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Business Financing with Added Benefits

Invoice factoring is a common form of business funding that companies use when simple, fast and flexible financing is needed. Also referred to as accounts-receivable financing or receivables financing, companies sell their invoices to a factoring company in exchange for an advance. When customers pay 30 to 60, even 90 days later, the factoring company provides the remainder, less a factoring fee.

At Scale Funding, our Clarksville invoice factoring programs are designed to make your life simple. We offer many benefits in addition to the immediate cash flow that businesses need, including:

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  • Quick, 15 minute approval
  • Simple setup
  • Same-day funding
  • Mobile account access
  • Accounts-receivable management
  • Free credit check for new customers
  • Professional collections services

Industry Experience – Our Advantage

Part of the reason why Scale Funding is your top choice among factoring companies in Clarksville and Tennessee is because we have provided business financing solutions since 1994. We work with all the major players in your industry, and have built strong relationships through our professional collections team.

This is a direct benefit to you, as we know what your customer needs for payment, and in most cases, have a direct contact at their company. Take a look at a few of the industries where our Clarksville accounts-receivable financing programs have helped businesses like yours get the cash they need:

  • Oilfield
  • Staffing
  • Trucking
  • Renewable energy
  • Heavy construction
  • Telecom
  • Technology
  • Utility
  • Pipeline
  • Government contractors

When Is Factoring Right for You?

For many companies, AR financing is the ideal solution for slow-paying customers. But for others, our invoice factoring lines are used because of the array of value-added services we provide.

Immediate cash flow is a huge benefit to businesses that are struggling to pay bills and meet payroll; however, many companies take advantage of our programs because they want to be proactive about their company growth. They are fine now, but with expected growth, they anticipate the need to add employees, equipment and more. For these businesses, “fixing the roof before it rains” is the motto.
Fortunately, whether you are a start-up, need to catch up on bills or just want to have a solid cash-flow plan, we can meet your needs. Give us a call today and learn more about the Scale Funding difference.

Clarksville, Tennessee

Clarksville is the fifth largest city in Tennessee. It is the headquarters of Montgomery County. The city is full of life, with a population of over 149,000 based on the 2010 census. It is a historical city that can tell stories from over two centuries of American history.

Clarksville has answered to many names in the past: “Queen of the Cumberland” lasted for periods, then “Gateway to the New South” became popular, and since around April 2008 the city has been referred to as “The Tennessee Top Spot.”

History of Clarksville

Named after a revolutionary leader, general and fighter, George Rogers Clark, Clarksville was established in 1784 and was incorporated a year later. It is sited near the confluence of two great rivers: the Red and the Cumberland Rivers.

Clarksville was part of North Carolina during the colonial era, and has experienced many challenges in its two centuries of existence. The county name is derived from the name of an Indian fighter and a popular revolutionary leader, John Montgomery.

North Bank, the oldest bank in Tennessee, was established in 1854 in Clarksville, although its name has since changed to Regions Bank. In 1800, many churches and academic bodies were established, many bridges were constructed and railroads and roads made the city more connected.


Clarksville has a robust economy. The unemployment rate is at 5.5 percent, with anticipated job growth in the region of 1.57 percent and expected future job growth calculated to be roughly 37.6 percent. It is no wonder that Clarksville is a modest city to live in.

The Tennessee state income tax is zero, while the sales tax is just at 9.5 percent; there are few places in the United States that offer such perks. The income per capita is roughly $21,000, and the median household income is just above $47,000, making Clarksville one of the most economically-stable cities around.

Few cities in America can favorably compete with Clarksville in terms of its economy, which is perhaps its greatest quality. In addition to low crime rates and thriving neighborhoods, Clarksville also boasts strong production and manufacturing industry.

Clarksville is home to the First Woman’s Bank of Tennessee, the world’s first bank established and operated solely by women. Established in 1919, the bank is still in existence and open to all for banking.

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Clarksville is well known for its Civil War sites. Seen here is the Montgomery County Courthouse.


No city offers a better way to unwind by savoring historical sites that tell the tale of our great nation, dating back to the revolutionary and civil war eras. Clarksville was an important city during the nation’s civil war; the historical sites allow visitors to connect with the memories from this turning point in U.S. history.

Battlefield Park and the War Cemetery

The battlefield is a reminder of how the South was shocked when it lost Fort Donelson to the Union in 1862. Nashville and Clarksville fell into control of the North. This was the beginning of the transformation era in the area. Exploring the battlefield will enable you to walk in the path of those who took part in these important battles.

Riggins Hill Battle

The battles occurred on the property of A.J Riggins’ small ridge in 1862 when Clarksville was recaptured. Infantry was sent by the Union to reclaim the town. A visit to the site will give you the chance to imagine the extent of the battle.

Fort Defiance Civil War Park and the Interpretive Center

Located on a cliff that is 200 feet above the confluence of the Red River and Cumberland River, it was a perfect place for the Confederate Army to establish a fort that was designed to defend entry into Clarksville. It was captured in 1862 by the Union Army and remained so until the end of the war. It is well preserved. Guns platforms that were used by the soldiers are still in place at the park.

Dunbar Cave

Clarksville is not just about wars; there are other lovely sites to see if you are on a visit to the historic town. A tour of Dunbar Cave is a different option if you care to connect with nature at its best. It presents raw adventure to those who care to feel nature at its best.

There are few places where you can connect with the memories of the American Civil war. Clarksville is one of the major cities that felt the battles in real time and preserved the relics of war for those who wish to appreciate this era of the past.