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There are many factoring companies in Charlotte, North Carolina. These factoring companies serve small and mid-size businesses in need of immediate cash.

Tired Of Waiting To Get Paid?

If you’re tired of waiting to get paid from your customers, it’s time to contact Scale Funding about our Charlotte invoice factoring programs.

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Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, speeds up your cash flow. Instead of waiting for 30, 60, or even 90 days or more for customer payment, our programs pay you same-day. We’ll advance up to 95 percent of your invoice amount directly into your bank account. Once your customer pays the invoice, the remaining five percent is deposited, minus a minimal fee for our services.factoring companies in Charlotte

Companies choose our Charlotte accounts receivable financing programs over business loans or lines of credit because the process is quick, funding is fast, and it does not create any debt. Contact a financial representative at Scale Funding today to get approved in as little as 15 minutes.

Factoring Companies in Charlotte – Expertise

There are several factoring companies in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, but Scale Funding offers more than 22 years of experience in several industries. Some of these include:

TelecommunicationsGovernment Contractors
Heavy ConstructionUtility & Pipeline
Renewable EnergyTrucking & Freight
Oilfield ContractorsStaffing Agencies

Flexible Programs, Custom Solutions

Our Charlotte invoice factoring programs are flexible and custom giving us the ability to work with many businesses.

As long as you invoice other businesses and are waiting to get paid, we can help speed up your cash flow.

We fund:

  • Companies in Need of Quick Cash
  • Bank Turndowns
  • Companies with less-than-perfect or Maxed-Out Credit
  • Startups
  • Growing Companies
  • Businesses Who’ve Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Companies with Tax Issues such as Liens
  • Companies in Bank Workout Situations

Contact Scale Funding today over other factoring companies in Charlotte and North Carolina. We’ll customize the program to fit your business needs. For an immediate factoring consultation and quote, call 800-707-4845.

Charlotte, North Carolina

factoring companies in Charlotte provide cash flow to businesses Located in the middle of the state and close to the border of South Carolina, Charlotte is a vibrant city that is rich with history. Charlotte’s nickname is the “Queen City” because it was named after Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III of England.


Charlotte was built at the former intersection of two Native American trading paths. Today, that same place is the intersection of two major roads, Trade and Tyron, and is known as Independence Square. In 1799, a 17-pound nugget of gold was found in the area, which launched the first gold rush in the United States. Although the gold rush was short lived, this period set up Charlotte as a financial center as it led to the founding of the Charlotte Mint in 1837. During the Civil War, Charlotte became the location of the Confederate Navy Yard, after the Confederates were forced to move from Norfolk to avoid risking capture. Charlotte was chosen because of its proximity to the railroad and, with a distance of about 200 miles to the ocean, it was far out of reach for the Union Navy. After the Civil War, the city became an industrial center and was responsible for a majority of the cotton processing in the nation. Charlotte specialized in agriculture, tobacco, and textiles, which were conveniently shipped around the country with direct access to major railroad lines.

Finance and Business

factoring companies in Charlotte provide cash flow to businesses Building on its history in finance, North Carolina was one of the first states to allow banks to have multiple branches within the same state. This law gave Charlotte a head start in the banking industry and led it to become the second leading financial center in the United States. It is home to the headquarters of many major finance companies, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Charlotte is one of the leaders in industrial and commercial loans in the country and ranks in the top ten for the number of venture capital loans made. Known for being a trendsetter in the financial sector, Charlotte has begun to expand into the international finance market. Many banks in the area have international departments, as well as additional branches overseas. In addition to finance, Charlotte is home to seven Fortune 500 companies, including Lowe’s, Nucor, and Sonic Automotive.


Although not as prolific as it once was, Charlotte still has a healthy manufacturing industry. The manufacturing sector supports approximately 30 percent of the economy of the Charlotte region and directly employs over 140,000 people. Manufacturing companies in Charlotte specialize in a wide variety of products in advanced and traditional manufacturing, including everything from electrical equipment and machines to textiles and food products. Some of the leading advanced manufacturing companies in the Charlotte region are Schaeffler Group USA Inc., Daimler Trucks North America, and Carrier Corp. Charlotte’s economic sectors tend to work together as there are also many manufacturing companies that produce equipment for the energy industry within the city.


Charlotte’s energy sector has emerged to become a significant portion of the economy. Charlotte is home to over 260 companies directly tied to the energy sector. It also employs more than 30,000 people and indirectly provides another 55,000 jobs to the region. Charlotte’s energy sector is divided into three collaborative sections, services and construction, manufacturing, and generation and distribution. Of the three, services and construction employs the largest amount of people. Charlotte’s energy sector is very diverse, with companies providing natural gas, nuclear, coal, and renewable energy. Major energy companies like Duke Energy and Siemens Energy Inc. are the largest employers in the sector, but Charlotte also attracts many alternative energy startups. One of the reasons the energy industry is attracted to Charlotte is its highly educated workforce and Charlotte’s proximity to major research universities and community colleges.

Other Important Industries factoring companies in Charlotte

Aerospace and defense are also important sectors of Charlotte’s economy. Charlotte has more than 1,000 local contractors for the Department of Defense and is home to over 100 aerospace companies. Additionally, Charlotte is a major hub for NASCAR racing. Motorsports represent a $6 billion industry for North Carolina, and Charlotte is the center of it. There are four major racing venues in the Charlotte region as well as countless manufacturing and distribution companies related to the industry.