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3 Simple Steps to Get Cash with Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring provides immediate cash for businesses so they can keep up with daily operating expenses and have the opportunity to grow.  Instead of waiting weeks or even months for customer payment, get paid same day with Scale Funding, your top choice among factoring companies in Thomasville and North Carolina.

The process to get started with invoice factoring is quick and straightforward. You’ll have the working capital you need in three simple steps.

factoring companies in Thomasville turn invoices into same-day cashFirst, contact one of our financial representatives. We’ll ask you a few questions about your needs, and in as little as 15 minutes, we’ll get you approved for a factoring program that works for you.

Second, send your invoices directly to us.

Lastly, get the cash your business needs. Once you’re set up, we fund you same day on your invoices. You’ll have the cash you need to keep up with your business demands.

Why Factor?

Invoice factoring also referred to as accounts receivable financing, is a cash-flow solution used by companies in many situations to obtain working capital. Below are a few of the common reasons companies turn to invoice factoring.

Slow-Paying Customers Speed up your cash flow from slow-paying customers by getting paid same-day on your invoices with our Thomasville accounts receivable financing programs.
Credit Companies with no credit, less-than-credit, or maxed-out credit can easily qualify for invoice factoring as the approval is based on your customers’ credit rather than yours.
Growing Companies Expanding companies need steady cash flow to keep up with the growing demands of their business. Our Thomasville invoice factoring programs provide consistent cash flow with same-day funding.
Bankruptcy Get back on your feet after a business bankruptcy with invoice factoring.


For more than 20 years, Scale Funding has provided cash-flow financing to a number of B2B industries in Thomasville, North Carolina, and throughout North America. Some of the industries we specialize in include:

  • Trucking & Freight
  • Telecom & Wireless
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Heavy Construction
  • Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Government Contractors

Thomasville, North Carolina

Thomasville is one of the cities in the Piedmont Triad. It is famed for its furniture industry, something it has in common with its neighbors Lexington and High Point. Thomasville is located in Davidson County and has a population of 26,757 residents.

The city is also noted for ‘Everybody’s Day’ which is the oldest festival in the state of North Carolina. Thomasville most recognized landmark is ‘The Big Chair,’ and the city also hosts the oldest railway depot in the state having been built around the railway system.


The story of Thomasville begins with John Warwick Thomas. Born in 1800 on the 27th of June, Thomas met and married Mary Lambeth. At 22 years old, Thomas became the proud owner of 384 acres of land in the Cedar Lodge area. By the time he was 30, the ambitious young man was a state representative, and in 1848, he became a state senator.

Being in a place of power as a senator, Thomas was able to push for and invest money in the railroad project, which he hoped would run through Davidson County. With the assurance that the railroad was coming, he built a store in 1852 at West Main and Salem streets, as the place is known today. Shortly after that, the area was named Thomasville in honor of its founder.

The railroad did come through as Thomas expected and it passed through Davidson. This took place in 1855, and the railroad was named the North Carolina Railroad. It reached Thomasville on November 9th. Thomasville was incorporated on January 8, 1857. The railroad ran through the town dividing it into two sections; south and north.

The newly incorporated Thomasville had 308 residents in 1860, a number that went down to 217 after the Civil War. However, growth picked up and in 1880, and the population hit 752 residents.

The first person to venture into the furniture trade is believed to have been Long Bill Whiteheart who made split-bottom chairs at his home.

Westmoreland also made chairs at home but eventually established a factory in 1879. Unfortunately, his company was razed down by a fire in 1898 and was never rebuilt. Standard Chair, a company that was still in operation in 1990, was the oldest company from that era. Other furniture companies that came up in the area were:

  • Thompson Chair
  • Lambeth Furniture
  • Queen Chair Company

Other notable furniture companies include Cramer Chair which was alleged to be the largest in 1901. Thomasville Chair took over that throne when it was established in 1904 and quickly became the leading furniture maker.

More enterprises came up in Thomasville with the establishment of textile companies like Jewel Cotton Mills in 1909 and Amazon Cotton Mills. Other textile factories soon sprang up, including Sellers Hosiery Mills and Thomasville Hosiery.

Chair Town or Chair City, Thomasville’s commonly used moniker, originated from the 30-foot landmark armchair that is an imitation of a Duncan Phyfe chair. It sits right in the middle of the city. There was one before it that was constructed in 1922 by the Thomasville Furniture Industries then known as the Thomasville Chair Company. It was built to reflect the city’s furniture industry for which it was mainly known. This original Big Chair was however ravaged by the elements and had to be taken down after 15 years. The one that still stands was erected in 1951.


The city has its own public school system despite being a part of Davidson County. The system consists of four schools:

  • Thomasville Primary
  • Liberty Drive Elementary
  • Thomasville Middle School
  • Thomasville High School

Nevertheless, there are other schools in the Thomasville under the jurisdiction of Davidson County. They include:

  • Breer Creek Elementary
  • Fair Grove Elementary
  • Hasty Elementary
  • Wallburg Elementary
  • Friendship Elementary School
  • Pilot Elementary
  • Lawson Brown Middle School
  • Ledford Middle School
  • East Davidson High School
  • Ledford High School


The city is mainly known for its furniture industries. Thomasville not only manufactures furniture and cabinetry, but it also has wholesale and retail outlets. The city, therefore, receives a lot of attention from furniture merchants as well as those who want to learn the trade. Thomasville Furniture Industries also branched out into Lenoir, North Carolina.

Thomasville is a pleasant city with a thriving furniture trade and the oldest festival in North Carolina county which would be intriguing for visitors to see. The Big Chair is also a huge attraction as is the history behind it. Thomasville also has a fascinating history regarding its furniture industry and its growth from a 302-strong community to the thriving city it is today.