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Accounts-receivable financing, commonly referred to as invoice factoring, is a financing solution companies use to improve their cash flow.

Factoring Companies in ProvidenceOur Providence invoice factoring programs work by selling your receivables to us at a discount, in exchange for same-day cash. We’ll provide you a competitive advance on the invoice amount right away. Once your customer pays the invoice 30, 60, 90 days or more later, we’ll provide you the remaining percentage, minus a low factoring fee for our services.

Unlike business loans or lines of credit, accounts receivable financing does not put debt on your balance sheet and is not dependent on your credit. We give companies the ability to grow their financing with monthly programs based on your sales volume rather than your credit.


For more than 22 years, our Providence accounts-receivable financing programs have provided a cash-flow solution to thousands of companies in a variety of industries.

Manufacturing Government Contractors Staffing Agencies
Telecom & Wireless Transportation Heavy Construction
Renewable Energy Oilfield Services Technology
Utility Pipeline Many More

Why Scale Funding Over Other Factoring Companies in Providence?

While there are many factoring companies in Providence and the surrounding areas, companies choose to work with Scale Funding because of our custom and flexible programs. We’re able to provide funding to companies in a variety of business stages and situations.

We Fund Companies:

  • With slow-paying customers
  • That need quick cash
  • With less-than-perfect credit
  • That have been turned down by a bank
  • That have tax problems
  • That are growing rapidly
  • Who are just starting up
  • That have maxed-out lines of credit
  • Who have filed for bankruptcy
  • That are in a bank workout situation


Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Today, Providence has one of the most extensive park systems of any city, several historical sites, museums, art galleries planetariums and zoo. Providence has a growing economy, and tourism industry that is on the rise thanks to all of the wonderful places to visit and explore.


Providence was originally settled in June of 1636 as one of the original thirteen U.S. colonies by Roger Williams. Providence was formed because Williams felt the need to separate from the already established Massachusetts Bay colony and create another, distinct place for settlers to live. Providence has been a refuge since its inceptions, as it became the default place for religious dissenters throughout the colonies. By the time the Revolutionary War had ended, Providence was the ninth largest city in the fledgling Unites States as it was home to some of the largest manufacturing plants in the country. The city’s economy would fluctuate greatly over the next hundred years, ticking upward during times of war and being hit particularly hard during the Great Depression. There was finally a Renaissance in Providence in the 1970s, where over $600 million was invested into the city’s infrastructure and arts.

Bay City

Providence is a bay city with lots of natural beauty. It is situated at the head of the Narragansett Bay, with the Providence River running directly through the center of the city. Providence takes advantage of this by placing some of its most important government and cultural buildings directly on the riverfront. Providence claims a tie with one of the most famous cities of all, Rome, in that both were founded on seven hills. These hills mark the various major neighborhoods throughout the city. Because of its early creation and reliance on maritime trading, Providence is one of the most densely populated cities in America, due to the infrastructure being centered around the waterfront. While some would see this as a negative thing, it actually has several positive benefits, like giving the city the eighth highest percentage of workers that commute by foot, preventing the buildup of harmful air pollution. The architecture of the city is split into two distinct areas: the first are buildings that have been preserves since the 19th century and are historical landmarks. The second is the post -1980s development and revitalization that took place with buildings that are distinctly more modern looking.


One of the main reasons people visit Providence is to take in the thriving art scene. The Rhode Island School of Design, also known as RISD and pronounced “Riz-dee” is one of the preeminent arts and designs schools in the nation. Attached to this institute of higher learning is the school’s art museum. Founded in 1877, it is still one of the top 20 largest art museums in the country. In total, the museum has over 100,000 pieces of art from around the globe including Asia, Egypt, Africa, Europe, the Americas as well as ancient Rome and Greece. There are works from several famous American and international artists including Monet, Andy Warhol, Manet, Paul Revere, Kara Walker, Chanel and Pablo Picasso. There are of course exhibits for local Rhode Island artists as well, most notable the 18th century furniture designers Goddard and Townsend.

In regards to performing arts, the crown jewel of the city is the Providence Performing Arts Center. This beautiful building was built in 1928 by the Loew’s site by C.W. And George Rapp. These architects became famous by designing bright and majestic move theaters all across the country and the PPAC only fueled their reputation. On its opening day, over 14,000 people crammed into the building. However, they weren’t there to see the film that was playing. Instead, everyone just wanted to get a look and the buildings opulence, marble columns, detailed moldings and massive crystal chandeliers. Today, the Providence Performing Arts Center hosts much more than just films. Guests can go see everything from Broadway plays to concerts. The building was of so much importance to the cultural identity of the city that it gained a place on the National Registry of Historic Places.


For tourists that are looking to get out and do some walking around, the Roger Williams Park Zoo. Like many of the other landmarks in Providence, this is one of the oldest zoos in the nation, having been founded in 1872. The zoo is home to over 100 species of animals, many of which are considered rare and endangered. Today, the zoo is in the midst of a massive expansion that will be slowly but steadily growing the zoo for the next twenty years. The first step is a new Amazon Rainforest building that looks to be completed in 2017, as well as the former education building being turned into a state of the art reptile exhibit.


Another great way to take in the city is to take one of the many historical boat tours throughout the bay. These take tourists all through and around the city, pointing out all of the historical landmarks and giving the stories behind them. One of the things that guests can only enjoy on a boat tour as opposed to a standard one is up close looks at the many lighthouses that dot the Ocean State shoreline. Because Rhode Island has such a rocky coast, ships were constantly in danger of crashing upon the craggy shallow rocks. The lighthouses were invaluable in warning off ships and giving them the light they needed to navigate. The lighthouses themselves are beautiful structures, and many offer tours to those who are interested in learning exactly how they work. For those who are interested in the supernatural, many lighthouses are said to be haunted, either by ghosts of their previous keepers or by sailors who unfortunately died in nearby shipwrecks. To spread these tales, many lighthouses also offer haunted tours that focus on the spookier aspects of these American icons.


The Providence economy has gone through many changes throughout its history. Originally it first made its mark with manufacturing goods like machinery, metals, textiles, silverware and jewelry. Jewelry in particular continues to be a major player in the city’s financial situation, as it is one of the largest manufacturers in the nation. Since Providence is the capital of Rhode Island, a good portion of its workforce is made up of government employees. Today, the major players in the economy has shifted to sectors like finance, education and healthcare. This is reflected in the top employers in the city which are in order: Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, Life Span Medical Management Services, Women & Infants Hospital, Roger Williams Medical Center, and the Miriam hospital.

A Gem of a City

In all, Providence is a large and growing New England town that is at the center of the nation’s history. This city serves as a hub of culture and arts for the entire Massachusetts Bay Area, attracting thousands of people each year to its various museums, theaters and art centers. It’s location on the water makes it equally good for guests to come and enjoy the waterfront lifestyle, be that by going out on the boat, enjoying some locally caught crab and lobster, or visiting one of the many historical landmarks that are located directly on the shoreline. Providence is a gem of a city that should absolutely be visited if one is ever traveling through the original thirteen colonies.