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Invoice Advances in 24 Hours or Less

Factoring Companies in Toledo

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing (Invoice Factoring)

Accounts-receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring, is a common funding solution businesses use to eliminate the cash-flow gap caused by slow-paying customers.

Our Toledo invoice factoring programs work by selling your receivables to us for immediate payment rather than waiting weeks or months for customer payment. We’ll provide you a competitive advance on your invoice within 24 hours.

When your customer pays us for the invoice on your behalf at a later date, we’ll return the remaining balance to you, minus a small fee for our services.

While there are many factoring companies in Toledo and throughout the United States, Scale Funding offers several benefits.
Factoring Companies in Toledo

  • 15 minute approvals
  • Easy, streamlined setup process
  • Same-day cash
  • Online customer reporting
  • Experienced relationship manger
  • Dedicated account collector
  • Credit support
  • And more

Experienced In Many Industries

Our team of financial and invoicing experts is well trained in a variety of industries. Since 1994, we’ve helped a variety of industries increase their cash-flow through our Toledo accounts receivable financing programs.

  • Manufacturing
  • Trucking
  • Oilfield
  • Heavy Construction
  • Technology
  • Staffing
  • Government Contractors
  • Utility
  • Pipeline
  • Renewable Energy
  • Many More

Customized Programs to Fit Your Needs

Scale Funding is your top choice among factoring companies in Toledo and Ohio because we’re able to customize our programs to fit your needs.

From start-ups to well-established and growing companies, we know that slow-paying customers can be a challenge. We can eliminate this challenge for you by paying you same-day.

Many of our customers come to us because they’re unable to obtain sufficient or any funding from a bank. From maxed-out credit and less-than-perfect credit to tax liens and business bankruptcy, we can provide you with the funding your business needs to operate and grow.


Factoring Companies in ToledoToledo is the fourth most populous city in Ohio following Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. According to the latest estimate by the U.S. Census bureau in 2015, Toledo’s city population was around 280,000 which was down approximately 7,500 from the 2010 census. Toledo has a larger metro area which had an estimated population close to 700,000 in 2015.

Toledo has a very diverse economy however it has been focused historically on manufacturing including automotive, glass, and medical devices as well as higher education, health care, transportation and utilities, and banking and finance. The city has also been increasing its amount of “green” jobs with the rise of solar energy development. According to The Toledo Blade, there are four Fortune 500 companies including Marathon Petroleum Corp., Owens-Illinois Inc. (bottle maker), Dana Holding Corp. (auto parts), and Owens Corning (building products).

Toledo is known as the “Glass City” due to its extensive history of innovation and manufacturing in the glass industry. Owens-Corning, Pilkington North America, Libbey Glass, and Johns Manville are all top glass companies in the area. Adding to the manufacturing sector in Toledo are Chrysler, GM, and Jeep automotive companies who employ tens of thousands of skilled workers. Other materials manufactured in Toledo are computers, electronics, software, plastics, glass fibers, carbon fibers, ceramics, metals and much more.

The healthcare and higher education industries have worked hand in hand together to create a large cyclical effect in Toledo. The University of Toledo is one of the biggest employers in the city and serves over 23,000 students each semester. The school is medically centered and has a 450-acre health science campus which includes the University of Toledo Medical Center. Many of the students attending are medical students who end up working in the numerous area hospitals, private medical practices, and short and long term care facilities.


Prior to its official settlement in 1836, the northwest area that is now present day Toledo was occupied by the Native American tribes of the Wyandot, Ojibwe, Potawatomie and Odawa. Various trading posts were established by early European explorers who worked in conjunction with the Indian inhabitants. These trading posts morphed into a stockade and eventually two separate towns named Lawrence and Vistula. During the mapping of the Wabash and Erie Canal in 1836, the area was decided upon for the termination point for the two canals. The two separate town’s populations combined to establish the city of Toledo.

The canals brought business to Toledo however the city struggled to make real headway on expansion due to various epidemics that spread through the region in 1838 and 1839. In 1845, business was able to resume as normal and even start growing with the addition of the Miami Canal which connected the city to Cincinnati. Once railroads started being established in the later 1800s, Toledo was a popular terminus due to its northern location, close to Lake Erie. This resulted in the emergence of the manufacturing industry with furniture, railroad, brewery, and glass companies starting shop in the city and in 1880, the population rose to more than 50,000. Due to the large number of factory workers in the city, working class issues came to the forefront as did reform to alleviate many concerns including instituting eight-hour work days, free school for children and the establishment of city parks.

The city of Toledo became a center for industrialization, manufacturing, and transportation. A few years down the road, the city would be hard hit with the Great Depression and the national economy collapse. The White House administration at the time had much influence on the establishment of many public works progress projects to create jobs for citizens. The big projects in Toledo were the amphitheater and aquarium at the Toledo Zoo and an expansion of the Toledo Museum of Art. With the start of World War II came the real process of recovery as they were inundated with war-related supply manufacturing requests and opportunities.

With the increased population came a surge in higher education and healthcare needs. The University of Toledo began to flourish in the 1980s to present and has contributed to an economic shift and diversification from strictly manufacturing and transportation to universities and health care providers. In the 2000s the city began to try to ramp up the tourism opportunities with the building of the Fifth Third Field (baseball), more sports event offerings and more live musician performances.


The Toledo area is home to more than 10 colleges, universities, and higher education institutions. The most prominent include the University of Toledo, University of Toledo Medical Center, Mercy College of Ohio, Davis College and Tiffin University-Toledo.

Culture and Recreational Activities

Arts and Museums
Toledo is home to many historic performing arts venues and companies including the Valentine Theatre, the Stranahan Theater, the Toledo Opera, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra and the Toledo Repertoire Theatre. The Toledo Opera, which performs at the Valentine Theatre, has been performing since 1959. The Toledo Repertoire Theater dates back to 1933 and now performs Broadway hits as well as original works. The Toledo Museum of Art and the Collingwood Arts Center are responsible for keeping the city entranced with the latest art pieces from local artists as well as showcases for special interest groups. Due to the city’s push for support from the community for donors, they have installed many permanent outdoor art pieces throughout the city.

Pop Culture and Entertainment
The city of Toledo has been mentioned in several movies as the main character’s hometown and various television episodes have been filmed there. Possibly the most famous mention was that of Corporal Maxwell Klinger from the long running television series M*A*S*H.

Toledo doesn’t have any major leaguers calling it home however it has the Toledo Mud Hens, one of the oldest minor league baseball teams in existence. The Toledo Walleye (hockey), the Glass City Rollers (roller derby) and the Toledo Reign (women’s football) are unique additions to the local sports scene. Auto racing at the Toledo Speedway and six major USGA events hosted at the Inverness (golf) Club round out the city’s sports offerings.

Many notable people have called Toledo home including actress Katie Holmes, glassmaker Edward Libbey, NASA flight director Eugene Kranz and journalist/activist Gloria Steinem.