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Invoices Into Immediate Cash

Factoring Companies in Cincinnati

Invoice Factoring, Your Cash-Flow Solution

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a cash-flow solution companies use to bridge the cash-flow gap from slow-paying customers.

Our Cincinnati invoice factoring programs work by selling your invoices to Scale Funding in exchange for immediate cash. While we wait to get paid, you’ll have the cash needed to pay your bills, meet payroll, invest in new resources or any other needs you may have.

Factoring Companies in CincinnatiBy choosing Scale Funding over other factoring companies in Cincinnati and Ohio, you’ll benefits from our easy-to-setup factoring lines and added back-office support.

  • 15 minute approvals
  • Invoices into same-day cash
  • High advance rates
  • Low, competitive factoring rates
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Professional collectors
  • Full treasury
  • Credit services
  • Online real-time reporting

Experienced In Many Industries

Since 1994, we’ve provided a cash-flow solution to many industries through our Cincinnati accounts-receivable financing programs. We have a team of experts in many industries including:

  • Oilfield
  • Trucking
  •  Technology
  • Government Contractors
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Renewable Energy
  • Heavy Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Many More

Commitment to Service

One of the reasons companies choose to work with Scale Funding over other factoring companies in Cincinnati and the United States is because we’re committed to helping customers succeed.

From start-ups to growing companies, steady cash flow is essential. We understand that slow-paying customers cause a cash-flow gap that makes operating and growing difficult.

Our Cincinnati invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing programs eliminate the cash-flow gap by paying you same-day.

We’re committed to your success and can help you obtain financial freedom. Whether you just need access to quick cash or you’re unable to obtain funding from a bank, Scale Funding can help.

Get started today by calling one of our financial experts and asking how or Cincinnati accounts-receivable financing can work for you.


Factoring Companies in CincinnatiCincinnati is a gorgeous city located on the Ohio River, which forms the border between Ohio and Kentucky. It’s a cultural crossroads between various music and art styles, as well as a growing entertainment, nightlife and culinary scene. Cincinnati maintains its history as one of the original boom towns of the United States while pushing forward into a new era of growth and revitalization.


Cincinnati was originally founded in 1788 under the name Losantiville. However, only two years later the name would be changed by the governor of the Northwest Territory to Cincinnati to honor the Society of the Cincinnati, which was composed of veterans of the Revolutionary War. Cincinnati was a relatively small riverside town until the introduction of steam boats onto the Ohio River. These new inventions allowed the city to connect with St. Louis and New Orleans to form key commercial and trade routes that would be the catalyst for major economic growth. The population tripled in a span of ten years, and the completion of the Erie Canal only furthered the expansion. Demand was so high in Cincinnati that by 1827, business owners actually struggled to hire enough employees to fill positions. It was during this time of economic prosperity that residents proudly christened their Cincinnati “The Queen City” a title which it still holds to this day.


Factoring Companies in CincinnatiWhile the city experience various financial ups and downs over the next two centuries, today Cincinnati boasts a robust and thriving economy. The city’s metropolitan area was actually the fastest growing out of all Midwest cities with a 2.5 percent overall economic increase. The primary reason for this sharp upturn is the vast amount of new industries that have recently taken root here. New major economic players include legal, architectural, advertising, and accounting services that have been having a great amount of success. These join more established industries like tech and construction to create one of the most diverse economic portfolios of any major cities. This is extremely beneficial because it prevents a downturn in any one industry from harming the overall health of Cincinnati’s economy. Overall, it is estimated that the regional economy clocks in at $121.4 billion dollars annually.


Another growing sector in the economy is tourism. Cincinnati has a wide range of things for visitors to see and do, and it is beginning to show the growing number of people visiting each year. For high art, guests to the city don’t have to look any farther than the Cincinnati Ballet. This dance group puts on several shows throughout the year, many of which have one prestigious awards. The all culminate at the end of the year in the classic rendition of The Nutcracker, by far the most popular of the theater’s shows and an annual tradition for many. Then there is the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, which has an amazing mix of traditional and contemporary shows. The symphony frequently puts on works composed by classic composers such as Beethoven, Bach and Handel. However, in an effort to introduce new audiences to the wonders of the symphony, they also have several programs that defy typical “serious” music conventions. These include live movie soundtracks of films such as Star Wars and Harry Potter as well as the American Voice series which has the orchestra back up a notable contemporary singers like country superstar Sara Evans. Finally, there is the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company which puts on several productions a year from the Bard’s entire catalogue. Theater goers will be able to see all the greats, including Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth.

If travelers aren’t into big productions or classical music, Cincinnati has a wonderful underground music scene that feels like it could have been brought to life straight out of 1920s America. Many small bars and restaurants around town have little-known stages that host both local and touring acts that play everything from rock to blues to jazz to folk music. Then there is the Madison LIVE. This is owned by the Madison Theater, which attracts national acts on a large stage. Madison LIVE, however, is a much smaller upstairs stage that is actually located outside on a spacious terrace. This is where local stars and up and coming acts perform on an intimate stage, allowing fans to get up close and personal with some of the stars of tomorrow. Finally there is Urban Artifact, a brewery and music venue located inside an old church. The exterior and much of the interior remains untouched, giving this place an entirely unique atmosphere music lovers won’t experience anywhere else. That is to say nothing of the top quality craft beer that Urban Artifact is constantly creating and serving to thirsty guests.

Cincinnati is just as much a hub for visual arts town as a performing arts. As tourists drive around the city, they are sure to see massive murals that take up entire sides of buildings that are more than ten stories tall. These can range from popular 80s cartoon characters to massive portraits of musical legends like James Brown. These murals are done by a group called ArtWorks and its youth apprentices that are dedicated to beautifying downtown one wall at a time. To date, they have completed 101 public murals in 36 different neighborhoods within Cincinnati, as well as murals in seven other nearby cities as well. The idea for this initiative came from former Mayor Mark Mallory who was inspired by the over 3,00 murals in Philadelphia and challenged the ArtWorks group to complete a mural in each of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods, which means they are well over halfway to be being done.

The Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center is one of the first such establishments in the entire United States. What makes the Contemporary Art Center more than just another art gallery is it does not collect past works by famous artists. Instead, it proudly displays fresh photography, painting, architecture, sculptures and new media pieces from “the last five minutes.” This dedication to being on the cutting edge of modern art has led the Art Center to house many early works of now-famous artists like Andy Warhol. The museum has been a recipient of awards from both the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Chicago Athenaeum.

For the whole family, though, nothing beats a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. Having opened in 1875, this is the second oldest zoo in America, and is only beat by the Philadelphia Zoo which opened four months prior. It is unique in that it is located right in the middle of the city, on top of a large hill that overlooks downtown. Animals at the zoo have held several records themselves, with the Cincinnati Zoo having been home to the fastest cheetah in captivity, longest living alligator, and largest Komodo dragon. It is also one of the only zoos in North America to breed and house bonobos, an endangered relative of apes. In total there are almost 1,900 animals here representing over 500 different species.

If people are looking for a lesser known tourist destination, Cincinnati should definitely be on the radar. It has everything someone could want in a place to spend a week or weekend getting away. Visitors can go see a play, a ballet, and a concert, sometimes all in the same day. It has one of the most famous zoos in the country, and is always welcoming in new restaurants and bars to its growing nightlife. Add all that to its overall community of businesses that are hitting an all-time economic high, and Cincinnati can truly be considered The Queen City.