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Factoring companies in Beaumont are an excellent source of business financing. Small to mid-size businesses use factoring to access the cash that is tied up in their receivables. Businesses using invoice factoring have the consistent cash flow needed for payroll, equipment, expenses, or for pursuing new opportunities. factoring companies in Beaumont

Scale Funding is one of the leading factoring companies in Beaumont. Businesses in the Beaumont area use invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing to eliminate the long wait for customer payments. Instead of stressing and struggling over the availability of cash, factoring supplies cash on the businesses schedule.
While some companies turn to business loans or lines of credit for funding, they aren’t always the best or available solutions.

 Beaumont Accounts Receivable Financing

Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Approvals in as Little as 15 Minutes Lengthy Approval Process
Not Dependent on Your Credit Dependent on Your Credit
No Monthly Interest Monthly Interest Paid
Same-Day Funding Funding in 1-3 Months
Free Customer Credit Reports No Customer Credit Reports
Does Not Add Debt Adds Debt
Eliminates the Cash-Flow Gap from Slow-Paying Customers Cash-Flow Gap Continues to Grow as Your Business Grows

Factoring Companies in Beaumont – Value-Added Services

Not all factoring companies are equal. Top factoring companies in Beaumont such as Scale Funding provide a variety of value-added services to clients. These services are designed to assist clients by supplying resources and information to supplement business processes. These services include:

  • Credit and Payment History Analysis of New Customers
  • Account Representatives with Industry Knowledge and Experience
  • AR Specialists Who Manage Open Receivables
  • Treasury Services for Rapid Funding
  • Comprehensive Online Reporting of Account Activity

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Industry Expertise – Beaumont Invoice Factoring

Factoring companies in Beaumont such as Scale Funding serve businesses in a variety of industries. These businesses all use Beaumont accounts receivable financing to improve and strengthen their business.

Oilfield Services: Frac Sand Haulers, Water Haulers, Roustabouts, Vacuum Trucks, Trenching Services, and More Trucking & Freight: Flatbeds, Reefers, Vans, Heavy Haulers, Oilfield Trucking Companies, and More
Heavy Construction: Welding, HDD, Crane Companies, Specialty Carriers, Intermodal, and More Telecom & Wireless: Cell Tower Construction, Inspection, Maintenance, Tower Erectors, and More
Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar, Water, Site Preparation, Site Maintenance, and More Government Contractors: Local, State, Federal,  Service Providers, Manufacturing, Construction, and More
Technology:  IT Consultants, Network Administration, Data Management and Migration, and More Utility & Pipeline: Pipeline and Utility Contractors, HDD, Welding, Inspection, and More
Staffing Agencies: Administrative, Clerical, General Labor, Medical, and More Many More:  Janitorial Services, Manufacturing, Printing, Maintenance, Distribution, and More

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Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont, Texas is a city within Jefferson County, Texas in the US that serves as the county seat and is part of the larger Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan area. With a population exceeding 100,000, the city is one of the most populous in the state of Texas. Located on the Neches River, Beaumont is a vibrant city with a blend of different cultures and lively communities. beaumont invoice factoring


Dating back to over 100 years ago, Beaumont’s history is traced back to the sale of a farm settlement to Northerners who together began developing the town on the farmland. The town was later named Beaumont after Henry Millard’s, one of the northerners, brother-in-law, Jefferson Beaumont. The town was officially recognized in 1838 where it initially served as a center for cattle herders and farmers.

Over the years, the town continued to grow from a cattle and farming center to a lumber and rice milling epicenter. Location on the Niches River made it ideal in the lumber business which boosted its growth in the 1900s when large amounts of lumber were shipped to the rest of the nation where they were in demand after the Civil War. Apart from the thriving lumber business, the city invested in a rice mill which together served to attract residents into the town, mainly immigrants who were out looking for jobs in the town and neighboring ranches.

The success of Beaumont was further marked by the discovery of oil at Spindletop Hill following an explosion in 1901. This discovery further fueled the increase in population in the town as more people and investors moved into the city seeking fortune from the oil business. The town’s growth continued through the World War II period when it served as a center for shipbuilding which attracted a higher population from the rural areas as the demand for labor rose. The success of the oil industry within the region continued as more oil companies gained charters to operate which in return made Spindletop the first and largest oil field in America.

Due to the availability of jobs, Beaumont’s population continuously rose which made investors seek to build more residential houses to meet the high demands. Despite the constant disruptions from storms and other climatic disturbances, Beaumont continues to thrive with the oil industry still serving as the highest contributor to its economy.


Beaumont, Texas credits much of its GDP to the Port of Beaumont which apart from facilitating the success of the oil industry, has served to attract some of the nation’s largest petroleum and chemical industries into the town. The port is also home to one of the major military ports in the world making job growth and employment levels remain steady over the years. In addition, shipping and rise processing serve significant aspects of the local economy, employing more people from the local area. With an ever-growing population, other parts of the economy have grown to be important sources of income for the community such as; health, construction, education, and real estate, each contributing significantly to the town’s revenue.


With a rich history and diversified community due to the high immigration levels experienced during the Petroleum Age, Beaumont is a vibrant and spiced up city full of fun activities for all. There is a lot to see and enjoy while in the city ranging from nature to sporting, there is something to fit everyone’s taste.

For the adventurers spending summer in Beaumont, Texas, the city is one of the best decisions you could make. There are plenty activities to keep your explorative spirit satisfied, this includes; paddling in the Naches River or Cooks Lake where there is an option of hiring canoes or having your own. Explore the Cattail Marsh while riding a horse by visiting the Tyrell Park Stables and play with alligators at the Gator Country for those daring enough.