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Accounts-receivable financing, what some commonly refer to as invoice factoring, is a form of business funding that many companies use to get the financing they need. Our Alice invoice factoring programs are different from business loans or business lines of credit, because we have the ability to grow with you as your business grows. And when a bank says “no” or is taking too long to get you the cash flow you need, we can you get a no-obligation quote to you in as little as 15 minutes.

Scale Funding offers a number of value-added services to our Alice invoice factoring programs. Our full back-office support team can assist you with accounts-receivable management, collections, credit analysis and risk assessment at no added cost to you, helping you focus on winning new business. We offer low rates and competitive advances, ensuring that your business has access to the level of cash flow needed to make payroll, pay bills, add equipment and employees and much more.

factoring companies in AliceOur representatives are ready to assist you. Call 800-707-4845 to find out more about our Alice accounts-receivable financing programs.

Industries Served Are Far And Wide

Scale Funding provides funding to an array of industries. In our over 20 years of experience, we have worked with many customers like yours, and know what they require for their billing. Furthermore, our Alice accounts-receivable financing lines range from $50,000 to $20 million, giving you plenty of room to grow. Here are some of the industries our customers experienced growth in:

Oilfield Services Trucking & Freight Telecom & Wireless
Heavy Construction Utility & Pipeline Technology
Renewable Energy Government Contractors Staffing Agencies
Many More

Scale Funding – Your Top Factoring Company in Alice

Scale Funding is proud to offer superior customer service and support that gives our customers reason to stay. Since 1994, we have provided best-in-class solutions to businesses in various stages, from start-ups to companies that have been around for decades. If your company fits one of these stages, give us a call today at 800-707-4845 to learn more about why Scale Funding is the top choice among factoring companies in Alice and Texas.

Maxed-Out Lines of Credit

If your business needs more working capital but you have a maxed-out line of credit, invoice factoring is your solution. The amount of capital you’ll receive grows as your business grows.

Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Companies with less-than-perfect credit can have difficulties obtaining a business loan or business line of credit. With invoice factoring, we consider the creditworthiness of your customers.

Expansion & Growth

Companies that are expanding need access to cash to meet the demands of their business. While business loans provide companies with cash, the process can be lengthy. With invoice factoring, cash is funded within 24 hours.

Slow-Paying Customers

For many industries, waiting 30 to 90 days for customer payment is common. Because many companies can’t wait that long, invoice factoring provides them with a cash-flow solution that bridges the gap. Payments on invoices with accounts-receivable factoring are received within 24 hours.


Start-ups can have a tough time obtaining a business loan or line of credit. Using alternatives like accounts-receivable factoring gives start-ups the cash they need to maintain and grow their businesses.

Bank Turn-Downs

Just because the bank said “no” doesn’t mean that you’re out of options. Scale Funding helps Texas companies that are bank turn-downs with their cash flow by providing them an accounts-receivable factoring line.

Tax Liens

We have experience working with companies with tax liens and are able to provide them the funding that gives them a solution to their cash-flow problems.

Bank Workouts

Banks tend to pull away when the risks seem to get too high. If your company is in a bank work-out situation, invoice-factoring can be your new source of cash to fund your business.


Companies that are reorganizing after a bankruptcy need working capital to get back on their feet. Most banks see this as too risky, but Scale Funding can help you.

factoring companies in aliceAlice, TX

Located in South Texas, Alice is known as “Hub City”, for its centralized position between four large metropolitan areas: San Antonio, Corpus Christi, McAllen and Laredo. Alice is the county seat and largest city in Jim Wells County, with a population of approximately 19,100 people.


In the early 1880s, the newly-formed San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway wanted to build a rail line through Collins, Texas; however, since the residents in Collins did not want to sell their land to the railroad company to build a depot, the site was moved three miles away. Built in 1883, the depot was called Bandana and quickly became a hub for the prosperous cattle industry. The name Bandana was changed to Kleberg for a brief period of time until its post office application was declined because another city already had the name. As a result, the name was changed to Alice in honor of the daughter of Richard King, the prominent head of King Ranch. Irrigation was introduced to the region in the 1910s, providing Alice with an additional means of revenue in the transportation of fruits and vegetables. The cattle industry was the primary industry in Alice for many decades until oil was discovered beneath the city, leading to an oil boom in 1938.

Political History

The city of Alice received a significant amount of publicity when it found itself at the center of a political scandal during a U.S. Senate election in 1948. The result of this election is widely believed to have changed the course of history – or at least the political career of Lyndon B. Johnson. After a tight run-off race for the Democratic Party primary against the popular former governor Coke Stevenson, Johnson inched out ahead by only 87 votes out of almost a million votes cast. Several accusations of voter fraud followed, with one centered on 202 ballots that came in at the last minute from Precinct 13 (located in Alice). These votes had been listed in alphabetical order, signed with the same pen, written in the same handwriting and many of the voters claim they didn’t vote. After a legal back and forth between Johnson and Stevenson, a federal judge declared that the federal government had no right to interfere in a state election, effectively bringing the investigation to a halt. To this day the incident is still a mystery, as Box 13 has been missing since the event. Although it is widely known that the culprit behind the ballot box stuffing was George Parr, a political boss in South Texas, it is unknown if Johnson himself had directly requested it.


Since the city’s oil boom, the oil and gas industry has been a large part of the economy of Alice. Historically, Alice has served as a hub city for the oil and gas industry, with more than 100 oil and gas companies located in the region, including the headquarters of CC Forbes Company. In addition to oil field companies, Alice is home to a variety of different companies that support the industry, including rental tool companies, trucking companies and completion and production companies. One of the leading manufacturers of control equipment for the oil and gas industry, Dixie Iron Works, LTD, also has its headquarters in Alice and has been located there since it began in 1933. Dixie Iron Works has sales offices located around the world, but still manufactures all of its equipment in the United States. With the downturn in the oil industry, Alice has had to diversify and has begun to put an emphasis on the healthcare industry. Staying true to its nickname, the city has since become the region’s hub for the healthcare industry, with a large primary care hospital and several locations providing specialized care. Alice’s specialization clinics include a heart center, cancer center, orthopedic center and a kidney dialysis center. Additionally, Alice has been the site of major expansion over the past few years with several construction projects underway. In late 2014, the Texas Workforce Commission projected a 16 percent growth rate in the Alice workforce over the next five years.


With its long growing seasons and fertile soil, agribusiness has been an important part of Alice’s economy since the 1800s. The combination of the city’s centralized location and access to the railroad, along with the introduction of irrigation in the early 1900s cemented the industry as one of the primary sources of income for the residents. This trend has continued today, especially with the decline in oil prices. Some of the leading agricultural products in the region are corn, wheat, cotton, sunflower oil and hay sorghum. In addition, Alice is one of the leading suppliers of cattle in the state of Texas.


Alice is the self-proclaimed birthplace of Tejano (Texan-Mexican) music, a popular style of music in southern Texas and northern Mexico. Influenced by Mexican, European, and U.S. music styles, it is believed to have developed from the introduction of German, Polish, and Czech instruments and music that were brought to the region by the European immigrants who migrated there. Tejano music has evolved over the years, resulting in three forms of the music style: the original, conjunto, described as a fusion of traditional Corrido and Mariachi with accordion based polkas common in Eastern Europe; banda or orquesta, a big band version of conjunto; and grupo, which introduced synthesizers and keyboard instruments to the style and became famous outside of the region through the music of the Mexican-American singer Selena. Alice is home to the Tejano R.O.O.T.S Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to the history of the music style and the many great musicians who contributed to it.

Outdoor Activities

With warm and sunny weather for a majority of the year, Alice provides ample opportunity for a variety of outdoor activities. Golf in Alice is a year-round sport and the city has both a public and private golf course. Additionally, Alice’s abundant wildlife makes hunting, fishing, and bird-watching popular activities for both visitors and locals.