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Immediate Financing with Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a way for businesses to obtain immediate financing by turning their open invoices into working capital.  While there are many financing and factoring companies in Hickory and throughout North Carolina, Scale Funding is proud to be your number-one choice. We make the process of obtaining cash for your business simple and straightforward. Take a look below at the comparison between our invoice factoring programs and bank loans and lines of credit.

Hickory Invoice Factoring Programs

Loans & Lines of Credit

Short Approval – 15 MinutesLengthy Approval Process
Based on Your Customers’ CreditBased on Your Credit
No Additional Debt CreatedAdditional Debt Created
Eliminates Wait for Customer PaymentWait for Customer Payment Still Exists
Same-Day FundingFunding Takes Weeks or Months

Apply for Factoring

Stop waiting to get paid and get approved today for a customized account receivable financing program. We offer month-to-month financing programs ranging from $50,000 up to $20 million.

factoring companies in HickoryWhy a Hickory Factoring Company?

Companies in a variety of situations choose our Hickory accounts receivable financing lines because they are custom and can work for businesses with a variety of cash needs.

The main reason companies factor is to speed up their cash flow. Instead of worrying about when you’ll get paid and waiting for customer payment, invoice factoring provides consistent cash flow through same-day funding.

Businesses with less-than-perfect credit or maxed-out credit also work with a Hickory factoring company to get working capital. Even if a bank turned you down, you can still get financing through invoice factoring as the approval process is based on your customers’ payment history and trends.

Industry Expertise

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided cash-flow financing to many industries throughout the entire United States and Canada.

Trucking & FreightOilfield Services
Staffing AgenciesTelecom & Wireless
TechnologyHeavy Construction
PipelineRenewable Energy

Choose Scale Funding as your Hickory factoring company. We’ll get you approved for a custom program with a low rate in as little as 15 minutes.

Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory is home to 40,000 plus residents and is the key city in the Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which has a population of more than 365,000.

factoring companies in HickoryHistory

Hickory got its name from a Huge Hickory tree under which Henry Robinson built a tavern of logs in the 1850s. The original name of the city was Hickory Tavern which was co-founded by Dolph Shuford. The city was established in 1863. In 1873, Hickory Tavern dropped the ‘Tavern’ and became known simply as Hickory.

A man known as Henry Link bought land in Hickory Tavern, as it was known then, for $45 in 1858, a year before the first train operated in the city. The house he built is known today as The 1859 Cafe. It was operated as a restaurant but was shut down in 2011. Hickory was a progressive town being one of the first to install electricity in 1888. It also had a complete and running sewage system in 1904.

The first school in Hickory, Free Academy, was founded by Dr. Jeremiah Gold in 1868. Dr. Gold was a pastor of the German Reformed Grace Church. Education development in the region continued with the establishment of the Lenoir-Rhyne University in 1891 by four Lutheran pastors. The institute was previously known as Highland Academy. The university kicked off operations with 12 students.

One of the earliest furniture manufacturers is located in Hickory. It began operations under the name Hickory Manufacturing Company but later changed it to Hickory White. It still stands on the original site where it was set up in 1902. The company supported the war effort by making ammunition boxes for the US military. It had to shelf furniture making temporarily to do this.

Postwar, Hickory acquired a new reputation; a miraculous one. It was known for the ‘miracle of Hickory.’ There was a terrifying outbreak of polio in the area in 1944. Treatment facilities were inadequate at the time and the community, with assistance from the March of Dimes, decided to come together to build a hospital which would care for its little ones. This project rolled out a spree of development projects in the town with other buildings coming up.


These factors are responsible for making Hickory an economic hub in both the county and the nation:

  • Wagon-Making Technology
  • Superb Transportation
  • Proximity to Large Tracts of Forested Areas
  • Easy Access to Power
  • Experience in Textile Manufacturing

As a result, furniture industries came naturally to the city, and the area made huge strides economy wise.

Hickory hosts many prominent furniture industries as well as fiber optic cable and pressure sensitive tape. Records show that Hickory meets at least 40 percent of the world’s fiber optic needs.

Sights and Sounds

A must-see facility in Hickory is Lake Hickory which was formed in 1927 on the Catawba River after the Oxford Dam was completed. The lake which covers approximately 4,223 acres has a 935 feet full pond elevation. Residents and visitors love the lake for its boating, fishing, and other aqua activities.

Hickory is a great city with an awesome history, a well-established education system, and if for no other reason, one might visit for the sole purpose of going on a pilgrimage to Chris Hughes’s (co-founder of Facebook) birthplace.