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Speed up Your Cash Flow Today

Invoice factoring, also known as receivable factoring or accounts-receivable financing, is a business funding method companies use to speed up their cash flow. Instead of waiting weeks or months for payment from slow-paying customers, invoice factoring with Scale Funding allows you to get paid the day you invoice.

While some companies may look to a bank for a loan or line of credit, our Crosby invoice factoring programs offer many advantages over other financing options. First, instead of going through a lengthy approval process with extensive paperwork, we will approve you in as little as 15 minutes and get you set up with minimal paperwork. With a bank, it may take months to get the funding you need to operate or grow your company; however, with Scale Funding, we get you funded same-day, making us your top choice among factoring companies in Crosby.

Industries We Finance

We’re able to finance a variety of industries through our Crosby accounts-receivable financing programs. Essentially, if you’re waiting to get paid and you invoice other businesses, our factoring programs could be your business financing solution.

Some of the industries we’ve funded over the past 20+ years include:

Oilfield Service Companies Trucking & Freight Heavy Construction
Utility & Pipeline Government Contractors Staffing Agencies
Telecom & Wireless Technology Renewable Energy

Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs

factoring companies in CrosbyOne of the reasons businesses choose Scale Funding over other financing and factoring companies in Crosby and North Dakota is because we’re able to customize our programs to fit the unique needs of each business. We offer monthly programs ranging from $50,000 to $20 million to keep up with the demands of your business each month.

If your business is fits into one of the below situations, our invoice factoring programs can work for you.

  • Waiting to Get Paid
  • Growing
  • Starting up
  • Less-than-perfect or Maxed-out Credit
  • Turned down by a Bank
  • Bankruptcy
  • In Need of Quick Cash

Crosby, North Dakota

Crosby is the county seat of Divide County in North Dakota, which is a stone’s throw from Montana and Canada. The city covers a total land area of 1.37 square miles. According to the U.S. Census, the population of the city was 1,070 in 2010, and was comprised of primarily Scandinavian people. The population rose to 1,383 in 2014. The city is gradually expanding into a modern-era city.


Divide County is among the newest counties formed during the Homestead Era, but according to research, the land was inhabited several centuries ago. The Dakota Territory came into existence in 1873, when the Divide County area was made a part of Wallette County. In the following years, the Northern Pacific Railroad organized two smaller counties and by 1891, the county was known as Divide County. The first homesteaders made their way into North Dakota in 1903. In 1904, a businessman from Portal named S.A. Crosby involved himself in the construction and development of the city of Crosby. Crosby came into existence at the last branch line of the Great Northern Railway, which started in Berthold.

Crosby became the county seat of North Dakota in 1912 because of the rigorous and ambitious campaigns by the local people of Crosby and Noonan. In 1917, several of Crosby’s prominent buildings were constructed, which started attracting visitors and entrepreneurs to the small city.

factoring companies in CrosbyIn 1926, the first oil venture was launched in the city and minerals were leased through 2004. Commercial strip mining and underground lignite mines came into the picture in 1930.

In 1993, the city of Crosby imposed a local sales tax by passing the home rule charter to encourage economic development in the city.

The small city is a paradise for the people who wish to live a simple life close to nature.


Farming is the major source of income and the economic driving force in Crosby. People of Crosby are also employed in the field of energy, particularly in oil and gas production, as well as in retail, services and health care. The oil field in Crosby has provided a growing number of jobs in the past years and analysts believe that that number is likely to rise in the coming years. The largest employers of Crosby include St. Luke Hospital, Divide County School District and New Century Ag.

Recreational Activities

Noonan Dam, Skjermo Lake and Tanberg Dam are the major recreational areas in the city of Crosby. The city offers many recreational activities, including: water sports, camping, fishing and hiking. Ice fishing is a popular sport in the winter.

Tourist Attractions

Threshing Bee

Every third weekend in July, the small city of Crosby comes alive with light and sound. Tractor and antique car parades are the major attractions of the Threshing Bee. The fair is also renowned for its authentic breakfast and food. Visitors can enjoy freshly-baked, mouth-watering items, baked in the old-fashioned bakery. This three-day festival recreates the life of prairie some 100 years ago.

Divide County Fair
The fair is held every year at the Divide County Fairgrounds in Crosby. The county fair is houses FFA livestock, traditional 4-H livestock and many farm-related exhibits. Also, the annual rhubarb baking contest allows the local bakers to compete and exemplify their baking skills. It’s a fair to visit to understand the rich farming culture in the city.

Crosby Country Club
The 9-hole golf course is an attraction for the golf lovers of this small city. The country club is located just five miles outside of Crosby and attracts a plethora of golf lovers throughout the year.

Crosby Community Center/Andrist Arena
The Andrist Arena offers club hockey to both adults and children above four years.

Dakota Theater
Due to the efforts of the Meadowlark Arts Council, the city has a first-class digital movie theater. The theater has been operating as a non-profit organization since 2000 and has managed to raise nearly $200,000 for building and equipment improvement. The theater is located close to the south side of the Divide County Courthouse.

Northwest Chorus

The first weekend of December is dedicated to the celebration of secular and sacred Christmas music, featuring a melodious chorus written by people from both sides of the Canadian border.

Living in the beautiful city of Crosby brings a myriad opportunities. Crosby is both a gateway to Canada and close distance from several important U.S. historical sites. The rich and simple culture is slowly resulting in the progressive development of the city.