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McAllen, Texas
Invoice Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing Solutions

Factoring Companies in McAllen

Business Financing Without the Hassle

As a business owner, you have better things to do than spend your time and resources searching for a simple way to get the financing you need. Invoice factoring, which is also called accounts receivable financing, is the fast form of business financing that companies use when they need a flexible funding solution. Factoring companies in McAllen can supply the cash your business needs.factoring companies in McAllen

Scale Funding is your top choice among business financing and factoring companies in McAllen because we eliminate the red tape of traditional forms of financing.

With a bank loan or line of credit, you could be waiting months for approval. Through our McAllen invoice factoring programs, we can have you funded within a few days. What’s more, our services included back-office functions that you don’t receive with a loan or line of credit. At Scale Funding, we give you the competitive edge your business needs to flourish.

Monthly Factoring Lines From $50K – $20MM Get Approved Today

Serving Many Industries Since 1994

Through our McAllen accounts receivable financing programs, we have funded businesses in many industries. We know your customers need for payment and even have strong relationships with them. Let us add that value to your relationship. Take a look at some of the industries we work in:

 Trucking & Freight  Government Contractors  Heavy Construction
 Telecom & Wireless  Staffing Agencies  Oilfield Services
 Utility & Pipeline  Technology  Renewable Energy
 Janitorial  Security  Many More

Invoice Factoring: Your Flexible Solution

Because we are a non-bank financing company, we have flexibility in the ways we can fund our customers. This means that we can offer funding that suits your business needs, such as our industry-first month-to-month funding programs that adjust based on your business volume. Our customers come to us with a number of needs and situations, including:

  • The Bank Turned Them Down
  • They Have Less-Than-Perfect Credit
  • They Have a Tax Lien
  • They’re in a Bank Workout Situation
  • They’ve Filed for Bankruptcy
  • They’re Waiting on Customer Payment
  • They Need Quick Cash for Business
  • They’re Growing Quickly
  • Their Credit is Maxed
  • They’re a Start-Up Company

Factoring Companies in McAllen – Scale Funding

Scale Funding is a leader amongst the factoring companies in McAllen. For a free, no-obligation factoring consultation and quote, complete the contact us form, or call 800-707-4845.

McAllen, Texas

The city of McAllen is located in the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metropolitan area of Texas, one of the most rapidly growing metropolitan centers in the United States. It provides a point of entry into Mexico, through Reynosa, enhancing international trade, as well as local tourism. It was established primarily as an agricultural center, but with the closing of the twentieth century came the formation of the North American Free Trade Association, supported by a maquiladora economy. This has also allowed the establishment of a Foreign Trade Zone in McAllen.

factoring companies in McAllen

The recent discovery of oil and the shift from an agrarian-based society to a manufacturing and processing economy has caused a significant boom in the population, as well as the city’s economic activities. At the time of its incorporation, McAllen had approximately 1,000 residents; but by the 2010 census, the number had risen to 129,877.

McAllen is popularly known as the City of Palms, a name it adopted in the 1940s, following the start of wine production in the city.

History and Background

The city started to take root in 1904, following the construction of the Hidalgo and San Miguel Extension of the St. Louis, Brownsville, and Mexico Railway. This section is currently known as the Sam Fordyce Branch. John and James McAllen were among the founders of the McAllen Townsite Company and donated the land where the railroad was to pass through.

It was incorporated in 1911, and the cultivation of crops such as alfalfa, broomcorn, cotton, citrus fruits, figs, and grapes was the main economic activity. Due to border conflicts in 1916, over 20,000 state troops from New York were deployed into McAllen to increase security. This resulted in an economic boom that elevated the population to 6,000 in 1920.

The thriving economic situation of McAllen attracted cheap labor from Mexico to support the city’s canning factories, tortilla plants, wineries, wood-working plants, and oil exploration activities. This was further enhanced by the development of Village Distillery Inc. by Hiram Garner in 1936. The facility specialized in making wine from the citrus crop and gave the city its nickname.

In 1941, the McAllen-Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge was constructed to replace another bridge. The suspension bridge spurred the city’s growth by creating more avenues for tourism, as well as making it the second choice as a port of entry into Mexico. This was further enhanced by the discovery of oil in 1947.


During the 1980s, the economy of McAllen took a huge hit following the devaluation of the Mexican peso. This was compounded by bad weather that destroyed most of Rio Grande Valley’s citrus crop. The tourism industry also suffered because of the recession, and the McAllen Foreign Trade Zone began to lose importance. However, in the late 1980s, the introduction of the maquiladora economy brought about significant improvement. This is a system that allows the importation of raw materials, free of tariffs and duty, for processing and exportation as finished goods.

The situation was also rescued by the fact that after the devaluation of the Mexican peso, most companies in Reynosa decided to set up support facilities and operations in McAllen.

After its incorporation, the rapid development of McAllen was supported by the construction of the railroad, as well as the introduction of irrigation. However, the economy is no longer based on agriculture due to the advancement of other sectors, including retail, commerce, medicine, education, tourism, and manufacturing. This led to the 1994 ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement that followed the commissioning of the McAllen Foreign Trade Zone in 1973. This also included creating a designated area at the McAllen-Miller International Airport to handle the cargo needs of the Foreign Trade Zone.

Recreation and Leisure

There are many recreational opportunities in McAllen, such as the McAllen Dog Park and Zinnia Spray Water Park, among others. The most prominent form of recreation in the city is bird watching at the Quinta Mazatlan, a Spanish mansion from the colonial era that offers the best location for watching bird and butterfly migration patterns. This is because the city is located on the migration path of birds between North and South America. The fact that it is located in the Rio Grande Valley also contributes to McAllen’s diversified wildlife population.

The city also offers the best location for golf-lovers in the form of the Palm View Golf Course, an 18-hole course and driving range. This facility hosts tournaments throughout the year, open to both experts and novices.

McAllen houses the Dynamo South Texas Academy, founded by Major League Soccer team Houston Dynamo to support and nurture local talent.