 19th century, leading to great prosperity for its people.


In the years after World War II, Paterson experienced a severe economic decline. Competition from other upScale malls led to the closure of most of Paterson’s large chain stores. Industry and manufactures also suffered depression, and many of the city’s mills closed down. This economic instability led to very high rates of unemployment and civil unrest.

However, Paterson’s economy has since seen a revival of its economy. This has been spurred on mostly by the establishment of small businesses by its native and immigrant population. Apart from entrepreneurship, the main industries in Paterson are now construction, retail trade, transportation and logistics, professional and administrative services and the arts.

While manufacturing still makes up a significant portion of the city’s GDP, it does not rate as highly as it did in its heyday. The average household income is estimated to be $33,000. This shows that the area is well on its way to attaining its former prosperity.

Culture and Attractions

Paterson has an extensive network of lush greenery and accessible parks. These include the Great Falls of the Passaic, Pennington Park, the People’s Park and many others. This is combined with numerous scenic trails for walking and biking, spaces for outdoor sports, and areas for quiet and peaceful contemplation.

Because of its extensive history, many of the city’s buildings are designated nationally as historic places. These include a number of museums, public and private buildings, libraries and churches. The most famous of these places are City Hall, Danforth Memorial Library and Hinchliffe Stadium.

A lot of its districts, such as the Paterson Downtown Commercial Historic District and Eastside Park Historic District, are also listed as historic places. Another significant attraction is the Lambert Castle. The overall vibe and architecture of Paterson will transport you back to a more distinguished, beautiful and chic era.

Leisure and Entertainment

Paterson is known for an eclectic but vibrant entertainment scene. You can visit any number of museums, theaters and outdoor spaces for wholesome fun that will appeal to the whole family. You can also book exciting tours to take you around the city’s beautifully preserved historic places.

Furthermore, Paterson is a hub for great nightclubs and concert venues. The city’s large Italian-American population also brings to it a distinct fun vibe. If you are looking for an enjoyable night out, Paterson will leave you with plenty of choices. Food lovers will also find an array of local and international cuisine to satisfy any palate.

Paterson is also well connected to neighboring residential and commercial networks through a top-notch system of transit routes. This puts it in close proximity to areas like Jersey City, Hoboken and Sussex City. This makes it easier for times when you want to sample entertainment options in nearby towns. Paterson is truly a unique, diverse and fun place to live and work.