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Benefits of B2B Financing with Invoice Factoring

Many businesses take advantage of invoice factoring to meet their cash flow needs. Often referred to as accounts-receivable financing, it is when a company sells its invoices to a factoring company in exchange for a same-day advance on the total. The factoring company does the waiting for payment. When payment arrives, the factoring company provides the remainder to the business, less a factoring discount.

When you partner with Scale Funding, the best among factoring companies in Grand Prairie and Texas, not only do you benefit from immediate cash flow, but your company receives a number of value-added services intended to strengthen your operations and allow you to shift focus to bringing in new business. Take a look at what our Grand Prairie invoice factoring lines include:

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  • Quick, 15-Minute Approval
  • Simple Setup
  • Same-Day Funding
  • Mobile Account Access
  • Accounts-Receivable Management
  • Free Credit Check for New Customers
  • Professional Collections Services

Industry Expertise Since 1994

Knowing how to invoice your customers can make the difference between receiving payment and having a collections issue. When you choose our Grand Prairie accounts-receivable financing programs, you can rest assured that we know not only what is required to get your invoices paid, but also all of the big players in your industry. With over 25 years of experience, your partnership with Scale Funding can strengthen your relationship with your customer through our professional collectors and account representatives. Take a look at some of the industries we have expertise in:

  • Oilfield
  • Staffing – Payroll Funding
  • Trucking
  • Renewable Energy
  • Heavy Construction
  • Telecom
  • Technology
  • Utility
  • Pipeline
  • Government Contractors

Receivables Financing: a Solution for Your Business Needs

At Scale Funding, we make it our priority to understand your needs, because we want to see your company be successful and grow. That’s why over the years we have had the good fortune to partner with companies going through any number of business situations.

Whether you are struggling to meet payroll every Friday, trying to build up funds to purchase new equipment, or even emerging from bankruptcy, Scale Funding can help you with your financing and business planning needs.

Call us today to find out more about the “Scale Funding difference.”

Grand Prairie, Texas

Grand Prairie is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. The city derives its name from the French words ‘grande prairie’, meaning big grassland. The population of the city rose to 187,050 in 2017 from 175,369 in 2010, making it the 15th largest city in Texas and in the top 150 cities in the United States.


The city of Grand Prairie owes its existence to Alexander McRae Dechman from 1863. Initially, it was known as ‘Dechman’ because Mr. Dechman acquired the land where Grand Prairie is situated. Alexander Dechman was a resident of Birdville who learned that he could easily trade his wagon and oxen for land in Dallas County.

In 1863, he bought 100 acres of land on the west side of the Trinity River in exchange for his broken-down wagon and 239.5 acres of land on the eastern side of the river; however, he faced a plethora of bottlenecks while trying to establish a home on the land he had acquired. He finally gave up and went back to Birdville.

In 1874, Dechman sold half of the acquired land to T&P Railroad to ensure that the railroad came through the town. The railroad project between Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas was completed by the end of 1876.

In 1877, the first post office was opened under the name ‘Deckman’ instead of ‘Dechman’ because of the inability of the postal staff to correctly read the completed form. The post office was later renamed ‘Grand Prairie’.

Grand Prairie came into existence as a city in 1909 and the first water system was built in 1918.

Due to World War II, the population of the town grew from 1,000 to 15,000. The government built Avion Village in record time, where construction of one home took just 59 minutes. In 1944, a new one-story city hall came into existence and in 1950 the Uptown Theater with 1,100 seats opened.

Since its inception, Grand Prairie has offered family fun, relaxation, friendly neighbors and a smart place to do business and live in.


factoring companies in Grand Prairie

Because of its proximity to the DFW metropolitan area, Grand Prairie is a well-known distribution center for transportation.

Texas and the nearby metropolitan area are largely dependent upon oil and gas production, transportation, defense manufacturing and electronics for economic growth. However, the service and sales sector is slowly catching up and becoming a major source of employment for the people of Grand Prairie. The Dallas-Fort Worth region is attracting new businesses because of the extremely broad transportation base and abundance of skilled labor; the city also offers a bouquet of employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor.

Because of its central location and proximity to air and highway transportation, the city is a renowned distribution center.

Economic Development

An extremely encouraging business environment and availability of land and tax advantages continue to attract entrepreneurs to the region. Due to the economic activities, the population of the city has grown at a rapid pace. The unemployment rate in the city is 4 percent, with job growth of approximately 2.42 percent.

Tourist Attractions

From outdoor parks to sports venues, Grand Prairie is a city full of activities for all age groups.

Ripely’s Believe It or Not Museum

The museum features 11 galleries spanning over more than 10,000 square feet of interactive displays and exhibits. Visitors can learn about thousands of peculiarities from around the world based on Robert Ripely’s own collection. Also, located on the property is the Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks that features more than 200 wax figures of famous personalities.

Lynn Creek Park

The park is located on the stunning and mesmerizing Joe Pool Lake. The natural trails bisecting the park showcase its natural beauty and give residents and visitors a memorable experience.

Uptown Theater

The Uptown Theater was the first theater in Grand Prairie. It hosts a plethora of dance recitals, theater performances and musical shows. This historic landmark is a must-see stop for the visitor looking for the vintage charm of classic theaters.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

It’s a popular water park located on the outskirts of Grand Prairie in Arlington, Texas. The park boasts fast-paced water rides and some of the tallest rides in the country. Six Flag Hurricane Harbor is the ideal place for visitors to spend a fun-filled day with friends and family.

Traders Village

Traders Village is a flea market that features more than 3,500 dealers. It opens every Saturday and Sunday from morning to dusk. Special events and festivals are celebrated throughout the year, and even has locally-made cuisine for you to snack on as you peruse.

Close to both Fort-Worth and Dallas, the city of Grand Prairie is often touted as one of the best places in which to live and conduct business in Texas.