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Pearland, Texas
Financing Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses

Pearland Factoring Company

Invoice Factoring & Accounts Receivable Financing Solutions

Cash flow is crucial to every small and midsize business. In order to create consistent cash flow, businesses will turn to a Pearland factoring company such as Scale Funding. Factoring supplies stable, dependable cash flow for growing businesses.

Invoice factoring, which is also called accounts receivable financing, is a form of financing used by businesses in Pearland and throughout Texas to improve cash flow. Factoring is simply selling your open receivables to a factoring company in exchange for quick cash.

pearland factoring companyWhile there are several factoring companies in Pearland and throughout Texas, Scale Funding has the knowledge and more than 20 years experience in factoring. Some of the benefits of choosing our invoice factoring programs include:

  • 15 Minute Approval Process
  • Rapid Account Setup
  • Same-Day Funding
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
  • Free Credit Checks on Your Customers
  • 24/7 Online Reporting

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Pearland Invoice Factoring Company – Industry Expertise

Since 1994, Scale Funding has supplied Pearland accounts receivable financing to companies from a variety of industries. We work with many B2B industries, including:

 Staffing Agencies Oilfield Services Government Contractors
 Trucking & Freight Technology Utility & Pipeline
 Heavy Construction Renewable Energy Telecom & Wireless Contractors

Pearland Factoring Company – Customized Cash-Flow Solutions

Any Pearland invoice factoring company will provide cash. What sets Scale Funding apart from the rest is our customized factoring programs are created to meet the unique needs of each business. From start-up businesses to those that are established and growing rapidly, we can work to understand your financing needs and create a funding solution that is right for you. Here are just a few examples of business situations where factoring can have a positive effect.

Slow-Paying Customers

Companies with slow-paying customers use factoring to eliminate the waiting for customer payments. Instead of waiting for 30, 60 or even 90 days on a payment, invoice factoring supplies an immediate, significant cash advance on your invoice.

Credit Challenges

It’s not unusual for small and midsize businesses to have credit challenges. At Scale Funding we can work with you. Our approval process is based much more on your customers’ credit and payment history rather than that of your business.

Bank Turn-Downs & Workouts

Banks have strict lending criteria and often times businesses will not qualify for bank financing or lose their bank line. If the bank won’t work with you, you’re not out of options. Scale Funding does not have the strict financing conditions like banks. Factoring is an excellent option for businesses that banks turn down.

Start-Ups & Growing Companies

Securing financing is one of the biggest obstacles to success for startups and rapidly growing businesses. With invoice factoring, you will have cash available each time you invoice your customers. With cash on hand, you will be able to meet your financial obligations, and take advantage of new opportunities coming your way.

Quick Cash

Scale Funding factoring programs range from $50,000 to $20 million per month. If your business could use the money that is tied up in your receivables, give us a call. We will provide you a quote on a factoring program customized to meet your needs, in as little as 15 minutes.

Pearland, Texas

Most of Pearland is situated in Brazoria County, but parts of it stretch out into the neighboring Fort Bend and Harris counties. The city has enjoyed steady growth in population over the years. The census conducted in 2000 reported a population of 37,640 who called Pearland home. In the following ten years, the population more than doubled with the 2010 census recording a population of 91, 252.Pearland factoring company

The city was ranked at number 15 in growth rate during the 2000 to 2010 period with a 142% rate. It was also marked as the fastest growing city in the Houston MSA. The 2015 census reported a population of 108,821.


The history of Pearland dates back to 1882 when it was established on the Gulf of Colorado and Santa Fe. It was first named Mark Belt when a post office was built in the area in 1893. The following year (1894), on the 24th of September, a Polish nobleman named Witold von Zychlinski filed the community under the name Pear-Land with the Brazoria County Courthouse. The community had pear trees that were plentiful at the time to thank for its name.

Developers like the Allison and Richey Land Company descended upon the area and turned it into an agricultural haven. Suburban Gardens was the first subdivision to come out of this development. Unfortunately, the Galveston hurricanes of 1900 and 1915 did not spare the fruit trees. As a result of the destruction wrought, the area was left desolate for quite a while as desertification set in.

Agriculture started picking up in 1914, but another knockout came around in 1918 in the form of a hard freeze which set the 400 strong farming community back quite a bit. The year of 1934 brought the discovery of oil in the area, and Hastings Oilfield came to be. However, this did not do much for growth in the area.

In the 1930’s and 40’s, entertainment was serious business in Pearland with dancehalls and beer joints springing up and entertaining people from the Hastings and Manvel oil fields. The city started experiencing real growth in the 70’s, and by the time the 90’s rolled around, home developers were buying land in the area and building homes. This gave the city a new face. Fields previously used for growing rice were converted into housing developments.


With growth came the need for work, and the number of jobs in the city grew substantially. Many of Pearland residents commute to work in employment centers like the Texas Medical Center. Quite a number of them have secured employment with NASA and the Lyndon B. Space Center.

As a result of the growth of the city’s workforce, Pearland has become irresistible for corporate medical companies looking for new space.  Below are a few examples.

  • Kelsey-Seybold Clinic employs approximately 800 people.
  • Merit Medical Systems employs at least 220 staff in their research and development programs.

Other employers in Pearland include retail and entertainment. There are many lifestyle and shopping outlets that provide the residents with employment opportunities.

  • Pearland Town Center: This shopping center has stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Barnes among others, and restaurants like BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, La Madeline’s, Red Lobster, and Gringo’s. All these offer employment opportunities for the short and long-term as well as part-time.
  • The Spectrum District: Residents find employment in businesses like Bass Pro Shops.
  • Shadow Creek Town Centre: Retail outlets like HEB Plus, Academy Sports plus Outdoors, Hobby Lobby, and others offer employment to those who want to work in retail.
  • Silverlake Shopping Centre: This is a retail hub with eateries and retail outlets aplenty. Retail facilities include Marshall, PetSmart, Ross, DSW, Randalls and Michael’s amongst many others.

These and many others like movie houses provide job seekers with many options.

Culture and Entertainment

Pearland is not without its fair share of culture and entertainment joints. There are places where visitors and residents alike can go for a great dining experience as well as parks for the children to play. Some of these include:

The Pearland Parks and Recreation Department. It is spacious and teeming with life and families as well as other groups and individuals love to visit.

  • The ‘Vic,’ as it is popularly known, has its home Pearland. It is also known as the C.V Coppinger Family YMCA Branch.
  • The Pearland Natatorium and Recreation Center has a variety of Parks, programs and works to connect the community through these and people.


On average, Pearland receives 53 inches of rain per year which is above the US average of 39 inches. The area is known for its hot summers which can go as high as 92°F. The winters are not punishing either. It averages high on the comfort index.

Pearland is a city worth a visit or even settling down in. The high residential rates, as well as favorable climate, attest to its attractiveness as a residential area.