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Get the Cash You Need with Invoice Factoring

Businesses turn to invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing as it is a quick cash-flow solution that eliminates the wait on slow-paying customers. Our Brownsville invoice factoring programs work by selling your invoices to Scale Funding. The same day that we receive them, we’ll advance you a percentage of the invoice total directly into your bank account. Once your customer pays the invoice 30 to 90 days later, we’ll deposit the remaining amount, minus our low factoring fee.

factoring companies in BrownsvilleWhile some companies look directly to a business loan or line of credit for financing, it is not always a quick or available option. First, with a loan or line of credit, the approval process can be lengthy. With our programs, we’ll get you approved in as little as 15 minutes. Second, loans and lines of credit will add debt to your balance sheet. With our Brownsville accounts receivable financing programs, you’re choosing a debt-free financing solution. The last big difference is that with business loans and lines of credit, your cash-flow gap will still exist. The more work you do, the bigger your cash-flow gap will get. With invoice factoring, we eliminate your cash-flow gap by paying you same day.

Industry Expertise

One of the reasons we’re your top choice of factoring companies in Brownsville and throughout Texas is our industry expertise. Since 1994, we’ve funded a variety of industries. Some of those industries include:

 Trucking & Freight Oilfield Services Heavy Construction
 Telecom & Wireless Government Contractors Staffing Agencies
 Utility & Pipeline Renewable Energy Distribution

Customized Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

Our Brownsville factoring programs are customized to fit the unique needs of each business. If one or more of the following describes your company, our cash-flow solution could be the answer for you.

  • You’re waiting to get paid
  • You need quick cash for your business
  • You’re growing rapidly
  • You have maxed-out lines of credit
  • You’re a start-up company
  • The bank turned you down
  • You have less-than-perfect credit
  • You have a tax lien
  • You’re in a bank workout situation
  • You’ve filed for bankruptcy

Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville is located at the southernmost tip of Texas in Cameron County, across the Rio Grande from Matamoros. It is home to 175,023 people according to the 2010 census. The population was approximately 183,046 in 2014, making Brownsville the sixteenth most populous city in Texas. Cameron County has its headquarters in the city. Brownsville has witnessed and overcome turbulent times, including battles, to become one of the most prosperous cities in the country.


The exploration of the area known today as Brownsville started during the first years of the seventeenth century. However, it was actually settled towards the end of the eighteenth century. The history of the city could be traced back to 1765, with the establishment of San Juan de los Esteros across the Rio Grande. The site of present-day Brownsville was among the 59 leagues of land granted to Jose Salvador de la Garze by the Spanish authorities on the Rio Grande’s northern bank. Jose was a ranchero with his own ranch, which was located 16 miles northwest. By 1836, a small settlement developed in the area, with the majority of the settlers being herders and farmers from Matamoros.

In 1846, US General Zachary Taylor and his troops came to the area and established a fort close to the settlement. The initial fort, which served the troops temporarily, was called Fort Texas. Its name was changed to Fort Brown in memory of Major Jacob Brown, who lost his life when the stronghold was attacked by the Mexican troops. The area was incorporated into San Patricio County when it was apportioned to the state of Texas, which occurred following the Treaty of Guadalupe signed in 1848, after the Mexican War. In 1948 however, Charles Stillman established a town named Brownsville with his partner Samuel Belden, following his acquisition of a large portion of the Garze Grant. This covered the Matamoros’ north and northwest part as well as the common landholdings of the city.

Stillman established a company known as Brownsville Town Company in partnership with Belden and Simon Mussina. The company sold plots of land. When Cameron County was established, Brownsville integrated on January 13, 1849, and served as its headquarters. With the influx of refugees into the town from Matamoros and Forty-Niners, its population began to grow, increasing the need for infrastructural development. The town’s first post office was opened on February 3, 1849. However, Brownsville suffered a lot of setbacks, including the cholera epidemic that decimated a huge number of the residents, legal battles over the ownership of the area between Stillman group and Cavazos heirs and several wars that were fought in and around the city. But the city survived through trade and other industries like transportation. The town was incorporated on January 24, 1850, following the measure passed by the Third Texas Legislature. Today, the city has grown both in population, technology, economy, and infrastructure.


Brownsville’s economy is centered on the Port of Brownsville, through which the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway of Texas connects to the road networks of Mexico. The port is just under two miles away from the city. Cargo comes from Monterrey, Mexico. Besides the port, Brownsville is home to a number of other industries that provide employment to its residents. The ten businesses with the highest number of workers reported by Brownsville Economic Development Council in May of 2015 are H-E-B Grocery, Caring for You Home Health, City of Brownsville, Abundant Life Home Health, Walmart, Keppel AmFELS, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Cameron County and Brownsville Independent School District. However, the city’s unemployment rate is 7.90% which is higher than the 5.20% national average. But the cost of living in the city is 22.50% lower than the national average.

Dining and Nightlife

Brownsville is a multicultural city that highlights its culinary tradition. There are restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes, Mexican and international cuisine. Whether you are looking for a suitable dining facility for a family day out or a nice environment for romantic dinner with a spouse, Brownsville has a restaurant that will meet your requirements. Some of the popular eating establishments in the city are Barnstormers Crew Lounge, Bicol Express Filipino Cuisine and Brownsville Coffee Shop No 2, Inc.

Night owls in the city are well catered for. Whether you want to dance until daybreak or sip your glass of wine while watching others dance, Brownsville has an option for you. The student population in the city adds some youthful exuberance to its nightlife. Popular nightlife venues are Barnstormers Crew Lounge, Cobbleheads Bar and Grill, Half Moon Saloon, Mynt Bar & Grill and the VFW Pub.

Attractions and Fun Things to Do in Brownsville

As a border city with a number of institutions of higher learning, the city of Brownsville is home to people from Mexico and other parts of the world. Thus, living in the city is an opportunity to encounter various cultures. However, there are a lot of fun activities to do as an individual, a group or with family. Whether you want a peaceful location or crowded venue, you will find an attraction that will meet your requirements. Gladys Porter Zoo, which is located downtown, is home to many species of animals and plants, including endangered species of wildlife from the American tropic, Africa, Asia, and Indo-Australia. Volunteer programs for teens, a safari-themed sleepover for scouts and other programs including classes on zoo keeping and animal behavior are offered in the zoo.

History lovers, especially those that have particular interests in historic battles, will find the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site quite impressive. The Palo Alto Battle fought in 1846 by the Mexican and U.S. troops is normally reenacted here, where you can witness the candlelight memorial organized by the park in honor of the soldiers that fought. The memorial has 8,000 candles lit. But there are other things that one can do there. It has a park preserve that has a span of 3,400 acres of land, which provides opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and wildlife observation.

Another venue in Brownsville that has a lot in stock for animal lovers is the Sabal Palm Audubon Center and Sanctuary, which spans over 557 acres. Guided tours are provided for visitors in groups. Educational programs relating to animals are provided in the center. Apart from these wildlife venues, Brownsville has a lot of other parks, offering choices of activities for both children and adults. Boca Chica Beach provides a large expanse of sand on which to soak in the sun during the summer. There are also opportunities for other water sports and activities in this beach. Some of the parks in the city are Brownsville Parks & Gardens, St. Charles Park, Morningside Park, Lincoln Park, Washington Park, Alice Wilson Hope Park, Joe & Tony Oliveira Park, North Brownsville Park and Windwood Park. A number of institutions of higher learning provide visitors with educational attractions. Residents and visitors that have interest in such attractions can visit Allied Skills Training Center, Good Shepherd Church, the University of Texas at Brownsville and South Texas Vocational Technical Institute Brownsville.