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Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a common way business speed up their cash flow. It works by selling your open invoices to a factoring company at a discount in exchange for same-day cash.

Our League City invoice factoring programs differ from loans and lines of credit in several ways. First, the approval process for invoice factoring is quick and straightforward. It can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Our approvals are based on your customers’ credit, rather than yours. Second, unlike a bank loan, invoice factoring does not create additional debt. And lastly, our programs grow with your business. The more work you do, the more working capital we’ll provide.

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Since 1994, we’ve provided accounts receivable financing lines to several industries throughout League City, Texas, and across North America. Below are a few of the niche industries we finance.

Oilfield Trucking
Telecom Staffing
Renewable Energy Government Contractors
Heavy Construction Utility & Pipeline

factoring companies in League City turn your invoices into same-day cashCustom Programs to Meet Your Finance Needs

Our League City accounts receivable financing programs are customized to fit the unique needs and situations of each client. There are many reasons companies choose to factor with Scale Funding, but essentially they all have one thing in common, they need access to steady cash flow. Below are a few of the common reasons companies factor their receivables.

  • Slow-Paying Customers
  • Growing Rapidly
  • Start-Up Company
  • No Credit
  • Bad Credit
  • Maxed-Out Credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • Tax Liens

League City, Texas

League City is to be found within the Greater Galveston Metropolitan area in the state of Texas. It boasts a population of almost 84,000 residents according to the last census records. A small section of the city is sectioned off for residential and commercial purposes.

For the lovers of everything water, League City is an aquatic paradise. Waterside resorts are in plenty for all water-related activities. A few of these resorts include:

  • South Shore Harbor and Conference Centre
  • Waterford Harbor
  • Yacht Club Marina

The residents of League City and nearby Houston are frequent visitors to the city’s water resorts.


League City sits on the site that was once home to Karankawa Indians. Three families are credited with having been the pioneers of this beautiful city. The Cowarts, the Perkins, and the Butlers also contributed to the naming of parts of the city where they settled.

  • The Cowarts called their home Cowart’s Creek, which was later corrupted to Coward’s Creek.
  • The Perkins settled in an area that had lots of magnolia trees, so, naturally, they went with a magnolia themed moniker. They called their new home Magnolia Bayou.
  • The Butler family settled inland.

There is always the one person who pioneers something in a city. In the story of League City, that person is George W. Butler. Butler left Louisiana and arrived in the League City area in 1873. He made the Clear Creek-Chigger Bayou junction his home and gave the area which became known as Clear Creek and the alternative name; Butler’s Ranch.

The area was known by the two names until a man named J.C. League moved there after acquiring land from Muldoon, a landowner turned priest. The new settler set about making Butler’s Ranch (aka Clear Creek) his new home. He set up his townsite along the railroad, a move that did not go down well with Butler, who was the postmaster.

A small quarrel erupted over the change of name and after some see-sawing between Clear Creek and the new name League City, the community settled for the latter.

In 1907, two loads of live oak trees were left by the railroad for the members of the community to plant on their lands. Butler and his son took charge of planting and the community honored their supervision by naming the trees Butler Oaks, a name they go by to this day.

By the time the new millennium came around, living costs in Galveston were on the rise. Many people left Galveston and settled in neighboring areas, amongst them was League City. It was during this period that League City took over the position of the largest city in Galveston County from Galveston.


League City is hot and humid in the summer, and mild to cool in the winter. It is marked as ‘CFA’ on climate maps as it is a humid subtropical climate area.

factoring companies in League City, Texas supply cash flow to businessesRecreation

Aside from the earlier mentioned aquatic paradise, League City has additional facilities where residents and non-residents can go for recreation and relaxation. One of the most prominent is the Perry Family YMCA which can be found at the League City Parkway. The massive facility, which is a 38,000 square-foot project, was named after Bob Perry who donated $1 million towards it.

There are lots of places for the community and visitors to find fun things to do. There are parks and museums as well as nature centers and gardens to walk in. The following is a list of places to visit in League City:

  • Helen’s Garden
  • Butler Longhorn Museum
  • West Bay Common School Museum
  • Dr. Ned and Fay Dudney Nature Center
  • Countryside Park
  • Walter Hall Park
  • Gift and Specialty Shops

League City also offers fine wining and dining experiences in a variety of classy hotels and restaurants across the city. For some seafood experience, the community has many outlets, for instance, Papa’s Seafood House, Floyd’s Cajun Seafood House, Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar among many others. Other places to eat out include:

  • Main Street Bistro
  • Red Liver Barbeque Company
  • Kelly’s Country Cooking
  • Jimmy Changas.

There are many more hotels and restaurants to cater for everyone’s culinary delights. They range from the sophisticated to the fast food outlets where anyone can walk in for a burger and fries.


League City has a well-established school system serving students in the area. The Clear Creek School District is located in the city and extends its services to students in the Harris and Galveston County portions. Therefore, a family that aims to make League City their new home will have no problems finding suitable schooling for their children. There are both public and private schools, as well as colleges to choose from.

The city is also endowed with a well established public library known as The Hellen Hall Library which houses a two-story adult services wing. A remodeled section of the original building hosts audio-visual services for children.

This is a city with endurable climatic conditions, great amenities and facilities, and which caters to the needs of anyone that visits or settles in the area.