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Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided cash-flow solutions to many industries with our Oklahoma City accounts receivable financing programs.

Oilfield Services Utility & Pipeline Trucking & Freight
Technology Telecom & Wireless Heavy Construction
Staffing Agencies Government Contractors Renewable Energy

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We have the ability to customize our programs to meet various business needs and situations. Whether you’re having trouble getting financing from a bank, are a start-up or just need quick cash, we can help.
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  • Start-Ups
  • Industries with Slow-Paying Customers
  • Those with Maxed-Credit or Less-Than-Perfect Credit
  • Bank Turn-Downs & Workouts
  • Companies with Tax Issues
  • Companies in Bankruptcy

Oklahoma City

When one wears his cowboy outfit in Oklahoma City (the hat, the vest, the chaps, the boots, and what-have-you), it’s not Cosplay. The capital state of Oklahoma (and its biggest city) is where cowboy culture thrives. The city is a shrine to the Western, the shoot-em-up or kiss-kiss-bang-bang spectacles that hugely made Hollywood products known the world all over. To paraphrase a Western luminary, Clint Eastwood, visit Oklahoma City and it will make your day.

Geography and Climate

Oklahoma City has a land area with a little more than 620 square miles. The North Canadian River runs through it dividing it into the North Oklahoma City and South Oklahoma City. The part that runs through the city is called the Oklahoma River, of course. The city is right smack in the middle of the state, making it rightfully the capital.factoring companies in Oklahoma City

While the climate can be best described as mostly subtropical (humid summers and cool winters), there are times when it can bring out the action hero in you. Instances of tornadoes and snowstorms can charge Oklahoma City. March throughout June can be really trying, because this is the period where nasty tornadoes can occur.

History and Population

The city has a total population of more than 610,000. The name “Oklahoma” means “red people,” in reference to the Native Americans who first inhabited the area.

In 1889, 10,000 homesteaders settled in the land that is now known as Oklahoma City. Two years after that, the population doubled. By 1907, there were people in it than in Guthrie (the territorial capital). Not long after, it became the state capital. Aside from its population, Oklahoma City was able to do this because of its impressive trolleys and active business scene, particularly in the area of meatpacking.

Between World War I and World War II, oil was discovered in Oklahoma. This product further boosted Oklahoma City’s financial fortunes. But the Depression affected a large part of the population. By 1970, its oil was now in short supply. But thanks to the resilience of its leaders, Oklahoma City still trudges along. Efforts like the Metropolitan Area Projects Plan (MAPS) which built a ballpark, a city library, a canal, and renovated the fair grounds and the civic center, beautification and employment were successfully intertwined. Major corporations like Dell which placed a call center in the city also helped invigorate its economy.


The cost of living in Oklahoma City is low. Thus, one ‘s stomach gets sated without going bankrupt. Diners rave about the steak in places like Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Nic’s Grill is described by foodies as “burger heaven.” Kitchen No. 324 leaves customers with memories of its savory meatloaf. Other iconic food items that can be eaten in a lot of restaurants are the Oklahoma barbecue (which is said to have improved on the famous Texan variety) and the chicken fried steak.

You might get a little thirsty from all that travelling. Don’t worry. Oklahoma City is known for its microbreweries much raved about by people who have tried their beers. Battered Boar Brewing Company and Coconut Cream Stout are just two of the places for drinking Oklahoma beer.


Some of the famous people who were born or have lived in Oklahoma City are Blake Griffin (NBA player), Joe Carter (baseball legend), Alan Greenberg (Wall Street financier), Ron Howard (Oscar-winning film director), Megan Mullaly (star of the long-running sitcom Will and Grace), and Ralph Ellison (celebrated novelist).

Tourist Attractions

What better way to be educated in an entertaining way than paying a visit to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum? This museum puts on display art and artifacts about the West, including those from Native Americans. A sprawling 200,000 square feet of space for portraits, sculptures, still life, and many other art works that depict the frontier and the odyssey of the West. This museum is a must for any tourist, young or old. Children below five years old can enjoy free of admission.

If your Western appetite is not yet full, then you and the young ones can head to Frontier City, a Western theme park with rides like Diamondback, Brain Drain and just finished in 2016, the Gunslinger dubbed by its PR as “the wildest ride in the West.”

For that authentic cowboy get-up, shop at Historic Stockyards City. It is full of shops that sell the best of western gear.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art, located inside the Donald V. Reynolds Visual Art Center, should also be checked out for its finely curated art exhibits. It has a restaurant. It also regularly shows the best of art cinema worldwide.

For dance and theatre aficionados, they can go to Civic Center Music Hall which features the Oklahoma City Ballet, Lyric Theatre and other topnotch cultural organizations.

Learn about space and space travel by visiting the Science Museum Oklahoma. You will get to know the various Oklahoma natives who have contributed to space aviation. They are honored here with pictures and informative displays. It also features an IMAX theatre.

If you are an advocate of peace, then it behooves you to drop by at the Oklahoma City National Memorial. This place is built in honor of those who suffered during the infamous 1995 bombing. This is also a reminder to people of the horrors of terrorism.

Banjos are given the ultimate homage in the American Banjo Museum which showcases these musical instruments which altogether in the museum are priced at more than $3 million. That’s a whole lot of banjos!

For sport events, the go-to place is the Chesapeake Energy Arena. This can seat up to more than 18,000. NBA fans, for sure, know that this place is the home to the basketball team Oklahoma City Thunder. The year 2012 was historic for the arena because that was the year when its very own Thunder played against Miami Heat during the NBA finals.

For those who appreciate things that are serene and tranquil, then Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory is for them. Aside from the burst of flora, streams hum to lull you into nirvana.

Considered as one of America’s best zoos, Oklahoma City Zoo has attracted a lot of visitors. A fascinating practice of the zoo administration is letting the locals name its cute creatures online.

White Water Bay is a water park and a pretty big one at 25 acres. You are, of course, familiar with drive-in cinemas but how about the dive-in theatre? This park has a theatre where you can watch a movie while lying on a pool! That’s entertainment!

You must have heard of the song Route 66, either the version of Nat King Cole or his daughter, Natalie Cole. That song is about a celebration of musicians who happen to pass by this famous route. It’s represented by Blue Note Lounge which stands in that area mentioned by the song. It attracts people who want to have a good time while drinking their favorite cocktail and listening to great live music.

For the physically brave, one can go rock-climbing at Rocktown Climbing Gym. The structures that people can literally cling for their lives are actually former grain silos! They are now quite colorful and eye-catching because local artists have painted murals on them.


America was shaken by an economic recession in the eighties and is still recovering from it. That catastrophe closed a lot of business and caused massive unemployment. But Oklahoma City, the magazine Forbes noted, was the least affected by it. The West has truly won.