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Receivable Factoring Provides Simple Cash Flow

As bank regulations grow and lending tightens, many companies find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the financing that they need. Nowadays, it can be hard to get approved for a business loan or a business line of credit. Often, even if a company can get approved, it can take months for funds to become available.

At Scale Funding, our Chattanooga invoice factoring lines can be approved in as little as 15 minutes, with setup taking as few as three days. Also known as accounts-receivable financing, factoring works by selling your invoices to a factoring company at a discount and receiving a same-day advance on your invoice total. Your invoices are sent to your customer, and when they pay 30 to 90 days later, the remainder is provided to you, less the factoring discount. You get the immediate cash flow for bills, payroll and more.

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Scale Funding is your top choice among factoring companies in Chattanooga and Tennessee because our programs are fast, flexible and customized to fit your needs. Fill out the form or give us a call to speak with one of our representatives, and learn how Scale Funding provides simple cash flow when the bank cannot.

Industry Expertise from Decades of Experience

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided top-notch service to companies across many industries in North America. We believe in applying our knowledge of your industry to your invoicing process, ensuring that you get paid for the work you have done. Whether you are just starting out in your industry or are well-established, our funding teams provide the best level of service among factoring companies in Chattanooga. Take a look at some of the industries we have worked in over the years:

Trucking & Freight Utility & Pipeline
Oilfield Services Government Contractors
Staffing Agencies Technology
Heavy Construction Telecom & Wireless
Renewable Energy Many More

When a Bank Can’t, Scale Funding Can

Because we are not a bank, we are able to work with companies that come to us with diverse needs and backgrounds. Our Chattanooga accounts-receivable financing programs are approved based on the creditworthiness of your customers, not you or your business, which means that we can work with companies that are start-ups, companies with no credit or bad credit, companies that have tax liens and even companies that are going through a bankruptcy. If your company falls into any of the categories below, please give us a call to find out how our finance programs can assist you to meet your cash flow needs:

  • You’re waiting on slow-paying customers
  • You need access to quick cash
  • You’ve filed for bankruptcy
  • You have tax problems
  • You’re in a bank workout situation
  • You have less-than-perfect credit
  • You were turned down by a bank
  • You’re a start up
  • Your credit is maxed
  • You’re growing quickly

Chattanooga, Tennessee

With a city limits that stretch over an area of over 140 square miles, Chattanooga has an estimated population of 176,588 people as of 2015. Connected to and easily accessed through a number of interstate highways and other roads, this city is situated on the Tennessee River at the southeastern edge of Tennessee. Hamilton County has its headquarters in Chattanooga. Chattanooga became popular and was brought to international limelight by Glenn Miller’s song titled “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” It is home to University of Tennessee Chattanooga, which has a significant number of international students. Chattanooga has made history in the United States by being the first city in the country to create a typeface of its own.


The Cherokee Indians were the first modern people to settle in the area that later became known as Chattanooga; however, before Cherokee settlement of the area, an ancient civilization known as Moundbuilders had thrived around the bend of the Tennessee River, which served as their means of transportation. In 1776, Dragging Canoe from Cherokee tribe left the main tribe and settled downriver, where he set up a stronghold for the Native Americans during the Cherokee-American War.

In 1815, the famous Rossville Landing was built by John Ross along the area known today as Broad Street. The settlement of the Cherokee Nation stretched to Georgia and Alabama, and Rossville Landing developed to become the heart of the entire Cherokee Nation. In 1837, the Rossville Landing was made the end of the railroad. In 1838, the name of the settlement was changed to Chattanooga by the settlers. Chattanooga is a Creek Indian word that translates to “lookout mountain.” The Cherokees, as well as other Native American tribes living in the area, were forcefully moved out of their settlement by the U.S. Government to another area called the Indian Territory. Rossville Landing was used as an emigration camp by the U.S. Army. The Native Americans were held captive in this camp before they were exiled. Their journey to their land of exile is known as “Trail of Tears.”

After that time however, Rossville continued to develop and grow in population to become the city of Chattanooga, which incorporated in 1839. The strategic location of the city close to the river, which served as transportation hub, was one of the factors that contributed to the quick development of the area at this early stage. The area again witnessed a great boom in the 1850s when the railroad was constructed there. At its southern city limits are the cotton-growing areas, while the mountain communities of Southern Appalachia live at its northern boundaries. Because of its location between these southern and northern communities, Chattanooga became known as the place “where cotton meets corn.”

The city also has experienced challenges and difficult moments in the course of its history. It has been at the center of many wars, including the Cherokee-American War and American Civil War. It has survived and overcome all these challenges to become the 4th largest city in the state of Tennessee. Its downtown has been recognized in the United States for its renaissance beauty. It boasts institutions of higher learning, attractions of different kinds and a diversified economy driven by education, services and manufacturing industries. Chattanooga in the 21st century has received three national awards for outstanding performance in the area of consolidated planning, excellent housing and high livability.


Chattanooga has developed diversified economy, with the service and manufacturing industries taking the lead. Many manufacturing companies have their base in the city. Large companies also have distribution centers in this city, including: Coker Tire, the Chattanooga Bakery, Craftworks Restaurants & Breweries, Double Cola, Covenant Transport, Republic Parking System, Access America Transport, UBS, T-Mobile USA and AT&T. Chattanooga is home to the headquarters of Volkswagen Group of America, which was established in 2011.  Its plant in this city is the first to start operations in the United States after Volkswagen Westmoreland Assembly Plant closed in 1988. It is a major employer in Chattanooga.

Apart from these manufacturing and distribution centers, retail makes a remarkable contribution to the local economy. The two shopping malls in Chattanooga are home to many shopping establishments and supermarkets. Given Chattanooga’s rich historical and cultural heritage, it normally attracts vacationers and tourists. This explains why tourism, hospitality and other businesses related to tourism are also making a strong and positive impact on the economy of the city.

Lodging and Accommodation

factoring companies in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is known for its picturesque landscapes. Pictured above is Rock City, one of its prime attractions.

Visitors will have no problems finding accommodation- the city offers visitors plenty of choices. Whether you want to stay in a room that offers stunning river views or a mountain view, there is a place for you in this picturesque river city. Chattanooga is home to top-rated hotels, which include the Delta Queen Riverboat, the Chattanoogan, the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and the Stone Fort Inn. These hotels add charm to the town and are worth your consideration for a stay.


Chattanooga is indeed a foodie’s paradise with the choice of eateries it offers residents and visitors, both of the locally-owned and national chain variety. Thus, whether you want to treat yourself to local dishes or continental dishes, you will find an appealing menu. The city’s downtown is a nice place to start your search, because of the variety of audiences the restaurants cater to. The Meeting Place is a typical example of a family-friendly restaurant. Other popular dining spots in Chattanooga are St. John’s Meeting Place, The Boathouse and 212 Market.

Entertainment and Partying Venues

Chattanooga is a city that has youthful exuberance thanks to the presence of institutions of higher learning. As a university city, the city of Chattanooga has plenty of venues for cutting loose. Although it does not have too many nightclubs or nightlife spots, residents and visitors will not have to go outside the city limits in search of venues to host their parties or dance until the morning. If you are the partying type, you should head for Broad Street or the Market. There are beautiful nightlife venues that are open late on the weekends. Popular party and nightlife venues in the city are T-Bones, Alan Gold’s and Big River Grille.

Points of Interest

Chattanooga is mecca for tourists because it has both historical and cultural attractions. Rock City, Ruby Falls, a breathtaking aquarium, arts district, historical carousel and a mix of family amusements are available; you name it, and Chattanooga likely has it. It is home to one of the best aquariums in the United States, the Tennessee Aquarium. It is a fantastic sight for the whole family. If you are interested in the American Civil War, then you have to head to the city’s Civil War battlefield sites. Outdoor buffs will find Chattanooga quite impressive.

With plenty of outdoor venues and facilities, Chattanooga offers activities that include caving expeditions, mountain climbing, bass fishing, hang-gliding, hiking and many others. The city also has sporting facilities for active leisure pursuits. The national softball championship is hosted in this city on yearly basis. Festivals and events such as Fall Color Cruise, Bessie Smith Strut, Riverbend Festival and others are organized on yearly basis.